Monday, October 5, 2009

Sign of the Times: Citizens for Fair Reporting

Looks like there is going to be a rally outside of the Seattle Times office tomorrow, Tuesday, October 6th. The specific purpose of this rally is to question why the Times is sitting on a breaking story about Dow Constantine and some alleged impropriety surrounding his campaign for King County Executive.

I believe the general purpose of this rally could be to ask why the Seattle Times, among other "mainstream" media ignores stories they don't want to cover, thereby creating the "news" they deem worthy enough to report.

You can find the Facebook event here and I've re-posted the details below.

What: Rally outside of the Seattle Times office
When: Tuesday, October 6th
Time: 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Where: 1120 John Street, Seattle, WA

I don't know about you, but I am sick of crooked politicians, no matter how small their transgressions may be.

Letter to a Senator

For steps to take THIS WEEK to fight the nationalization of our health care system, please click here. Remember, even though it seems quiet now, Congress is still moving full steam ahead with Obama's agenda of transforming, not reforming health care.

The following is a copy of a letter written by Pa Liberty Belle, to our "esteemed" Senators Murray and Cantwell. I thought it such a well written letter that it deserved to be shared with everyone.

Dear Senator:

Once again, I am ashamed of you as my United States Senator. I am ashamed of you because you are destroying the fundamentals of our way of life and our system of government. Please be advised that whoever it is that runs against you in your next run for office will be someone whom I will support with my checkbook.

Senator, the United States of America was not built upon a foundation of socialism, fascism or Marxism. The United States was built upon the ideas of freedom and of free enterprise. Nowhere in the original documents founding this nation will you find the ideas of Karl Marx, Adolph Hitler, Mao Ze Dong or Benito Mussolini. But, that is the road down which you and the national Democrat Party are leading us. My God, Senator, you are most ignorant of the history of the world if you fail to see the horror that resulted from the socialism, fascism and communism of the former Soviet Union under Lenin and Stalin, the horrible events that occurred in Nazi Germany under Hitler resulting in the deaths of millions and millions, and the millions and millions that died under Chairman Mao’s direction in China. You are heading us down that road, Senator, and I detest it. You have pitched right in, joined right up with our new president who has loaded his White House staff with communists and Marxists, as in the example of Van Jones, the now resigned “Зеленыи Царь.” Note that is the Russian spelling of “Green Czar.” I have long been a student of Russian history and the Russian language, and have some knowledge whereof I speak.

You have embarked on the road of thought control, limitation of freedom of speech, limitation of free enterprise, limitation of freedom of religion, the annihilation of millions of unborn children, and now you are going to commit another sin as great as abortion and that is the passage of a so-called health care bill that will result in the curtailment of useful lives by the inescapable rationing of health care for the elderly. It cannot be argued any other way, Senator. Your vote for the health care bill will result in the death of millions of elderly in this country because they will not be “entitled” under your unGodly plan to adequate health care because, by regulation, their illnesses will not be “worth” paying for because some “number cruncher” says it is not “cost effective.” Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Barack Obama’s health care advisor, has written extensively in support of the idea of limiting care for older citizens (the ones who saved this nation from Nazism and Fascism and Communism) and allowing them to just “take the pill,” as Barack Obama has stated, so that they may immediately die in their sleep. Apparently, Senator, you have bought into this line of evil - “lock, stock, and barrel.”

You have already “Marx-ized” this nation to a huge extent by assisting in the take-over of General Motors, Chrysler, various banks, insurance companies and who knows what else. I fully expect that you will shortly take over Boeing, General Dynamics, Microsoft, the fishing industry, and whatever else you should choose to take over. Frankly, Senator, you are a horror story all to yourself. How can you support the policies of a man who sat in the pews of Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years, and where the modus operandi was to hate America? One can only assume, by association, that you buy into that evil churchman’s hate as well. I suppose, however, that if you get your Marxist desires you will be happy. I suppose that you would, as has Barack Obama, travel to every totalitarian country in the world and apologize for America. Gee, let’s see…. America had a huge hand in winning World Wars I and II. Have you heard a recent “Thank You” from any of the countries we saved? I didn’t think so.

Even now, the former totalitarian state of Iraq has a large measure of freedom at the expense of American lives. In Afghanistan, we lost 10 brave young Americans just this weekend. I don’t see or hear you fighting for the necessary elements to win that conflict, so I must suppose that you agree with 0bama’s stated idea that “victory” is a word with which you have a problem. Senator, I am, again, and again, and again ashamed and horrified of your positions on so many things. So, you are going along to “get along,” as Speaker Sam Rayburn said many years ago. You are going along with the horrific idea of allowing our brave young men and women to die on a foreign battle field because you don’t like the word or idea of “victory.” Senator, you are the arrogant “grim reaper,” death personified, a part of the culture of death that calls yourselves leaders in Washington, D. C. today. You feel so superior that you know who should live and who should die.

Senator, I hope you fail, and I hope that 0bama fails, in your combined efforts to destroy what is the United States of America. I know the “ropes” in your joint agenda, Senator. Karl Marx said it clearly: You must destroy the capitalist society and then rebuild it as a communist state. And, THAT, Senator is what you are doing! You are destroying the society, free enterprise, and yes even allowing our soldiers to be killed rather than take firm and appropriate steps to bring the battle to a successful conclusion. These horrors are on your shoulders, Senator!


Let me just reiterate to the Senators: do NOT vote for a health care system that treats older people like garbage! In honor of my parents I will FIGHT you every step of the way on this reprehensible plan that your leadership is shoving down America's throat. My dad is right. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Ezekiel Emanuel would be proud of you.

ACTION ALERT! Keep the Pressure ON!!

Go here for actions you can take today and all week long to fight the kind of health care "reform" that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are pushing. Fight, fight, fight for REAL reform. Remember, reformation, not transformation is what we need.