Saturday, May 30, 2009

When We Show Up, We Win - UPDATED

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Ladies and gentlemen of liberty:

Today was my favorite protest of all time. You know I love the Tea Parties, but today takes the cake thus far. Why? Because we had barely three weeks (and no money) to mobilize against a heavily funded and well organized opponent. Almost 400 people from all over Washington State drove themselves to join  our counter protest against the ugly beast of socialized health care. Our people made their own signs, by hand. We had no chartered busses, paid for by the unions, to drive our people to Seattle. 

We had no money to preprint signs and t-shirts to hand out to our people as our opposition had from the unions and Planned Parenthood. But you know what we had that they didn't? Heart. Passion. Spirit. Deep convictions and a principled belief in freedom, liberty, and justice for all individuals. We had life and hope on our side and everyone knew it. They knew it too. They had a rock band. We had two bagpipers in full regalia. Their emcee tried to get chants started using a very sophisticated and professional sound system, to which their people limply responded. We screamed ourselves hoarse, sweating in the hot sun, with not even a bullhorn in sight. 

Everyone had a great time too! People smiled and laughed and got to know one another. We shook hands, patted backs, and gave hugs. People bought water to hand out to their fellow protestors. We sang Amazing Grace and the National Anthem. We waved American flags. We met new friends. It was obvious to everyone that was there that we won. We may have had a smaller crowd, but we weren't bought and paid for, and it showed. 

I will never forget the look of shock on their faces as they marched into Westlake and saw us across the street. They couldn't believe it because we've never stood up to them before. It was the most joyous sight I could ever hope to see. Their guest speakers referred to us over and over again, "Don't listen to those people over there.." "... like those people over there..." "be louder than those people over there..." Please. They made us the stars of their event. Gracias. We interrupted their mojo and everyone could feel it. It was palpable.

An ominous moment occurred when we were chanting, "Who will pay?" and two of the guys across the street holding their astroturfed signs were pointing back at us. They know who will be forced to foot the bill for this, and they greedily sign on. They are vultures and they know we are to be the meat. But that is why we were there today, and why we will there from now on.

Well done Washington. I'm so happy tonight. Happy and proud. Thank you for stepping up to the plate when it really mattered. I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Thank you to everyone who took the time out of their day to show up and be heard. Special thanks to our bagpipers and to my fellow organizers who helped me throw this together at the last minute.

1. Check out the total blackout coverage from KOMO. Seems as though they only covered the start of opposition's rally at the Pratt Park end and then a little bit of their march. Curious as we sent them press releases about our activities at the Westlake Park end, and they didn't even bother to send one reporter. If you have pictures or video of the event, please send them with an email or letter to our local news media, T.V. and print!

2. Just a few pics to whet your appetites!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Tomorrow We March Against Socialized Medicine:
What You Need to Know


We are meeting across Pine St. from Westlake Park. This is the north side of Pine, in between 4th and 5th Avenue. Our opposition has the permit for the park which is why we will congregate across the street from them. We will begin to meet at about 1:00 p.m. so that we are there before they arrive - a welcome wagon of sorts... Map here.

What to Bring
  • Signs (I have listed some ideas and suggestions below)
  • Something to sit on if you need it - we may be there for approximately three hours
  • Something to eat and drink, i.e. energy bars and water because again, we may be there for a few hours

Sign Ideas

  • Single Payer is Single Worst Solution
  • Health Care is Expensive BECAUSE of the Government!
  • Doctor's Chains You Can Believe In
  • Socialized Medicine - the False Hope
  • Support Sustainable Options!
  • Left Turn - Wrong Way
  • Tax Increase Not the Answer
  • Free Market Options
  • We Support Better Solutions
  • Health Care is Not a Right
  • The road to serfdom is well paved for your safety
  • My Body, My Choice!
  • Keep healthcare between me and my doctor
  • Healthcare is a private issue
  • The fed couldn't manage its way out of a *casket*
  • Free Choice in Medicine
  • A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have. - Thomas Jefferson
  • What the they pay for, they own. What happens when they pay for your body?
  • No Bureaucrats in My Body
  • Don't Let Govt Hands Infect Our Health Care
  • U.S. Economy Already on Life Support
  • Portability Yes, Socialization No
  • Ask a Veteran: Are You Happy With Govt Health Care?
  • National Markets for Health Insurance
  • Get Health Insurance Out of the Workplace & Into the Marketplace
  • Medicare for All = Death of America
  • If Govt Run Health Care Is So Cheap, Why Is Medicare So Expensive?
  • Ask Jim McDermott about his elitist medical care
  • Ask Patty Murray about her elitist medical care
  • Less Government is the Answer!
  • Safety

    I have personally spoken with the Seattle Police Department and my contact there has assured me that we are welcome to show our opposition and that they are prepared to handle the volume of people expected. I obviously cannot guarantee that nothing will happen, but I feel very confident that the day will run smoothly. If anyone from the opposition tries to engage you, simply ignore them, walk away, hand them a flyer (we will have some to hand out), or find a police officer. DO NOT ENGAGE THEM BACK. We are better than that.

    Theme Ideas

    IF you are interested, you can dress up in either typical "funeral" attire (dark and formal), or you can dress up like a doctor or a nurse in chains. Otherwise just dress as usual! We have at least a couple of bagpipers to help us along! We plan on singing Amazing Grace and the National Anthem. You can find the words to Amazing Grace here.

    Please use today as a final push for this. We need as many bodies as we can get!! Please help us stop the horrific monstrosity that is rationed, poor quality, socialized medicine. Once this is let out of the cage, you know we will never be able to put it back. The fight is here and the fight is now. Will you face it with us?

    Thursday, May 28, 2009

    Inspirational Indeed

    If you can't take the heat, stop being a racist.

    Want to create your own? Visit Despair, Inc.

    Sotomayor is a RACIST and So Are Those Who Vote for Her

    I'm sorry, I had to do this last minute post before bed tonight:

    Sotomayor is a flaming RACIST. I will say it over and over again, and so should you. 

    Sotomayor is a RACIST.
    Sotomayor is a RACIST.
    Sotomayor is a RACIST.
    Sotomayor is a RACIST.

    As someone who has Hispanic blood, I am deeply and truly offended and disgusted by her comments.
    I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life.
    Mis abuelos must be rolling over and vomiting in their graves. They were proud of their heritage, history, family, and background, but they never in a million years would have ever thought like this pitiful excuse for a judge thinks. They taught my mother and my aunt about self-responsibility and self-reliance. They encouraged them to reach for the stars, even knowing that for their poverty stricken family, that it would take a great amount of extra work and commitment. My grandparents were not educated past the third grade; my grandfather built their humble one bedroom family home, which still stands today, out of adobe; both my grandfather and grandmother worked long hours as physical laborers, and they still somehow managed to raise two intelligent, successful women - "latinas" - who have never complained ONCE about the extra hardships they faced, and women - Americans - who never ONCE exploited any of this for personal gain.

    I hope you can feel the spit on this post because I am spitting angry. I am sick of the left being open racists and bigots and yet claiming the moral high ground somehow. They should all be utterly and embarrassingly ashamed of themselves for judging people based on their race and/or their gender. I hope that when the useful idiots in the media and in politics look in their mirrors when they get home that they can see the faint halo of a white hooded sheet, because they are no better than those animals. And you can quote me on that.

    Wednesday, May 27, 2009

    Ta Da!

    My maiden voyage as a blogger for!

    Pigs Might Be Flying Right Now

    Hey all! There is a new show premiering tonight on ABC that is actually worth checking out!! It is from the creator of The Simpsons and King of the Hill, Mike Judge, and it mocks greeniacs the way that they should always be mocked! It is called The Goode Family and it looks divine. Apparently the main characters ask themselves, "WWAGD? What would Al Gore Do?"

    The New York Times gave it a scathing review, trying to say it is outdated and that any reasonable, intelligent person believes in global warming, so the show is irrelevant. Projecting much?

    PJTV has another article about this show and warns it may not stick around long, after all, it does poke fun at liberal stereotypes and we just cannot have that.

    I say we all watch it and if it is a good show, we work hard to make sure it stays on the air. It may be all we'll ever get.

    Monday, May 25, 2009

    Memorial Day

    No frills. Just a simple, humble, heartfelt thank you

    Thank you to all of the brave men and women who gave their lives so that the rest of us did not have to. I hope that someday everyone in this nation will appreciate your sacrifice, for you have earned an infinite amount of it.

    Thank you to all of the families of fallen soldiers. Without you to support your soldiers, we would all suffer. I am sorry for your loss, and wish your families the strength to move forward.

    Thank you, and God Bless.