Saturday, February 28, 2009

Glaring Mistakes - Intentional or Accidental? You Decide.

So the Tea Party went down fabulously, and while we are not yet at the thousands of numbers that the left so easily manipulates like lemmings at their whim, we are building a real, solid, grassroots movement filled with passionate, caring, intelligent, and purposeful people - so take heart, or warning, depending on which side of the divide you may fall. And there is a divide, make no mistake about it. In fact, that divide is really the true embodiment of what those on the left like to call "diversity," is it not?

On to my own rant, if I may. Dennis Mooney, a self-described liberal who was asked by the national tea party coordinators, TCOT, to report on our Tea Party published his article today. While he was accurate in some descriptions of the event and some protesters' opinions, and he seemed genuinely interested in our reasoning, he made some extraordinarily egregious mistakes. These mistakes varied from incorrect facts and analysis by Mr. Mooney, to the sort of errors caused by incomplete information and assumptions made by the author. *

Let me walk you through this article.

His first few paragraphs set the scene, paying extra attention to the homeless men, the Macy's employees on strike across the street, and again, takes the extra time to describe how the man wrapped in a blue blanket, next to his own vomit, is sitting underneath the area where the speaker will be standing. He then juxtaposes this scene with this statement:
Soon people will gather to talk about socialism, taxes, bailing people out.
As if to imply that these policies we oppose could be helping these people and yet we are so callous that we do not see this. It is a sly literary wink and nudge to others who share Mooney's self-induced misconceptions about fiscal conservatives. Which leads me to his butchering of my attempt to explain to liberals like Mr. Mooney the truth about the immense compassion of free market advocates. This is his version of my speech:
Kelly [sic] comes back with an impassioned “don’t let them say we don’t care about people being turned out of their houses”. I wonder what the twenty or so homeless lying on the park benches are thinking? She tells us “immoral is a government coming into your house and taking your money and giving it to someone else”. She says, “we believe in prosperity because we care for people”. The guy under the blanket next to his vomit is still there; he’s not listening because he’s muttering to himself under his wool hat.
Perhaps, Mr. Mooney, had you been listening or paying attention, you would have heard the rest of my statements concerning this matter. My point was to explain, as one is forced to do - over and over again - that we believe in charity with every fiber of our being. It is the cornerstone of fiscal conservatism. We believe that we each have a duty to give out of our own abundance to those who are less fortunate: the hungry, the homeless, the poor, the sick, the lonely, etc. 

We do not approve of THE GOVERNMENT coming into our homes and taking our hard-earned money to give away at someone else's discretion. It is immoral for the government to take one person's money and property in order to redistribute them according to the whims of the current politicians. It is also immoral not to care about the needy. The difference is that when people give of their own volition, from their hearts, many splendid things arise, while forced redistribution only increases the misery for all due to the "pie" decreasing in size, and usually goes hand in hand with a progressively oppressive government (because you cannot force people to give away their money and property without, well, forcing them to do it.) 

On a personal note, my family has always, always given much to charity and volunteered our time, for as long as I can remember. In fact, my family has given away a higher percentage of our income than that of the Obama's or the Biden's, though they were making much, much, much more than my family. It is reckless, rude, deceitful, and downright mean to make such erroneous accusations towards fiscal conservatives based on biased and ignorant opinions, and factually incorrect information.** 

The other point I would like to make about this part of his article is that CONSERVATIVES DO NOT USE PEOPLE AS PUPPETS. I'm sure a liberal protest would have made an example of the poor man who was sitting next to his own vomit. He would have been paraded around for all to see, and they would have clucked about this program and that program and how if they were better funded, he would not be here right now! and then they would have dropped him in his vomit to go celebrate at some swanky Belltown bar, congratulating themselves on working so hard for social justice. Sorry Mr. Mooney. We do not use people to make a point. Had I wanted to use someone, I would have picked out any of the 300 people at the protest and asked them to tell me about their charitable giving and volunteer work, which goes above and beyond the tax burden now imposed upon them. 

Next I would like to bring your attention to something that, if I were a liberal who was obsessed with race, could be construed as racism. Oh yes, I used the "R" word, against a liberal. Check out this paragraph here:
By the time it hits its peak of 250 people I start to see some resemblances to the Republican Party in the crowd. I don’t see a single African American, I didn’t see any Hispanics. 

Let me reiterate this part: "I didn't see any Hispanics." Mr. Mooney, I hate to break it to you, BUT I AM HISPANIC! I am half Latina, and my mother is 100% Latina, and she was at the rally as well. I happen to take after my father who is a "gringo," and of course I bear his last name, which is not hispanic. My mother and I were furious. However, not because you judged us by the color of our skin, or because you didn't recognize us as being hispanic, but because you made a bigoted assumption that all Republicans or Conservatives or Libertarians are white. 

That is stereotyping, that is profiling, that is bigotry in all its pure, unadulterated form. How dare you even think to make these statements without actually asking every single protestor about his or her ethnicity or race. Furthermore, I knew some of the protestors there, they are my friends, and I can tell you unequivocally that many of them were not white. Some of them were Pacific Islanders, Chinese, and Mexican, and some of them were mixed race, just like our President. But you chose to make an abhorrent assumption that relied on your already biased misconceptions about fiscal conservatives. You should be ashamed of yourself and you should wipe clean the slate upon which you have harbored these misconceptions and lies. As my grandmother used to say: 
Que barbaro! No tienes verguenza!

Lastly, Mooney keeps mocking us because he thinks none of us will be affected by the tax increases since of course, only "the rich" will have to pay more, and so we are being silly for even making such a big deal out of this stuff. In case you haven't heard Mr. Mooney, it isn't one person making $250,000 that will be taxed more, it is supposedly couples and families making $250,000 or more. There are actually a lot of people, especially in techie Seattle, that probably do make that much. Also, this whole illusion of taking money from the top 2% of Americans (i.e. the wealthiest families), so that no one else will be affected, is not only immoral (again, the government has no right to take from them just because they are successful), it is a completely incorrect analysis and conclusion. Please, feel free to educate yourself.

In closing, Mr. Mooney, I feel that you took exceptional creative and artistic license with the thoughts, quotes, and opinions of the people at this protest, and with the set up you created to cushion your own biases. I appreciate you trying to give your point of view, and you were very polite in person. You seemed very respectful and interested in our opinions. And so I conclude, an article it was; an objective retelling of the event it was not.

*Honestly, there were quite a few little mistakes in this article, but I am concentrating on the particularly offensive and large grievances. 

**Mr. Mooney: why don't you let me know how much you give to charity and how many hours you volunteer per week, and while we're at it, why don't you explain to me the extraordinarily high rate of Democrats (in particular, some of the Obama cabinet nominees) WHO DO NOT PAY THEIR OWN TAXES?? There's also the problem of the President naively trying to limit charitable deductions that "rich people" can make. Yes, that will really help poor people - punish those trying to help them. Sheesh. You might also want to explain to me all of the studies that have been done that show, time and time again, that conservatives do more charitable giving than liberals, even though liberals have a higher average income. I'll be waiting for your call.


First the good news: we had roughly 300 people show up today in downtown Seattle to protest the immoral wealth redistribution policies being shoved down our throats! We called Senator Patty Murray's office, from the protest and let her know how we felt about her votes, by leaving her a message with 300 people booing. It was amazing and beautiful. She is up for reelection in 2010 and I do believe it is time to send her packing. In fact, there is a doctor named Sean Salazar who will be running against her, so we should start helping him out NOW.

We collected hundreds of tea bags, and we are deciding between sending them off to Washington D.C. or possibly dumping them at the Federal building on Jackson for Patty and Maria to see. If we choose the latter, then I would like to make that an event by itself.

We also collected so many more names for our network, so we are growing ladies and gents, we are growing. 

The bad news: out of all of the local news stations, I know for sure that KOMO was there, but I have yet to see any sort of story or footage. There was another camera guy there with a big camera, but I don't know where he was from. However, everyone I have talked with has told me that they have not seen ANYTHING in any of the local news casts. If you have seen something, please leave a comment here, or if there is something online, leave a link in the comments. If it turns out that they TOTALLY IGNORED US, then I am going to be livid. We sent them official press releases and called them the morning of the protest at 8:30 am. They knew. They knew.

The numbers of the news stations are listed over to the right and I encourage EVERYONE to call them and demand to know why they ignored a press release, a phone call, and a national movement that drew tens of the thousands of people all across the nation, in only the fifth week of this administration. DO NOT let them dictate what is worthy of that oh so fickle and capricious title of "news."

Zach Peterson took some footage here, and another man sent me a link with some photos here.

Question: what was your favorite part about today's protest????

I'm exhausted. :)


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Calm Before the Storm: Tea Paaaarrttyyyyy!

Everyone is pumped for tomorrow's Tea Party! Let's show them who's boss, right?? I mean, the term is "public servant," is it not?

Details for the Seattle Tea Party in case anyone needs them:
Where: Westlake Park, 410 Pine St. by the big arch.
When: Friday, February 27th, 2009
Time: 12:15 - 1:15, speaking will begin at 12:20, music and lunch (bring a sack lunch!) until 1:10, clean up afterwards.
Bring: signs that convey the immorality of this tax and spend mentality. Go here for sign slogan ideas, and to maintain the unity of our message. Bring your lunch and some tea bags to send to Washington D.C. - or as someone suggested today, maybe we'll take them down to the Federal building on Jackson and dump them at Patty and Maria's feet. SNAP!

The weather may be of concern to some, but allow me to inspire you to show up no matter what the weather, with this story from Ma LibertyBelle:
The snow on the ground reminded me of our continental army freezing, starving and surviving at Valley Forge from Dec 1777 to June 1778. They drilled inspite of their circumstances (2500 died of the elements) and by June, the Continental Army was disciplined and more confident
So, if they suffered through those conditions to fight for their freedom and liberty, I'm preeeeetttyyyy sure we can fight for ours, in the cold, for a measly half an hour to an hour. Just bundle up folks. Oh, and I know, bring some hot tea! ;)

Now to leave you with a song and a quote, as you prepare for this battle tomorrow. Goodnight! 

"Let it be told to the future world, that in the depth of winter, when nothing but hope and virtue could survive, that the city and the country, alarmed at one common danger, came forth to meet and to repulse it."
–The Crisis by Thomas Paine

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Alerts: Universal Healthcare, Gun Bans, Immigration, and Jew-Hating Academics!

I don't have too much time to write up an analysis for each of these links, but they are important so I will leave them here for you to peruse at your leisure.

1. Healthcare: The Democrats and the Obama administration are ALREADY going for it. I kid you not. This will soon become an official action alert item, but you can certainly get on your phone and your computer NOW. It is H.R. 193 and it is universal healthcare ladies and gentlemen, right at our doorsteps. Read as much of this bill as you can so that you are informed. We need to fight this starting immediately. What are you going to do about it?

Read the bill, stay informed and contact congress and the president with your opinions. Or hold a protest!!
Capitol Switchboard:(202) 224-3121
White House: (202) 456-1414

2. Not only is the above "Americare" coming to suck your blood, but there are other aspects of the healthcare debate, debacle, scam, what have you. Read and weep: (Feb. 26th) here, (Feb. 24th) here, and (Feb. 23rd) here. What are you going to do about it?

Read the above documents, watch the videos, stay informed and contact congress and the president with your opinions. Or hold a protest!!
Capitol Switchboard:(202) 224-3121
White House: (202) 456-1414

3. Washington State Alert: House Bill 2264 proposes to place severe restrictions on gun show sales and your ability to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights (Hat tip: Cassie). We must stay on top of these numerous assaults on our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to keep and bear arms; to protect our families from criminals, including those in elected positions. What are you going to do about it?

Find your state representative's contact information here and make your voice heard.

4. This group, Respect Washington, is trying to get enough signatures for I-1043, an initiative that would force/allow WA State law enforcement entities to actually follow the Federal immigration laws that are already on the books. It advocates simple things like, making sure employers are using already existing verification systems to ensure their employees are legally allowed to work in the US. Remember, if they are not legal or documented, they are not paying taxes, and yet they still use public services. This is a total scam and is another example of some people paying more than their fair share, while others pay none. What are you going to do about it?

Find your state representative's contact information here and make your voice heard. On February 28th, 2009 the petition will be available online for you to sign or print out and help collect signatures.

4. UNREAL. The staggering, and I mean staggering, amount of hate towards Israel and Jewish people in general b-l-o-w-s my mind. At San Francisco State University, the administration and half the student body are living in an alternate universe of hate, hypocrisy, and self-delusion. I was speechless for a few minutes (hard thing to do) after reading this article by Richard L. Cravatts over at American Thinker yesterday. You MUST read the entire thing. It's disgusting and will raise your blood pressure. Allow me to tell you all a short story about one of the times I resided in Europe. I was speaking to a European who, at just around 5 months after 9/11, told me that he thought the US deserved to be attacked. In the spirit of debate (hardest thing I ever had to do - not hit him) I asked him how in the world that could be. The following is the rest of the conversation:

Him: Well, it's your country's foreign policy.
Me: Can you be more specific? Which part exactly?
Him: Your support of Israel.
Me: I am very proud that my country supports Israel, especially as we are the only nation that will.
Him: You know why your country supports them, right?
Me: (very sarcastically) No, I don't, why don't YOU tell me why MY country supports Israel.
Him: Because "The Jews" run everything.
Me: Excuse me?
Him: "The Jews" run everything.

He went on for a couple of minutes about how "The Jews" ran the world, had all the money, and were basically the reason for all unhappiness and injustice in the world. Suffice it to say, Liberty Belle had to basically be removed from the room in order to protect this young man and take him to safety. And now this ROT has infected our countrymen and women, particularly our college aged citizens. It's pathetic and disgusting and makes me burn with anger. Almost literally. Almost. Are you going to let little fascist, nazi academics turn the US into yet another Jewish hating country??? No? What are going to do about it?

Call these San Francisco State University phone numbers and tell them TO STOP allowing violence and hate against Jewish students on their campus (remember to be civil, as we are the ones with class - but let them know they cannot continue to get away with this). Let's inundate them with phone calls from around the country:

Dean of Students: (415) 338-2032
Deans Office: (415) 338-1571

Show your support for SFSU's College Republicans who have tried to combat this practically by themselves and have received nothing but grief for it. Go here and leave them a supportive message.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Update 2: My co-organizers have been busy, busy, busy and hard at work preparing for the tea party. Thank you ladies!!! The Little Liberty Tea Wrappers (as I call them!) are online!! Go here for the jpg, and here for the pdf. Print some out to wrap around your tea bags that we are going to send to Washington D.C. I believe that we will bring some to use as well. Also, check out the new website that my co-organizer created as a clearinghouse (and more) for our movement.

Update: The official national tea party movement has a list of sign slogans here, a page of solid talking points here, and a partial list of pork items in the porkulus bill here. Hit print (as Robert Gibbs so condescendingly told Rick Santelli) and bring 'em with you!!!


Rick Santelli created a firestorm when he spoke the truth about the billions - no - trillions of dollars being wasted by the current administration, who are, as Rick stated, "rewarding bad behavior."

On Friday, February 27th, 2009, Americans will once again throw a tea party to revolt against her government's excessive taxation, not only without representation, but also without deliberation.

When: Friday, February 27th, 2009
Time: 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm
Where: Westlake Park, 410 Pine St. by the big arch.
WHAT TO BRING: We are having a real tea party during lunch, so bring your lunch, a seat, a blanket; bring a cup of tea (or coffee, sshhh we won't tell), a hat, an umbrella, your sense of fun and patriotism. Most importantly, bring a box of tea bags. We will provide you with Little Liberty Tea Wrappers printed with messages to President Obama that you can sign. We will then collect all of the tea bags and send them on to Washington D.C. Also, if you can bring a pen and maybe a stapler...that would help.

Bring signs with economic messages. We want to remain focused and united on this cause. While there are many issues deserving of attention, the main thrust of this protest is to reclaim our rights as taxpayers.

This event is not only a time to show our dissent, but also a time to socialize and network with other like-minded individuals. It is meant to be a fun lunch hour on a (hopefully sunny) Friday afternoon. We will voice our opinions and tell our President and his administration, using our First Amendment rights, that REVOLUTION IS BREWING and that we will no longer stand by while our economy becomes annexed by the government.

This event is open to everyone, regardless of political party affiliation. Politicians of both major parties seem to have forgotten that they work for us, and that their duty is to use our tax dollars honestly and efficiently. Do not let a label keep you from demanding integrity from our elected officials.

Welcome to your official Seattle Tea Party site.

For more information about the Nationwide Tea Party Movement, check out these websites:
PJTV Tea Party
Official Tea Party

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tidying Up - Monday Night

*Hit a snaffu with the email list for the action network. The service I am using is very thorough and secure (a great thing) and so needs time for verification of me, basically. Everything is all ready to be sent out, so as soon as we get the word from the provider, the inaugural email of our Seattle Action Network will be sent out! Hooray!

*The Seattle Tea Party is definitely ON! I am waiting for confirmation on the site and the time. Most likely it will be held at Westlake Park again, around lunchtime, on Friday, February 27th. The Facebook event is here. For those of you not on Facebook, I will post the info on this blog, and on other people's blogs as well. Check out the grandfather of the tea parties!

*PLEASE check out the guest posts below by Ma and Pa LibertyBelle. They are some of the most well read and educated-on-the-issues people in this country. They are also helping me out a lot by writing up some legislation alert posts, complete with analysis of what these bills actually mean to you and me.

Guest Post by Pa LibertyBelle on an Extremely Anti-2nd Amendment Bill

Goodbye Second Amendment, Hello Blair Holt....

On May 10, 2007, Blair Holt, an innocent 16 year old Chicago Public Schools (CPS) student was shot to death on a Chicago Transit Authority bus by another 16 year old who had warned others waiting with him at a bus stop of his plans to board the bus when it arrived and kill someone on the bus. Tiara Reed, Blair Holt’s classmate, said that when the bullets began to fly from the gun of 16 year old Michael “Mario” Pace, Holt threw himself on top of her, saving her life. Blair Holt was killed, and Tiara Reed was shot in the foot. There is no question, Blair Holt is truly a hero who selflessly gave his own life to save that of a classmate.

Since at least July 7, 1992, the carrying of guns has been mostly banned inside the city limits of Chicago. Title 8, of the Municipal Code of the City of Chicago, styled “Offenses Affecting Public Peace, Morals and Welfare,” makes it unlawful for any person to carry or maintain in any vehicle or about his or her person except when on his or her property or in his or her residence or fixed place of business, any rifle, shotgun, or other firearm. Persons excepted from this general rule barring the carrying of firearms include peace officers, members of the military on duty, wardens, etc., and finally, excepted are citizens who are “Licensed hunters or
fishermen while engaged in hunting or fishing.” [Emphasis added.] No, that is not a misquote of the Municipal Code of the City of Chicago. It does say “fishermen while engaged in hunting or fishing.” I pondered that one a while, and decided that is just the way it is in go fishing with your gun, you shoot the fish and then you gut it. Simple. In addition, the transportation of guns, by the average Chicago citizen, is not permitted unless the gun is broken down and in a non-functioning condition.

Despite the strict ban on carrying guns in Chicago, between September, 2007, and March 27, 2008, MSNBC reported, 18 Chicago Public Schools students were killed by gunfire. The previous school year 24 CPS students were shot to death. Another CPS student, 16 year old Johnel Ford, an innocent victim caught in the cross fire of gang members, was reported to be the first person to die by gunfire in Chicago in 2009. According to a February 20, 2009, report from radio station WLS in Chicago, three teenagers were shot and killed about 4 pm around the corner of 87th and Exchange, bringing the number of Chicago Public School students killed by gun fire since September 2008 to 21. Other reports note that there is almost no problem with guns or shootings in the suburbs surrounding Chicago.

Enter: U.S. Congressman Bobby L. Rush, Democrat (1st District, IL). Congressman Rush has introduced House Resolution 45, the short title of which is “Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009.” Now, there is nothing wrong with naming a law after a hero. But, as the National Rifle Association reports, if HR 45 is enacted into law:
...all handgun owners [will be required] to submit to the federal government an application that shall include, among many other things: a photo; an address; a thumb print; a completed, written firearm safety test; private mental health records; and a fee.
And those are only some of the requirements to be licensed!

The bill would further require the attorney general to establish a database of every handgun sale, transfer, and owner's address in America. Moreover, the bill would make it illegal to own or possess a "qualifying firearm" -- defined as "any handgun; or any semiautomatic firearm that can accept any detachable ammunition feeding device…" [emphasis added] without one of the proposed licenses.

Additionally, the bill would make it
illegal to transfer ownership of a "qualifying firearm" to anyone who is not a licensed gun dealer or collector (with very few exceptions), and would require "qualifying firearm" owners to report all transfers to the attorney general's database. It would also be illegal for a licensed gun owner to fail to record a gun loss or theft within 72 hours, or fail to report a change of address within 60 days. Further, if a minor obtains a firearm and injures someone with it, the owner of the firearm may face a multiple-year jail sentence.
H.R. 45 is essentially a reintroduction of HR 2666, which Rush introduced in 2007. H.R. 2666 contained much of the same language as H.R. 45, and was co-sponsored by several well-known anti-gun legislators--including Barack Obama's chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel. H.R. 45 currently has no co-sponsors.

Congressman Rush's picture, on his congressional web site, depicts a nice looking older man wearing a nice business suit, and there is a U.S. Flag in the background.
Interesting. Congressman Rush was a co-founder of the Illinois Black Panther Party. The Black Panthers follow the totalitarian philosophies of Maoism and Marxism and believe that workers should forcefully take over the means of production. In addition, Barack H. Obama wrote in his memoirs that when in college he sought out for friendship those professors who were Marxists.
Do you want to give up your second amendment right to keep and bear arms to a Maoist/Marxist? The theories of Mao and Marx have occasionally reached actuality, and they run deep with the blood of the innocents, just as did Hitler's National Socialist (Nazi) “Third Reich.” Early in the establishment of each of those systems of government, the right to keep and bear arms was eliminated. The people could then no longer exercise their God-given right of self-defense and millions upon millions of lives were taken by power hungry, arrogant, dictators. Never forget that our rights are given to us by God, and that we only allow the government to exercise those rights that we choose it may exercise.

Remember that 64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday, or the day before, or the day before, or the day before.... It is sad and very bad that all those children have died and continue to die in the city of Chicago, Illinois, but guns are not the problem. The Associated Press reported that in 2008 more murders occurred in Chicago than there were soldiers killed in Iraq. The problem, very unfortunately, is the culture of Chicago – the home of Congressman Rush and of Barack H. Obama. These two men have evidently done nothing to change the culture of Chicago when they have had it in their power to do so. Instead, one of the two men (at least) has advocated taking control by force. It has been said that “If guns cause crime, then matches cause arson,” and that “Criminals love gun control, because it makes their jobs easier.” One silly wag even said that “Only a government that is afraid of its citizens tries to control them.” Oh, pshaw, don't you believe it! Two guys from the south side of Chicago wouldn't want to control you....
Let Freedom Ring!

Guest Post by Ma LibertyBelle on the Card Check Disaster


In 2007, EFCA passed the House of Representatives, but failed to make it through the Senate, where supporters couldn't get the necessary 60 votes to end debate. President Obama and the Democrat Congress support EFCA, and although it has not yet been reintroduced and given a bill number, it is expected to make an appearance sooner than later.

As sought by Big Labor, EFCA would allow workers to join a union -- without a secret-ballot election -- if more than half of any bargaining unit sign union-authorization cards. Under the EFCA, as previously written, employees could be contacted by labor organizers to sign authorization cards before the employer is even aware a drive is ongoing. Organizers could contact employees one-on-one and they would immediately know which employees agreed to sign a card and which ones refused. Obviously, employees who oppose a union could feel pressured by labor organizers and by co-workers into signing authorization cards or, if it were known that they opposed a union, they could be kept out of the loop until a sufficient number of authorization cards were signed. Without a secret-ballot election, those workers who did not want the union would be afforded no opportunity to register their true opinion. How Democratic!!

EFCA opponents say that one-two punch -- the pressure to sign and the lack of a vote -- would lead to an explosion of unionization which in recent years has diminished.

Supporters of EFCA maintain that the law, as it was written in 2007, does not delete the current right of employees in a potential bargaining unit to choose a secret ballot. This is true. However, a secret ballot vote would NOT be an option if 51% of the workforce first signed authorization cards. Unionization would be a done deal. Ironically, Obama's nominee for Secretary of Labor, Rep. Hilda Solis, who vigorously supports EFCA, roundly criticized the absence of secret ballots in electing the Congressional Hispanic Caucus leadership on January 5, 2007. What's good for the goose is apparently not good for the gander.

There is some speculation that the authorization-cards issue is a red herring and that Big Labor will eventually "compromise" on that issue in order to get what they really want: if agreement on the initial contract is not reached in 90 to 120 days (both time periods have been discussed), the federal government would send in Washington bureaucrats to decide what pay, benefits and working conditions employees would receive, thus exponentially increasing the power of the Federal government in our economy. A good discussion of this by Jennifer Rubin, Commentary Magazine, Contentions:

We need to keep a watch for introduction of the 2009 version of EFCA in the 111th Congress and fight it.

Tea Party and More

Great news! That "tea party" we've been hearing so much about is really picking up steam. On facebook there is already a group, and in real life there is already a lot of momentum. This means it will be even easier to organize our event in Seattle, and it also means that we have a duty to assist this movement by representing the Northwest. Never say no when a friend asks for help, right? Again, I'm still working on the details of when exactly, and where exactly, but keep checking back. I will also be sending out the first email for our action network tomorrow sometime, so make sure it doesn't go to your spam folder. I am new to this, so hopefully I can pull it off without too many glitches. I should take a moment to thank my fiance who has put in many, many hours to help me with everything from making signs, to just supporting me, to typing up all of the email addresses, to giving me ideas, and on and on. He is WONDERFUL. 

More to come tomorrow. I know I keep saying that I will post some info about upcoming legislation, and I will. It has been a very busy weekend, and now with the tea party planning, it is getting pushed further behind. However, I will get to it as there are some important bills out there right now. Without discussing it for now, check out Bill 1718 in Washington State. It's got all sorts of nasty little fascist policies concerning private businesses and new environmental regulations.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tidying Up

*The Facebook group is up and running ladies and gents! Just search for "Seattle Sons & Daughters of Liberty: A Seattle Action Network." Also, you can friend me on FB; you'll find me under the name Liberty Belle and my profile photo is of, you guessed it, the Liberty Bell.

*Working on the Seattle Tea Party event. I am brainstorming ideas with a couple of people who have jumped on board as organizers (SO AWESOME) and we are thinking that the Seattle event will have to be on Saturday as so many of us work, and I know I will not be able to get the day off on Friday (darn jobs...) Look for those details soon.

*Someone in the comments asked who sang the Janis Joplin/Obama parody song, and where they could download it. Well, it was written by me, with some help from my family and fiance, and sung by lil' ol' me. The pictures in the slide show were from the various protests around the country that were held last week (thank you to all of the photographers). Can you believe it has yet to be ONE FULL week from the Seattle protest?? I feel like so much has happened and changed. I'm amazed. As for downloading the song, it is on Youtube, but I don't know how you can download from there. If anyone knows more about that stuff, go ahead and leave a comment.