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"It's time to deliver." Collectivism calls on Oct. 20th - Fight back today and next week

Fax your letters to Senators campaign here.

Call targeted Senators campaign here.

OCTOBER SURPRISE campaign here.

Please, please, please take the time to check out the above links and action items. We NEED all three of these strategies being used simultaneously - to attack on all fronts. If you need extra inspiration, just check out the following email from Organizing for Obama, oops, I mean Organizing for America.

After months of negotiations, the health reform debate is about to move to the full Congress for the first time. With the insurance industry lobby pulling out all the stops to derail progress, we need everyone who supports reform to weigh in. So here's the plan: Set a new OFA record by getting 100,000 calls to Congress placed or committed to on a single day.

On Tuesday, October 20th, OFA volunteers will gather at "Time to Deliver" call parties and neighborhood outreach events across the country. We'll get together in living rooms and public locations, and reach out to friendly voters whose voices are particularly critical in this debate. We'll talk to them about the President's plan and then we'll ask them to call on their representatives to support reform.

President Obama will be joining a call party and then speaking directly to all the other events that evening via an exclusive live webcast, sharing the latest info on the fight for reform and our campaign for change.

Participating (or hosting) is surprisingly easy. No special experience is required, and we'll provide simple step-by-step instructions. You'll gather with friends, neighbors, and OFA supporters from nearby, and together you'll have a great time while making a huge difference.
We're closer to health reform now than we've ever been, but we must not take anything for granted. The insurance industry is throwing millions of dollars a day and an army of lobbyists at Congress to stop reform.

If we can get 100,000 calls to Congress placed or committed to on a single day it will ensure the people's voices are heard louder than the lobbyists -- but it won't be easy. Everything hinges on folks like you stepping up and joining in.

Can we count on you? Please sign up to attend or host a Time to Deliver event on October 20th:

Thanks for making it happen,
Jeremy BirdDeputy DirectorOrganizing for America

Excuse me? The people's voices HAVE BEEN SPEAKING you ignoramus! What do you think the tea partiers have been doing all summer? Stop pretending like you guys are the only "people" in this debate and that everyone else is a lobbyist. I don't even pretend that your side is not full of "people" trying to have their voices heard. I believe you guys are wrong, wrong, wrong, but I know you are "the people" just as much as I, and other tea partiers are, "the people."

They have the network to do this - 100,000 people call at once - do you have the gumption to fight back? If so, visit our campaigns below.

Fax your letters to Senators campaign here.
Call targeted Senators campaign here.
OCTOBER SURPRISE campaign here.

Obamunism run amok today

More info here.

I just wanted to share a couple of very serious, and I mean serious, stories with everyone.

The first is breaking news about a leaked memo from the Entertainment Industry Foundation to network showrunners about pushing Obama's specific agenda about "service." Now the naysayers out there will cry that I, and others, are somehow against community service, which is of course totally untrue. My problem is that this White House leaps over the line of ethical behavior by using sycophants in the media to do its bidding. This is very scary people! Regardless of what his message is, but especially because Obama's definition of "service" is service to the government, at the government's compulsion. Do any liberals care about this line being crossed?? What if George Bush had crossed it so blatantly, over and over again? Even I would have thought it unethical and inappropriate! This is very scary stuff indeed.

The second story is about Obama's Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, and his administration's decision to eliminate the disclosure requirements for Big Labor bosses regarding the perks, benefits, rewards, payments, etc. that they receive. Think about this: Obama goes after Wall Street executives and private businesses and their compensations, perks, bonuses, etc., but deliberately rescinds the same transparency requirements for Big Labor??? Don't forget that at least with the private corporations and executives, their employees are not FORCED to pay dues to the bosses, whereas in Big Labor, you'll get fired for not paying your dues. But I guess Obama doesn't care about the little guy after all.

When this health care business is put to rest I think we should go after Big Labor because they are greedy, selfish, piggy jerks. I think they're worse than Wall Street. Much worse.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We need everyone to pull through on this effort. Please pass it along.

Handwrite a letter stating why you oppose government intrusion into healthcare as well as the legislation currently under consideration to each of the Targeted Senators listed below. Fax your letters to (678) 302-5377.These faxes will be printed out and hand delivered to the Senators' D.C.offices next Monday, October 19. If you do not have the capability to faxthen either email your letters to Sally Oljar at sally.oljar@gmail.comand she will fax it for you, or you can use to fax aletter over the internet.

Your letters must be received by October 15th!

Targeted Senators - handwrite your letters to these senators, then fax your letters to (678) 302-5377, and directly to each senator if you wish.

Sen. Michael F Bennet, Colorado
DC Office Phone Number: 202-224-5852, DC Fax Number: 202-228-5036

Sen. Ben Nelson, Nebraska
DC Office Number: 202-224-6551, DC Fax Number: 202-228-0012

Sen. Mary Landrieu, Louisiana
DC Office Phone Number: 202-224-5824, DC Fax Number: 202-224-9735

Sen. Mark Pryor, Arkansas
DC Office Phone Number: 202-224-2353, DC Fax Number: 202-228-0908

Sen. Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas
DC Office Phone Number: 202-224-4843, DC Fax Number: 202-228-1371

Sen. Robert Byrd, West Virginia
DC Office Phone Number: 202-224-3954, DC Fax Number: 202-228-0002

Sen. Jim Webb, Virginia
DC Office Phone Number: 202-224-4024, DC Fax Number: 202-228-6363

Sen. Mark Warner, Virginia
DC Office Phone Number: 202-224-2023, DC Fax Number: 202-224-6295

Sen. Jon Tester, Montana
DC Office Phone Number: 202-224-2644, DC Fax Number: 202-224-8594

Sen. Joe Lieberman, Connecticut
DC Office Phone Number: 202-224-4041, DC Fax Number: 202-224-9750

Sen. Mark Begich, Alaska
DC Office Phone Number: 202-224-3004, DC Fax Number: 202-224-2354

Sen. Evan Bayh, Indiana
DC Office Phone Number: 202-224-5623, DC Fax Number: 202-228-1377

Your letters must be received by October 15th!

The unhinged and violent left in Seattle - Updated

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Think back to, oh, every day since conservatives started standing up for their beliefs and their values. Think about the blatant and ongoing attempts by sycophants like MSNBC and the New York Times to tie conservatism, Republicans, tea partiers, talk radio, alternative blogs, etc. to hatred, incivility, hate crimes, murder, constipation, bad grades, bad breath, nose bleeds, male pattern baldness, did I say hate yet?

From David Boze's website, a treat from the Seattle Weekly blog lamenting the bygone era of unions using mafioso techniques to intimidate and silence opponents with physical brutality (I've included screen shots at the bottom in case they try to take it down later). The money quote:
...we can't help but feel nostalgic for days long gone . . . When, instead, a simple knock on the door and well-timed threat would be enough to solve any disagreement. . . But doesn't a situation like 1033, where we're literally stealing money from old people and kids, call for something more direct? Like a kneecapping?
But, I'm sure he was just joking. And you know what? Fine. I can handle satire or facetiousness, even if disturbing. What I have a hard time swallowing is the deliberate and demonstrable hypocrisy and outright double standards against conservatives. Though sometimes it's not even a double standard. Sometimes it is just complete and total fabrication of "hate." Two examples below.

Michelle Malkin was highlighted as some sort of inciter of hate on the front page of Sunday edition of the Washington Post for sending a totally bland and benign information request to the woman who wrote the book, "I am Barack Obama" and had a hand in helping those kids sing that "mmm mmm mmm" song about Obama. Somehow her innocuous email (which was even reprinted by the author who used it as proof of Michelle's derangement) was so hateful (go and read it, it is the most boring email ever) that it compelled Keith Olbermann to label Michelle as a "big mashed up bag of meat with lipstick."

The second example is MSNBC's current Rush Limbaugh fetish. They are literally slandering Rush Limbaugh by saying that he supports slavery and therefore should not be able to purchase the Rams football team. People keep asking them to provide the quote and they can't. However, this has not stopped them from saying it over and over again in order to so totally sabotage his plans to buy the Rams. The "reporters" and their guests are saying that Rush can't wait to own a football team filled with black men so that he can feel like he's running a plantation. Seriously. And again, they have absolutely no proof of anything. Allahpundit at Hot Air is suggesting Rush sue for slander, and if he loses out on his bid for the Rams, I certainly hope he does because he could directly connect his loss to their lies.

So, when a liberal writer "jokes" about kneecapping a private citizen who operates completely within the confines of the law when he sponsors a completely legal iniative, which the journalistic ingrate from the Seattle Weekly may vote against (that's how democracy works, FYI), and his "hateful" and "violent" words go unpunished or even unanswered from the mainstream media, is it any wonder the MSM is floundering? Is it any wonder that no one trusts them anymore?

Update: Over at Big Government, Kurt Sclichter puts the Rush thing very simply:

An American political leader is demanding that a private business not do business with an American citizen because she does not approve of his politics.

He is referring to "Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), who urged the NFL not to allow Rush’s bid to buy some team." He's right. An American politician who should address real possible ethics violations, as opposed to the made up crap about Rush, is trying to interfere in a private business deal due to one person's political views. Welcome to the twilight zone.

Almost 90% of taxes and fees in the Baucus Bill will hit the middle class

A great roundup on a couple of articles about the Baucus Bill. Read them. Internalize them. Share them with the world. Knowledge is power.

Initiative 1033, AARP and Big Government Syndrome

The State of Washington Voters' Pamphlet arrived a few days ago. It contains the Explanatory Statement on Initiative 1033, a measure that would limit growth of certain state, county and city revenue so that revenue collected above the limit this year would serve to reduce property tax levies the next year. (Instead of increasing government spending this year and then hitting up property owners with increased tax rates next year.)

The Pamphlet provides arguments in favor of the measure and against it. Doug Shadel of AARP Washington was instrumental in writing the argument AGAINST I-1033. Taking this AARP position in conjunction with the AARP support of Government Run Medicine, it is very clear that the folks running AARP have their own agenda and it is not always one that seems to benefit their membership.

In 1958, AARP evolved from the National Retired Teachers Association (NRTA) so they may have a Union mentality. It has over 40 million members and has, in fact, become a big business conglomerate composed of five different legal entities, one of which is AARP Services, Inc., a wholly owned taxable subsidiary of AARP that manages the relationship with AARP-endorsed providers. Through AARP Services and their endorsed providers, AARP sells health and financial products, travel and leisure offerings, and life event services. They sell Medicare Supplement insurance, among other types, and make big, big bucks doing it.

The AARP is totally in the bag for Government Run Medicine. The fact that the government will have to make huge cuts in Medicare and will have to ration health care in order to finance Government Run Medicine has not deterred AARP from telling it's membership that it is a good thing.

What about I-1033? AARP Washington and the Washington State Senior Citizens Lobby oppose I-1033. Among other claims, they argue that funding for nursing homes, in-home care and adult day health services are being cut because of the recession and that I-1033 will hurt, not help, Washington's senior citizens. They argue that 1-1033 will make it harder for us to dig out of the recession...not sure how that works.

What AARP Washington fails to say is that Property Tax levies that increase every year, as they do, are killing senior citizens who own their well as young families struggling in these hard times. Government entities do not live by the same laws of Economics that affect us mortals. When times are hard, when citizens are losing jobs by the day, our Cities, Counties, States and innumerable special taxing districts don't cut back--they raise taxes.

For example, at a Bremerton City Commission meeting in November 2008, the Bremerton Financial Services Director said that if home values did decrease by 1%, homeowners would essentially see a 2% property tax hike in 2009. Bremerton City also pushed the 2009 utility tax for water, wastewater and stormwater from 8.5% to 9.5%. Also on the ballot for this November is a Bremerton Resolution to impose a vehicle fee of $30 on top of the car tab fees now in place. I'm pretty sure that if you do a bit of research, you'll find your city or unincorporated area is doing the same thing.

Either AARP doesn't realize that constant tax hikes hurt their members or they don't care. If you are a dues paying member of AARP, I would urge you to vote with your $$. Terminate your membership. There are a number of other organizations for seniors that haven't become infected by Big Government Syndrome. The Association of Mature American Citizens is just one of them.

Guest post by Ma LibertyBelle

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Say Hello to Higher Health Care Costs

The PriceWaterHouseCoopers analysis of the Baucus Bill. Read it. Internalize it. Tell people about it.

It is funny (sad) that people and companies who will be immeasurably affected by the "reform" are criticized for hiring a nonpartisan and highly reputable accounting firm to perform an audit of the bill and its financial/economic consequences. It's as though the findings are illegitimate because the group that requested the study has an interest in the outcome. Never mind that the PWC might want to maintain their reputation and integrity and just might assess the numbers as they stand, truthfully.

What about all of the people that stand to gain "free," crappy health care from the government - which really means other taxpayers will be paying for their health care? They certainly constitute a special interest as well. So can we ignore their panting, scare tactics, and whining too? Or is the rule that we only deligitimize the findings of reports that oppose ObamaCare?

Never has the following sentiment rung so true.
A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years.

Great nations rise and fall. The people go from bondage to spiritual truth, to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependence, from dependence back again to bondage.

No one seems to know the actual source of this quote. If you have any concrete sources, leave me a comment or email me. The simpler version of the above quote is this:

If you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on Paul's vote.

Keep Gregoire and the Unions from Breaking Our Backs

I know we are all focused on the health care debate, but there is a huge issue that WA State voters need to spend a little time addressing.

Initiative 1033.

From the website Voters Want More Choices:
Here’s what we’re debating with I-1033: how fast should the government grow and who should decide? I-1033 takes the position that the public sector should grow at the same rate as the private sector -- unless voters OK a bigger increase -- and it should be the citizens, and not the politicians, who decide.

I-1033 brings back successful policies passed by the voters previously. In 1993, during tough economic times, voters approved Initiative 601, which put reasonable limits on government’s fiscal policies. I-601 established a sustainable rate for government to grow, saying it could grow at the inflation rate plus population growth with faster growth requiring voter approval.

Basically it forces the government thieves to come to us - their bosses - to justify their desire for more of OUR money, and we will actually have a voice in saying yes or no. Of course I-601 lost its teeth after the Democrats started legislating loopholes and other sneaky attacks on the taxpayers.

The irony is that the supposed party of the "little guy" (Democrats) and the labor unions that supposedly protect the "little guy" are the ones fighting tooth and nail to kill this voter-led initiative. Though I guess it's only ironic if you bought into that myth in the first place... Don't forget, Chris Gregoire and the seemingly never-ending Democrat leadership of our state has been a fiscal disaster as seen here and here. Oh, did I mention Gregoire has now said she's open to raising taxes during a recession?

The latest numbers from Tim Eyman shows us that Big Government and Big Labor will stop at nothing to strip the power and voices of the taxpayers of Washington State. The following is the list of contributions by unions (i.e. those darned special interests) to the anti-1033 movement.
* Washington DC's AFSCME -- $329,519 and counting
* Washington DC's NEA -- $334,775.62 and counting
* Washington DC's AFL-CIO -- $25,000 and counting
* Washington DC's IBEW -- $50,000 and counting
* Washington DC's Int'l Union of Firefighters -- $25,000 and counting
* SEIU -- $290,000 and counting
* WA Council of County & City Employees -- $122,500 and counting
* WA Federation of State -- $75,000 and counting
* AFL-CIO WA St Labor Council -- $28,632.22 and counting
* Washington DC's Int'l Union -- $75,000 and counting

Would you like to combat the gigantic and bottomless coffers of what basically amounts to the New Mafia? You can do this a few ways.

1. Write letters to the editors of every publication in Washington State that you can outlining your support for I-1033. Write to newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc. Think of yourself as a modern day Publius. Convince the people in your community of the justice inherent in this initiative.

2. Call in to radio shows, whether they are conservative or not. If you are well versed in the issues, consider calling a "liberal" show because you might just win over some rational minds.

3. Donate to the "Compensation fund for Tim, Jack & Mike" at PO Box 18250, Spokane, WA 99228. PH: 425-493-8707 . FAX: 425-493-1027. These guys work really hard all year long to make sure that we all have a voice and that the elected sleazeballs must present us with at least a little accountability.

4. Make some yard signs or bumper stickers and proclaim your support this way. Just get it out there.

Remember, the unions are spending at least around $2.6 million to try to beat this initiative into the ground. We may not be able to play on their astroturfed field, but out on the street our grassroots can kick their asses any day of the week.

No Snowe in Maine

Ha ha.

BREAKING: Olympia Snowe Defects and Will Vote YES on Baucus Bill

Why? Why would she do this? "To make history."

Retch. Puke. Retch. WHAT?? History? Oh, to make history by ruining the greatest nation on Earth, in all the history of mankind?

Way to go you horrible woman. I will give every single cent I can to your opposition, even if they are a Democrat, a Green Party candidate, whatever. I don't CARE. Traitor Snowe, you do not deserve to be in representational government any longer if you stop REPRESENTING the PEOPLE and start representing vague notions of "making history." We are DYING economically and this bill is the nail in our coffin. We may as well have a Democrat in your place. You are a good for nothing TRAITOR.

Twitter hashtags: #snowetraitor #tcot #tlot #healthcare

(And now back to our regularly scheduled, mostly level-headed commentary.)