Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tea Party Update!

SeattleBruce asks what's happening with the Tea Party movement as has not been updated with information about the next round of parties. Hold tight. We're sorting out some permit issues and things like that, and we are waiting to hear back from the other cities in WA State. As soon as we have all the info the site will be updated. Promise.

Here is the information I have to date: We're working on a rally in Olympia for June 27th as a final push to get Tim Eyman's property tax initiative on the ballot and for those that are busy on the 4th of July. Many other cities around the state are already planning their 4th of July rallies, and once that info is sent to us it will go up.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Note to the Sad, Unfortunate People

Remember the part in the Matrix when Neo takes his pill and then wakes up in his pod, his only known reality crashing down around him as he sees the truth?

That must be what it is like to be a sad, sorry statist. Or at least it will be when we can finally unplug them all and they can see that they have been mere pawns of the government (robots).

Bruce Ramsey of the Seattle Times did a piece on the tea parties and on little ol' moi, and it was published today. Lest you expected anything else, let me assure you that there were rude, false, illiterate, illogical, fringe, hateful comments left by some pretty tolerant lefties...

I would like to clarify some things for any of those people who may perhaps find their way here to my little blog, though I shouldn't have to, but there is only way to deal with ignorant and petulant children who like to play with grown-ups.

1. For the thousandth time: I AM NOT A MOM! I have zero, count 'em, zero children. Sheesh.

2. The majority of the nasty comments questioned the tea partiers' lack of protesting and involvement during the Bush years and the Bush deficit. For the thousandth time again: WE ARE LATE. WE ADMIT IT. WE SHOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING EARLIER.

3. That brings me to this question, which I have asked again and again, and not one Obamabot can answer me: why have you STOPPED protesting large deficits? If you protested Bush's deficits, and Obama has more than doubled those numbers in his FIRST 100 DAYS, as opposed to the EIGHT YEARS that Bush had, WHERE ARE YOU NOW???? At least I can admit that I should have been on the ball before, but you guys have NO excuses now.

4. As for the 3rd grade tactics of labeling the movement as Astroturfed, I've got a couple of things to say. As in, one of the first rules for radicals as penned by our Dear Leader's mentor Saul Alinsky specificly directs radicals to accuse their opponents of offences that they themselves are actually committing. The fallacy of their argument lies in their non-falsifiable claims. The problem arises because they are claiming a connection exists between the tea parties and the RNC or CNBC or someone, which means they must provide the evidence or proof. It is not up to us to disprove their allegations, for it is impossible to disprove something that does not exist. The burden of proof is on them and without evidence, they spew nothing but nonsense. This claim can only be proven true, the onus of which falls directly on the accusers.

5. Let's have y'all take a look in the mirror. Please tell me how protests and marches organized by and Organizing for America are NOT examples of astroturfing.

First, George Soros, who runs not only MoveOn, but other left-wing activist groups and think tanks such as the Open Society Institute, Center for American Progress, America Coming Together, and the Democracy Alliance, is worth about 11 BILLION dollars. During the 2003-2004 election cycle he alone donated over $23,581,000 to various 527 groups dedicated to defeating George Bush. Didjya get that? Over t-w-e-n-t-y t-h-r-e-e a-n-d a h-a-l-f MILLION dollars. That's just his donations to the 527 groups! Now please tell me with a straight face that those organizations and their activities are grassroots! Honey, grassroots is when you have make sure that the $50 protest permit doesn't result in an overdraft of your one and only bank account (been there, done that).

Second, let's look at Organizing for America. Organizing for America is the "grassroots movement that grew out of his campaign." Uh huh. Let us look a little deeper. I pulled this straight from the website itself:

Do you see what I see? "A project of the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE." Hmm. Wait, I thought this was just a grassroots movement that was culled from the pool of supporters from the election. I absolutely adore the part at the bottom where they state that "this communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee." Really? How about this, the full screen shot:

'Nuf said.

Oh, and I'm not, nor have I ever been close to "rich." Some d-bag in the comments made the ASSumption that I was since I attended Mercer Island High School and went to the University of Oxford. Uh, hello? McFly? Poor and middle class people live on Mercer Island and attend school there. I happened to be one of them. As for Oxford, I'll be paying for that education, plus interest, for the rest of my life, thanks. Aaaand I do volunteer, and give to charity you presumptuous hack. That's just it, charity and care should come from private citizens, NOT from the swine in D.C. Talk about swine flu...

My last point is simple. When people start attacking us with ridiculous claims of "astroturfing" and racism, they have stopped debating us on the merit of our ideas and policies, which is what people used to do. They have succumbed to the lowest form of childish stone throwing. Why don't all these angry statists actually have a discussion or debate with someone of the opposite viewpoint instead of firing invectives arbitrarily? I love the Tea Party movement because it is held together by an ideal rather than by a cult of personality surrounding one man.

If you have anything else you would like add in order to correct the blatantly ignorant assumptions of the oh-so tolerant statist, please feel free to do so!