Thursday, June 4, 2009


Cowards. All of them. My friend Byron, who is a phenomenal photographer, sent me this link to Seattle Indy Media and their pictures of the health care rallies on Saturday. The last picture is of the counter protesters (us) and the caption is, "The Insurance Industry Sent Counter-Demonstrators."


I realized, once again, that these people are cowards and I feel sorry for them. I feel sorry that this "journalist" did not have the fortitude to come over and ask some of us why we feel the way that we do, and possibly debate/discuss the issues. No. Instead he labes us as insurance stooges so he doesn't even have to acknowledge our opinions. It's lazy, cowardly, ignorant, and dangerous. Just like his Omessiah.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Don't Make Me Laugh - Updated With Link to Chart

This oh-so astute and anonymous commentor said, "What are you protesting against, the fact that a public single-payer is way better than what we have now?"

To which my reply is,

Linked from Investors Business Daily. Go check out the chart at IBD as it is much clearer and larger. Somehow I don't think anonymous will take the time to look at it.

Monday, June 1, 2009


The Campaign for Liberty website has some grrrrreeeaaatt pics from the rally! Check them out!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

First Protest Video and More

For pictures and a report go here and here.

Pa Liberty Belle threw this together as quick as he could. It's the juiciest stuff and he'll be editing more in the next couple of days, so stay tuned. Make sure to listen in as Jim McDermott, yes, that Jim McDermott, tells my dad that he was for nationalizing the banks...


Again, please call and/or email the media about our protest. They completely ignored it, and this time I think they might have because they are lazy. They covered the first part of the pro-socialized health care rally and a short portion of their march. There wasn't a press person in sight over at the Westlake end. So they are either lazy as all get out, or they purposefully ignored the story. Note to the media: either option strips away your credibility. Contact info below.

Call 1-888-477-5666 or 206-404-4145

Go here to fill out an online form
Call 206-728-7777

Go here to fill out an online form
Call 206-448-5555 or 1-800-45-NEWS-5

Seattle Times
Go here to fill out an online form
Call 206-464-2204 and
Write a letter to the editor - 
Pacific Northwest Magazine,
The Seattle Times, 
P.O. Box 70, Seattle, WA 98111 

Finally, I wanted to point out something very important in one of the pictures I previously posted. Notice the big, giant charter bus below? Yeah. That was one of their six charter busses that bussed in people from all over the state. The busses were paid for by SEIU. Grassroots my ass.

More Pictures from the Rally and an Action Alert Item

Enjoy the new pictures and then scroll down for the Action Item! Pictures via Geobent. Thank you! More pictures and initial report here.

The media completely and not surprisingly left us out of ALL coverage, at least as far as I have seen. There was a blogger that mentioned us, a bit disparagingly for not having actually come over to ask us why we were there, but that's it thus far.

We must call and email all of the media outlets here in King County telling them our side of the story. Copy and paste some of these pictures into your emails so that they can SEE that we were there. Never mind that we sent them all press releases so that they would be aware of our actions. Do it today. Contact information below.

Call 1-888-477-5666 or 206-404-4145 and

Go here to fill out an online form and
Call 206-728-7777

Go here to fill out an online form and
Call 206-448-5555 or 1-800-45-NEWS-5 and

Seattle Times:
Go here to fill out an online form and
Call 206-464-2204