Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lebron Sums It Up

If the wacko lefties ever get you down, relish in the immortal words of Lebron James:

"Player haters, elevators, if you cross me, you will die."

MSNBC Shilling for ObamaCare? No Way! ... Never...

MSNBC wants your "health care horror stories," but NOT to support ObamaCare - you're a racist for even thinking that!! If you would like to share your stories of great American health care or your bad experiences with socialized medicine (as I have from living in England) or you just want to mess with MSNBC, then go here and share away my friends.

How Do You Spell Hypocrisy?


American Diabetes Association Loves ObamaCare

Did you know that the American Diabetes Association wants health care reform now?

Did you know that they have put together a factsheet separating myths from facts?

Me neither. If you click around through their website you see all sorts of subtle references to ObamaCare through the language they use. What you do not see is any sort of concrete evidence or references to back up their claims and positions.

I decided to call the ADA and ask them what this was all about. The woman I spoke with put me on hold for a minute while she searched around for her official statement. She told me that the ADA is supportive of nonpartisan reforms and that their goal is to ensure that said reforms do not harm people suffering with diabetes.

Gosh, that sounds nice doesn't it? What an innocent sounding... bunch of crap.

How do I know that it's crap? Because I can read. Below are the screen shot of the two pages linked above.

This is no sweet little attempt at protecting people with diabetes. Which, by the way, brings up another point. Are we to have every single advocacy group representing every single illness, disorder, infection, disease, etc. demanding their own special protections and handouts?

But back to their cute little, casual official statement. The big problem is that their petition and factsheet both aggressively defend "reform." They also aggressively go after those that seem to oppose said "reform." Here is the problem. They never define "reform." They never mention any specific bill or legislation, or even specific policy ideas! Which then makes their factsheet look really suspicious because they are highlighting "myths" that are specific to HR 3200 and the HELP bill in the Senate. The criticisms that people, including me, have offered are not criticisms of "reform," but rather of very specific bills and very specific portions of those bills.

I asked the woman on the phone if they support HR 3200 or HELP and she had no answer. I asked her if the ADA thinks it is appropriate to show cagey, vague support for a specific piece of legislation without actually stating that they endorse it, while simultaneously attacking the specific criticisms against the bill they pretend doesn't exist. No answer there either.

Let's help the ADA come out of the closet and own up to their support of HR 3200, HELP, and ultimately of ObamaCare. My guess is they are afraid to lose membership a la the American Medical Association (AMA).

Call them at 1-800-342-2383 between 8:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. You can write them at:

American Diabetes Association
ATTN: National Call Center
1701 North Beauregard Street
Alexandria, VA 22311

The people answering the phones may not have any sort of answer so I suggest asking to speak with someone further up the food chain.

Upcoming Conservative Conference in Seattle

I will be speaking at the Evergreen Leadership Conference and getting my conservative groove on with many other like-minded and lovely folks. It is on Saturday, October 10, and I would love to see it packed. We are lucky to even have an opportunity for some conservative networking, workshops, and training here in the deep blue sea of Seattle. Check out the link above if you are interested in attending.

To Gaffe or Not to Gaffe?

Michelle Malkin posted an email from Nancy Pelosi that is riddled with the usual whining rhetoric about evil Republicans and school-girl crush rhetoric about Emperor Obama. It makes one wish that these DNC emails came with sick-bags. One thing they do come with is accidental professions of authentic feelings, sometimes known as truth or gaffes.
It is urgent that we stand together as Democrats. With all eyes on the coming Midterm Elections, let us use this critical September deadline to show the world just how prepared we are to maintain a strong Democratic Majority for President Obama so he can keep America moving in a New Direction.

Wait a minute... I thought we were all Americans and we were supposed to stick together because of that! Are they not trying to push through socialized medicine on the theory that "no American should have to choose between paying rent and paying for health insurance?" I was unaware that this was only about Democrats. Sorry, my mistake.

Oh, if you read the whole letter, you will also notice that they are eliciting donations that will be matched 2 to 1 by "a group of Democrats," which will triple their coffers. It really says, "a group of Democrats." Can you get any more mafioso than this? And Republicans are somehow the party of the rich. I can only assume that Orwell is having a very a good laugh right now.

The All Purpose Tool

No, it is not Chris Matthews, though that was suggested by one commenter.

"10 for 2010"

Laura Ingraham has a newsletter and a friend of mine forwarded her latest, which is brilliant. She points out that it would be totally foolish for the GOP to assume they can win any gains in 2010 by simply relying on the Democrats to fumble and the people to stay angry. No. The GOP must bring their own agenda and mandates to the table so that they can stand up and help to actually lead America down the right path. Here is her list.

1) Taxpayers' Bill of Rights (TABOR). Limit federal spending growth to the percentage in population growth plus the rate of inflation; provide taxpayers the option of filing a post-card sized return using a low, flat tax rate of 25%

2) End Tax-funded abortions. Stop federal payments to Planned Parenthood and prohibit any taxpayer-subsidized health insurance plan from covering abortion

3) Defend American Borders. Complete America's border-protection initiatives using remaining funds from the so-called stimulus bill

4) King Dollar. Preserve a strong dollar so that Americans' savings aren't wiped out by inflation and the U.S. dollar remains the world's reserve currency

5) Empower American Business. Immediately slash corporate tax rates to 15% and scrap the corporate capital-gains tax altogether

6) Defend America. Strengthen America to defend our homeland and fully fund an operational, layered missile-defense system

7) Statism Exit Plan. De-fund czars; immediately cease bailout payments to failed companies; ban future bailouts

8) End Generational Theft. As few believe America's entitlement programs will be able to pay benefits to future generations, provide younger workers the choice of diverting payroll/Social Security taxes into personal retirement accounts

9) Restore America's System of Justice. Introduce British-style penalties for frivolous lawsuits, where those who launch unsuccessful lawsuits are liable for the defendants' legal bills

10) American Energy Independence. All-of-the-Above strategy that embraces alternatives, expands and accelerates exploration and production of oil and natural gas, and jumpstarts dramatic increases in nuclear power

Can you think of any more?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Audacity of Bob Hope

Check it out


Okay folks, here you go! I Own the World admin says this about the photo:
Mr.Pinko has obtained an exclusive from the Photographer Michael A. Beck and Pinko sat on this image for days before just now getting the green light to publish. This is a RARE photo of the 9/12 Rally taken in extreme High Resolution from atop the Capitol Building. Mr. Beck was personally escorted to this rare vantage point by a congressman who will remain anonymous. This panoramic view offers the viewer documentation of the epic scale of this peaceful demonstration of democracy in action.

As you will see in the photo, our rally squished over to the sides of the area and backwards towards the Washington Monument - but only on the paths as we were not allowed on to the lawn due to another scheduled event. Now, imagine if all of those people had been allowed on to the grass...

Because Sometimes Satire is the Best Medicine

We can't afford to wait... to nationalize grocery stores!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No American Should Have to Choose Between Health Care and Getting Drunk

H/T: Calling John Galt

My 9/12 Wrap-Up. Sorry for the Delay!

I was there. I have the sunburn to prove it. I am the proud new owner of a lot of pro-freedom schwag, like buttons that say, “I’m a Conservative and proud of it,” and “Liberty NOT Tyranny: Freedom of Choice.”

I met a Vietnam Vet from Texas; a lil’ ol’ senator from South Carolina named Jim DeMint; a young woman who survived a violent physical assault earlier this year who hopes to partake in “dolphin therapy” one day (dolphin therapy is a form of therapy utilized by the survivors’ support group, Joyful Heart Foundation, founded by actress Mariska Hargitay); I met a mom and her teenage son from Connecticut; I met teachers, coal miners, small business owners, retired couples, soldiers, artists, young politicos, bloggers, stay-at-home moms, truck drivers, bartenders, immigrants, families with babies, grandparents, and on and on.

I met Americans who were there after saving for months and those that gave up their summer vacations to make a stand and draw a line in the sand, daring Congress and President Obama to cross it.

Can you hear us now?

Before I give you my breakdown of the day’s events, I will address the size question. Based on the Capitol Hill Police’s own schematic used to estimate the crowd size at Obama’s inauguration, I can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, we were at 250,000 to 300,000 shortly after I arrived at the Capitol building. A good friend of mine who is heavily involved in Seeds of Liberty up in Monroe was there and he spoke with a Capitol Hill Policeman who told him that this was the biggest crowd he had ever seen, including inauguration crowd for Obama. The Vietnam Vet I met happened to get a text from a friend, while we were talking, who had just spoken to a cop that estimated the crowd at 1.2 million. At the very, very least, the media should be using the phrase, “hundreds of thousands,” but some media outlets have already said, “Thousands gathered in D.C. to protest government spending...”

Do I have aerial photographs to prove it? No, sadly I don’t have access to a helicopter or a billionaire sugar daddy like Soros, so you’ll have to take my word for it. I have been able to find some pictures online that attempt to corroborate the initial estimates of ABC, CNN and the UK’s Daily Mail (here, here, here and here.) I am really peeved (that’s the nice word) at the organizers for not having a contingency plan for the possibility that we would reach a number like a million. Thus far it seems like they did not anticipate that kind of crowd and so did not have resources available to document it. It seems like a basic, basic weapon to have in one’s arsenal - i.e. documentation of a successful operation to wave gloriously in your opponent’s face. No wonder we are light years behind in the media/popular culture war.

And now for my account of the day.

My friends and I started out at around 8:00 a.m. We swung by Starbuck’s and grabbed drinks and early morning eats, and headed on down to Freedom Plaza. I stayed with my friend who lives there (thanks!) and she lives within walking distance so it was pretty sweet. When we showed up, the plaza was already packed, though it was definitely not teeming/overflowing yet. I was nervous it would stay that size, which was already numbering in the thousands - an hour before the event was schedule to begin. I hoped the crowd would grow exponentially.

For about two and a half hours I handed out some “Obama Credit Cards,” for which our tagline was, “Spend money just like the President!” and “Everybody gets a trillion!” and “Want to spend other people’s money like the President does? It’s so easy with the new ObamaCard!” To say that these were a hit would be the understatement of the year. People loved them and sometimes doubled over in fits of laughter. Many people took half a dozen more for friends and family back home.

The only way I can describe what was happening while I passed out cards is to say that there was a constant and heavy stream of people moving towards Freedom Plaza from every street, from every direction The march from Freedom Plaza to the Capitol was scheduled to begin at 11:30 a.m. but at around 10:30 a.m. we noticed that people seemed to be moving. Apparently the police had asked the organizers to start the march an hour early because we had too many people there.

We started walking down Pennsylvania Avenue towards the Capitol building. It was incredible. We passed by the Newseum, which has the First Amendment etched into the front of the building. I think everyone walking by deeply appreciated what that right meant to us at that moment. (Photo courtesy of And Still I Persist)

We arrived at the Capitol and by this time the area to the sides of the Capitol, in front of the reflecting pool, and around the reflecting pool were filled to capacity with people – and Pennsylvania Avenue was still completely packed with people marching. This is why, when using the schematic that the D.C. police used to estimate the size of the inauguration crowd, I know we numbered at least 500,000 by the end of the day. There is no possible way that we added up to a mere “tens of thousands” because by the time I got there we were already in the “hundreds of thousands” range. I then broke away from my friends and dove into the crowd to work my way up to the front.

Yeah right. There was no way I was getting much closer! The crowd was packed so tightly that I barely managed to find a spot directly in front of the reflecting pool. It was here that I was able to meet people and shared in conversation with so many different people from across this nation.

Eventually I moved further to side and up just a bit so that I could hear better. Freedom Works states that their sound system was guaranteed up to 100,000 people. I could barely hear from my first stop, implying, again, that we had many more than 100,000. From my second perch I met even more patriots. It was the first time many of us had ever been around so many like-minded folks and it truly made my heart swell. When you live in the lion’s den of liberalism you tend to forget that you are not alone, and sharing that afternoon with hundreds of thousands of other lovely, lovely people that share my values was breathtaking.

The guest speakers were wonderful, and they included regular folks as well as directors or representatives of various organizations such as the Cato Institute, the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights, Tea Party Patriots, Freedom Works, and so on. Representative Mike Pence (R-IN) and Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) both said a few brief words of encouragement and made a point to say that they were there as fellow citizens, standing shoulder to shoulder with us, rather than as elected officials there to speak at us. But the best part was simply the camaraderie and strength we all felt. I've never been to any event with so many open and friendly people. It was like we were all already friends.

I hope the momentum and the activism do not dry up. I know that the opposition is salivating at the thought that this event was our last hurrah and that we will now fizzle out. Please do not let that happen. Do not stop now. I keep thinking of the soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their fight for freedom never lets up. They don’t really get to just put down their gun and say forget it, this is too hard. We all have to fight for freedom at some point. Our time is now. Continue the fight, just as our soldiers must do every single day. That fight is their burden, and this fight is ours, here at home.

Lastly, our message to Obama, Pelosi, Reid,, the DNC, MSNBC, CNN, Organizing for America, and every other little punk-ass “progressive,” collectivist, statist think tank, activist group, propaganda mill, politician, and joe schmoe:

Do it. We dare you. Oh, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Cavalry Has Arrived

The reference to "the cavalry" in the title of this post refers to Mike Pence's opening line at the march in D.C.

Hey all! I flew in last night from the BEST RALLY IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA!! :)

I am in the process of collecting my thoughts about it and hope to post it tonight or tomorrow.

Until then, I wanted to leave you all with a list of just some of our victories - do not forget, we are having a great, giant impact on the direction of this country. I want you to be proud and to pat yourselves on the back. Your hard work is paying off.

Some recent victories:
Census cuts ties to ACORN
Amendment passes to cut off taxpayer money to ACORN
Angry taxpayers hold first-ever taxpayer rally in D.C. (They've got some good pics too)
Senate now admits there were loopholes for illegals in health care bill
Rep. Joe Wilson passes $1 Million in donations

Those are only five of the victories that we have won in the last FIVE days!! The entire summer was a victory, as we were able to stop Obamacare from getting rahmed down our throats.


Unlike Michelle Obama, I am continuously proud of this nation and her people.