Friday, April 24, 2009

Feeling a Wee Bit Bitter and Clingy Tonight

Right. I can't decide if I should spend my energy and what little money I earn to fight these things or to stock up on medicines, food, fuel, and water. I am at my wits end with these people. Who? The Democrats in Congress. I almost have no words. That is how much they continue to shock me. Forgive me, but I just need to scream at the top of my lungs for just a second - 




Seriously! If you want to know why I'm so mad, go here. And here is a taste:
Exit quotation from Paul Ryan: “This takes mission creep to a whole new level. Now they’re talking about the possible nationalization of 17 percent of our economy in health care, 8 percent of the economy in energy, and the largest tax increase in history — all through a process which will have between 35 and 105 total hours of debate between the House and the Senate . . . That’s an enormous power grab.
I need suggestions. What should we do? They are going to RUIN any healthcare that we currently have in this country. In addition to the tea parties, how can we make it known that we do not want this to happen?

I've heard little whispers of a massive movement to just not pay income taxes. Honestly, I thought it was extreme when I heard people talking about it, but with the speed of their insanity, it might be the only option left. Imagine if even 50% of the taxpayers in this country just decided not to pay their taxes. If NASA's head climatologist can publicly incite people to civil disobedience to "save" the planet, then why can't we if we are trying to save our nation? Imagine them trying to go after that many people for tax evasion! Even better, imagine them trying to pay for all that socialism.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Going. To. Explode.


Two Seattle Tea Party Videos

I have yet to slog my way through the two hours of video that my dad took at the Tax Day Tea Party here, so when I found out that there was already some video on You Tube, I decided to post those for now. The first one is Rose Strong's speech, and the second is my Obama/Mercedes Benz song.

Find more Rose Strong at her website.

No big deal. Alice in Wonderland + Janis Joplin + Tea Party = AWESOME!

Congrats WA Tea Partiers!!! UPDATED

Update: The proposed "temporary" sales tax for WA State is now dead too!!! The reason? "Not enough support." CONGRATS TEA PARTIERS!!!


Even if they don't say it, I think we all know why Lisa Brown (D - Spokane) concludes there is not enough support to raise the issue of a state income tax.


ACTION ITEM - Fight "Hate Crime" Legislation!


The House of Representatives are probably voting today on H.R. 1913, the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009!

This bill is atrocious. It seeks to elevate some members of society above others by writing into law the idea that some lives are worth more than other lives. I am Hispanic and under this law, any attack or assault against me would require the perpetrator to receive harsher punishment than if he had attacked my fiance, a "white guy." Presto, my safety and life are worth more. Even if the person had not attacked me for being Hispanic, I or someone else could make that claim, and how could we be proven wrong? Hate crime legislation goes against everything upon which our judicial system is based. Hate crime legislation does not presuppose innocence before guilt. Rather, you are guilty until proven innocent, and there is no way to prove you did not have racial/sexual/gender motivations behind your crime.

It is disgusting that we even humor bills like this or that this has any credence whatsoever. I thought we acknowledged the equality of all people in the fourteenth amendment to the Consitution. I would say this hate crime legislation is unconstitutional in that it makes some lives more equal than others. Is not ALL crime "hate crime" anyway? A white murder victim's family is just as distraught as the family of a minority victim. Is his/her life not as precious? It boils my blood to think that some people's lives will now be worth more simply because of their skin color, sexual orientation, or other arbitrary status and label.

What about when people give talks against illegal immigration? What if their talk is centered around describing how illegal immigration is a very dangerous concept to our economy as well as to our national security? Guess what. That could be a hate crime. Even without fallacious legislation to back them up, entitled college brats act like Neo-Stasi speech wardens.

Lastly, what about crimes committed against white people because they are white? There are puhlenty of cases like that out there. Do I think that those criminals should face tougher consequences because their actions were racially motivated? He** no. However this is a serious and innate flaw of any hate crime legislation - if you are not a protected minority, then no one can commit a "hate crime" against you. There is so much injustice built into these types of bills that it is sickening, and anyone that claims to be an advocate or supporter of equality and civil rights ought to be OUTRAGED.

Let your voice be heard. All crime is hateful, and the lives and safety of every person should be protected equally.*

White House Switchboard: (P) 202-456-1414 (F) 202-456-2461
House of Representatives Switchboard: (202) 224-3121
Senate Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

*The House GOP members tried to add amendments to this legislation that would protect the unborn, members of the military and pregnant women. Well, those amendments were defeated. Not surprising, eh?

(H/T: WND)

Could We?

It is a bit of a scary thought in that you can't control what happens, but I think I like it. A Federalist Amendment to the Constitution. Opinions?

(H/T: tcotreport)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pink Slips and Constitutions - They Need to Read Both!

I'm sure many of you are itching to do something else now that you have had your first taste of standing up to the corruptocrats and thieves dwelling within the hallowed halls of Olympia and D.C. I've got a little activity that you can start now.

1. Buy some pink paper
2. Go to Unite 4 Liberty and print out some "pink slips" from the available PDF
3. Fill them out, let your kids color them in, whatever you want to do
4. Mail them to any and all representatives, senators, city council members, mayors, governors, etc. whose employment you will terminate next November. Get a big roll of stamps, a big stack of envelopes, and mail these people at least one pink slip per week! 

Consider this. As of right now, the Washington State count for the tea parties is over 21,000 people - and that's with only part of the counts in! Now imagine if we each sent the crummy politicians one pink slip per week. I have a feeling that 21,000 pink slips coming in EVERY WEEK miiiiiight make an impact. Possibly. They might just have to actually read a bill before they vote on it, and perhaps listen to the voice mails left by their constituents. Plus it is just a sheet of paper so there is no way they will know what it is before they open it. At any rate, it is super fun to annoy them. 


Someone posted this over on the Facebook page for Seattle Sons & Daughters of Liberty and I thought it was such a swell idea that I wanted to pass it on.


April 20th is "Read the Constitution Day". To commemorate the occasion, we're asking every one of you to Print and Mail a copy of the US Constitution to those that need it most: our elected and selected representatives in Federal government! Just follow these four simple steps:

1. Print five copies of the Constitution. A handy, 6 page version can be found here:

2. Put the copies in 5 envelopes. On the back of each envelope, write "PRESERVE, PROTECT, AND DEFEND." They are some of the most important words in the President's oath of office.

3. On MONDAY, APRIL 20TH, mail one each to your U.S. House Representative, your Senators, the President, and the Supreme Court:

The White House 
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20500

Public Information Officer 
Supreme Court of the United States 
Washington, DC 20543



4. Forward this to like-minded friends and neighbors and encourage them to do the same.

That's it! 5 envelopes, 5 stamps, 30 pages, and 1 hour of your time. Imagine the impact if thousands of us do this "one little thing." We want the entire federal government to know that there are thousands of Americans concerned for the integrity of our Constitution. They need to know we're paying attention to them, and we expect them to return the respect.

Remember - keep it simple and respectful: Just the Constitution and "PRESERVE, PROTECT, AND DEFEND"


And now for some fun remixes, parodies, etc. for you to enjoy. The people who created these songs took the ideas behind the tea parties and made something entertaining and innovative, as free people are wont to do.