Saturday, November 21, 2009

Patty Murray's lame video - UPDATED

Leave your comments on Patty Murray's really awful campaign video to let her know what you think. Just click the image until you arrive at the You Tube page and leave your comment there. Seriously, this is the best she can do? Could she have looked into the camera at least once?

Update: Turns out that after getting four negative comments that Patty Murray has stopped allowing people to leave comments on her boring, ineffective, and supremely amateurish campaign video. Apparently the comments must be approved by her You Tube Commissar so I doubt we'll be seeing any more critical statements. That's funny. I thought this was the most ethical, transparent, for the people, blah blah, supportive of free speech, blah blah, Congress EVER! Ha.

I'm now posting comments with the knowledge that they will be read by her staffer, asking them why they hate free speech and why she can't take a little constructive criticism from her constituents. You should try it too!

Update II: Now it seems that the comment about blocking my comments got posted... Keep trying everyone and let's see which posts get through!

Million Med March - Thank you!

Thanks to everyone that showed up in downtown Seattle today on this blustery, freezing, rainy day! We had about 75 people brave the weather to stand with the doctors of the Million Med March organization, against ReidPelosiObamaCare.

We had some really good speakers who touched on all aspects of the health care issue. It was educational, which eased some of the vicious cold!

I made a promise to someone that the next event would be outside of downtown Seattle because it is just too difficult for people to get there and find parking. I will most definitely find some new venues that are easier for all people to find so that we can all enjoy getting together.

Thanks again to all our guests and to the speakers and especially thanks to Vann Schaffner for putting this together and for bringing his family all the way from Spokane to be a part of this.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting vocal with your senators, right now!

Hot Air has a great piece today about the $370 billion in new taxes that the Reid bill proposes. Aside from being disgusted, one quote made me laugh out loud:
The non-indexing for inflation raises an interesting question about whether it breaks President Obama’s pledge. Was his $250K limit in real or nominal dollars? (Emphasis mine)

Why did I laugh at this? Because I don't think Barack Obama has any idea what "real" or "nominal" dollars means. And I highly doubt that when he made that ridiculuous campaign promise that he was thinking about the most simple aspects of microeconomics: real prices, nominal prices, and indexing for inflation. Too funny. Sad, but funny.

Moving on... Ed Morrissey makes a great point when he says that Reid's decision to postpone cap and trade for so long is an indication of his readiness to smash the health care bill through the Senate. And really, the Democrats are deciding, what will be more disastrous for me? Passing HellCare or not passing anything? Get on your phones/fax machines today.

Freedom Works Online War Room has what you need. Pass it around.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Keep Calling Congress!

Keep it up!! Keep calling! Tell these key senators to vote NO on the motion to proceed (i.e. starting debate) on the health care bill. Follow the links below for contact information and other action items.

Take Back Medicine here.
Freedom Works here.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Updated Link to Pelosi's Seattle Press Conference

The link to Pelosi's press conference in Seattle where she admitted that she thinks jail time for refusing to buy government approved health insurance is "fair."