Saturday, February 21, 2009

More from Rick Santelli

Another video of the leader of the revolution! I just can't believe that I'm finally seeing some press calling the Obama administration out on their bullying tactics! What a GREAT day!!!

I can't embed the video here so you'll have to hop over to CNBC to watch it!

Oh, and hat tip to dadinseattle who brought this website to my attention.

Seattle Tea Party on 2/27

Don't worry Seattle Action Network, we WILL be a part of this nation-wide tea party!! I'm STILL gathering all of the email addresses into a usable list, but that will be done by tonight or tomorrow. When it is finished I will send out details. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas for the Seattle Tea Party, just shoot me an email. We will be heard!!!


The Big Surprise

Ladies and gentlemen: your Saturday morning entertainment.

Like it?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Economics 101

I have been so busy at work that I have not had a chance to post anything new today, though all I think about in the back of my head are all the issues that I want to discuss. If you haven't guessed by now, the issue nearest and dearest to my heart is economics and by extension, the size of government, specifically the federal government. I'm a bit obsessed with economics, and the lack of economic education and understanding that permeates this nation. As I'm sure most of you have seen by now, Rick Santelli made the most beautifully frustrated statements recently. He is a journalist with CNBC and he may just be one of my new heroes. 

I was screaming, "Yes! Yes! Yes! You tell 'em Rick!!!!!" And now of course White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and His Majesty's other henchmen have been dispersed to not only rebut Rick's sentiments (which are based in fact, but who cares about that) but to also smear the man himself. As we all remember with poor Joe the Plumber, the American citizen who unfortunately asked the Obamessiah a question that The One could not answer without belying his true, socialistic, redistributionist plans: those that dare to disagree with, or cast doubt upon His Royal Highness, must face the wrath of many super angry, but "tolerant" and bedazzled aging hippies, college students, and media dinasaurs.

A commenter here made the astute observation that we need to be on our phones and laptops not only congratulating this man for passionately pleading our case, but also to all of the media outlets and politicians that will try to ruin this man for speaking actual truth to power. (Yet another annoying lefty term: speaking truth to power, but hey, I have no problem speaking their language as it seems they do not understand non-annoying, BS, made-up terminologies...)


Conservatives, Republicans, and Libertarians all care a GREAT DEAL for their neighbors, their fellow countrymen, and humanity in general. To assert otherwise is to squeeze oneself into a dirty, rotten hole in the ground from which one cannot possibly carry out a dialogue or debate, or move the country forward. I s-p-i-t upon the notion (and those that adhere to this idea? Don't tempt me...) that just because we hold a different philosophy about which path leads to more prosperity for more people does NOT mean we do not care. 

This makes me so angry. I do not accuse lefties of not caring. Do I believe they are misguided? Yes, absolutely, but as far as your average left leaning citizen goes, I believe they really think that socialistic policies will cure all of humanity's ills. Is this naive and infinitely impossible? Yes. Are they uncaring trolls? No. And wouldn't it be sooooo nice to receive that same dispensation from their side? I'm not holding my breath. When the lefty leadership decides to grow up, give up their blood lust for power, believe in the power that is bubbling over within each human being, and trusts each of us to make our own decisions, then maybe their devoted followers will be able to recognize our spirit as well. 

Tomorrow I hope to blog about some bills that are currently in committee, in Washington State as well as at the federal level. Like I said, this is action central my friends. Be always vigilant and we might be able to keep the lion at bay.

Oh, and by the end of this weekend I will have finished my special project. It is a song... it is almost done... and it is fabulous... I'm jus' sayin'...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The MSM and Hollywood: Digging Their Own Graves

I often think about how ironic it is that the mainstream media and Hollywood, and "artists" in general, for the most part are uber liberals who support socialistic candidates and policies. The irony comes into place when you look at the history of socialist or communist nations and their stranglehold on the "arts." (Socialism being an ever so slightly less malignant form of communism; it is still cancer but it just takes longer for you to die.) The first people to really be affected negatively by these types of policies are the media and the artists. They are the first ones that have to start censoring themselves, they are the first ones that start to get censored by the government, they are the first ones that have to, for example, start performing state sponsored/approved plays.

It has absolutely happened in every Sommulist (Socialist + Communist, cute, right?) nation throughout history. Even right now in Europe, in the Netherlands, politically correct "hate speech" laws are not only censoring artists, but are actually criminalizing them for speaking out on senstive issues! Have you guys ever seen the movie, "The Lives of Others?" It is about the East German Stasi monitoring people, especially the artists and playwrites, and requiring them to tow the party line. It is a really good film and really makes you think, if that happened before, there is no reason it can't happen again. Particularly when we already possess the initial symptoms of this cancer with all of our "politically correct" newspeak. (File "politically correct" under the same column as "social justice," as vocabulary versions of fingernails on a chalkboard.)

This brings me to yet another disturbing example of self censoring that the MSM is doing so as not to tarnish the image of their blessed messiah, Obama. There have been Porkulus Protests in THREE cities thus far. Has the national, mainstream news really talked about it at all? Again, imagine if Bush had been signing a controversial bill and three protests had occurred with a few days of the signing and of each other. Mark my words, it would be ALL OVER the national news. But now, barely a peep. Like I have been saying, let's Keep Media Honest! You need to be calling your local news stations as well as the national shows relentlessly, asking them why they are not covering this movement. If we don't complain, they will never, ever have a reason to think about changing their ways.

Lastly, Big Sis Libertybelle has informed me that Julia Roberts would be just tickled pink to set up a play date with her kids and the Obama's girls. This is the same woman that entertained us all with her witty reparte at a Democratic fundraiser for Al Gore in 2000 at Radio City Hall in New York City when she joked, "Republican comes in the dictionary just after reptile and just above repugnant..." and then everyone just about died sugar! She also said this, "The man's [Bush] embarrassing. He's not my president and he never will be either." There are no words to describe a nasty, stuck-up, self-righteous, ill-mannered actress whose $20 Million per picture salary is drawn from the wallets of those she mocks. Oh wait, I guess I did find some words.

And in case Julia ever looks at this: I find it embarrassing when my president (because yes, I have class and technically Obama is my president) thinks there are 57 states, and who sits in a church pew for 20 years listening to racist dogma, and who thinks everyone shops at Whole Foods, and finally, it is excruciatingly embarrassing to have a president that thinks it is his right to STEAL from one portion of the citizenry so he can give gifts to a different portion of the citizenry so that he may gain their undying love, devotion, and buckets of drool. SNAP.

All of this Hollywood talk reminds me of an article that was on Big Hollywood the other day. The author, Brett Joshpe, suggests that perhaps Hollywood starlets and starstuds should get their salaries capped by the government too. After all, it's not fair that they make so much money for such a ridiculously fun and easy job (I know, I do acting for fun on the side) while other people don't even have homes or health insurance... Plus, Hollywood's Obots are the ones that donate a lot of money to the DNC and go around stumping for Democratic candidates, so obviously they must believe in redistributing wealth via government mandate, right?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Russia Warns US to Stay Away from Socialism and More

A few links for you to devour:

Putin puts the smack down on Obie.

Our new state department's view on a dictator's ability to swindle the people into giving him the ultimate power: no term limits. There are plenty of people who are afraid that the election was fraudulent as well. Sorry, but this makes me s-p-i-t-t-i-n-g ANGRY. This man steals, literally, by force (using the military) land and wealth from hard-working, law abiding people and gives it away to someone else. So all of the people getting free stuff love him (hmmmm... sounds familiar doesn't it?) and yet no one seems to understand that there is still an "upper" class - Chavez and all of his cronys.

The difference between a socialist or communist country and a democratic capitalist country like ours isn't that their nations are free from class/income levels, it is that the the only prosperous people are the dictator and his friends, and the only manner in which regular joe's can move up in the world is to curry favor with the man himself. At least in a capitalist nation, anyone, with enough hard work and a little luck, can become prosperous. WHY DON"T PEOPLE GET THIS???? Ugh... blood pressure check. Don't forget that they are already trying to get rid of term limits for our dictator - oops - I meant president. That link is not a joke people. The Democrats have submitted this for r-e-a-l.

Hahahahahahahaha - for a little fun check out this cartoon.

We have to be vigilant my friends. It is exhausting, but we have no choice. They don't seem to need sleep... maybe they are evil robots from the future sent here to destroy us...

Mesa, AZ: 1, Obama: 0

Check out these AMAZING pictures from the anti-porkulus protest in Mesa, AZ. Insanely funny and sadly true statements made. Over 500 people showed up to this one. Look what we started in lil' ol' Seattle! Let's keep it up!! As Laura Ingraham's book is titled, "Power to the People!!!"

I Despise Socialism - it is the Rot that Never Dies

I keep hearing whispers of a "million taxpayer march" in D.C. next 4th of July, or sometime...

Let's do it. I am not even kidding. Start gathering names and emails in your town and we will build a network of people who will march on Washington.

Your Morning Report

As someone from a certain news organization said to me at the Seattle protest, in regards to the Porkulus, "The only thing getting stimulated is my gag reflex." Every single day is a new truckload of pure, unadulterated c-r-a-p from this administration and its mafioso enforcers in the streets. There is a lot to take in, but I'll try to make it go down smoothly.

First, a personal hero of mine, Thomas Sowell, has a wonderful article over at Townhall today about how the economic understanding and thinking of our dear leader (and his many followers) is so totally upside down and inside out. Most people by now have heard of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), but many people do not really understand how that intrusion into the housing market was a primary cause of this whole mess. Banks were forced to show "hard data" that they were following the directives of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

In other words, quotas were imposed-- and if some people didn't meet the standards, then the standards need to be changed. Both HUD and the Department of Justice began bringing lawsuits against mortgage bakers when a higher percentage of minority applicants than white applicants were turned down for mortgage loans.

That's right - quotas. Who cares if it was bad for banks, erego bad for the economy as a whole because social justice was happening maaan, economy be damned. I don't know about you, but the words "social justice" are the vocabulary equivalent to nails on a chalkboard. I can feel the nausea rise up when those words are spoken in earnest. Social justice is just another term for Social-ism - it's not fair that you are successful and others are not, therefore you must pay. Combine these lawsuits brought by the feds with the lawsuits and "civil disobedience" of groups like ACORN and banks were sitting ducks. (More on ACORN later)

The other, much more insidious problem with the CRA is that in order for banks to grow (which is kind of the point of business - to grow and prosper and thereby create more jobs for people) by merging with other banks, or acquiring smaller banks, they had to get permission from the feds. Now... what criteria do you think the feds used to judge whether or not a bank would receive that authorization? Hmmmm... let's think... what in the world could it be??? OH! I know! The bank's CRA rating. A higher rating meant a better standing meant more merger and acquisition love from the feds. Guess who had a super high rating for many years. Washington Mutual. You know, the little Seattle bank that was hardest hit by housing crash!!! More here, here, and here.

Now, as far as ACORN goes (if you don't know about ACORN just go to Michelle Malkin's website and search for "ACORN" because she's done a ton of research on this group) Michelle Malkin's syndicated column today is about how this extortionist and criminal organization is starting a campaign called "Home Savers." This campaign is about "civil disobedience" because they're just not being heard! So they are encouraging people to stay in their foreclosed homes or to even move back in, using whatever means necessary. They are also well known bullies, targeting little businesses, banks, etc.

Trumpets ACORN: "On Feb. 19, ACORN members will launch a new tactic in fighting foreclosures: civil disobedience. Participants in the ACORN Home Savers campaign nationwide will simply refuse to move out of foreclosed homes, or in some cases, will move back in. ACORN homesteaders intend to squat in their homes until a comprehensive, federal solution for people facing foreclosure is put in place." ACORN's foot soldiers, funded with your tax dollars, will scream, pound their fists, chain themselves to buildings, padlock the doors and engage in illegal behavior until they get what they want. It's a recipe for anarchy.

Don't forget, Obama's Porkulus bill may end up giving ACORN and its subsidiary groups up to $2 Billion or more of YOUR money. Michelle tells us where ACORN is targeting its campaign, so here is an idea: if you live in one of these cities, you need to get educated and connected real fast. We need "foot soldiers" on our side, fighting the corruption and theft of our money and our votes. Find out how you might be able to fight them using their own tactics. Maybe you start a boycott of banks that work with them and protest loudly outside of those banks or businesses; maybe you put together a protest outside of one of the houses that will be lived in illegally; maybe you write lots of letters to your local newspapers and call your news stations EVERY SINGLE DAY with more info about the illegal and extortionist tactics of this group. You MUST do something because not only are they literally stealing your money, but they are creating a whole new army of Obamabots. ACORN gives low-income people money in exchange for these people becoming "activists" who will march in the streets at a moment's notice and who will do whatever ACORN demands because ACORN is paying their bills. And remember, ACORN pays those bills with your money. Get angry ladies and gentlemen because when you get angry you get off of your couch and take action. So get calling, writing, protesting, etc. We all need you.

The list of cities ACORN is targeting:
Tuscon, Ariz.; Oakland, Calif.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Contra Costa County, Calif.; Orlando, Fla.; Baltimore, Md.; New York, N.Y.; Houston, Texas; San Mateo County, Calif.; Denver, Colo.; Bridgeport, Conn.; Wilmington, Del.; Broward County, Fla.; Boston, Mass.; Flint, Mich.; Detroit, Mich.; Minneapolis, Minn.; Raleigh, N.C.; Durham, N.C.; Albany, N.Y.; Cincinnati, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; Pittsburgh, Pa.; and Dallas, Texas.

Go get 'em tigers!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Last Thoughts for the Day Before Sleep

I wanted to make sure that everyone who has signed up for the action network knows that I am 100% committed to keeping our momentum going. You may or may not believe this, but I have over 200 people signed up so far, and every few minutes I get a new one. Many of you heard me on Laura Ingraham's show today, but since I won't be doing any more radio for some time (I'm assuming), make sure to tell your friends and family to sign up as well. Due to the large number of people, and me having a full-time day job, it will probably take the entire weekend to type in all of the rally email addresses and get everything together. However, expect the inaugural email for The Seattle Sons & Daughters of Liberty: A Seattle Action Network on Monday. I'm setting a deadline for myself to make sure I stay focused, and be forewarned, we've already got A LOT on our plate!! I'm also taking all of the suggestions emailed, or posted here, to heart; including the suggestion of protesting outside news stations if necessary. How exciting, no?

For your reading and learning enjoyment (remember, I am a teacher) I am linking to a few random "how to grassroots organize" websites, which of course are all pretty leftist, but I have no problem learning my opponent's tactics and subsequently using those tactics against them.

(I simply typed "how to grassroots organize" into a search engine and these were four of the kajillions of results. Feel free to peruse at your leisure. Disclaimer: I do not know who the people are who put these sites up, I don't know what they are about, so therefore I do not endorse anything they say. I just thought they had some good tips on organizing. Whew.)

Debating Tip for the Day: when debating a liberal, be sure to ask them a lot of questions. I, and other conservatives I know, always end up underneath a barrage of questions and we never get to test our opponent's depth and breadth of knowledge if we are always defending our own. So, make sure to ask open ended questions...
"How does ... work?"
"How will ... get funded?"
"Are there any alternatives to ... ?"
"What are some examples of when ... was successful?"
"Do you have some sources so I can verify your ... ?"
And so on and so forth. Don't let them corner you without them ever having to pony up some explanations of their own. Believe me, this works. They usually always fold under this kind of pressure, and if they don't, then you can actually have a nice conversation or debate, especially if you've got your facts and supporting arguments in order.



Michelle Malkin links to another Porkulus Protest happening in Arizona!! Who's going to be next?? Let's keep it up because we all know that there will be more requests (demands, fear mongering) for more money in the very near future. And I was just informed by Ma LibertyBelle that they are going to be pushing the socialized healthcare stuff in the next couple of weeks!!! EEEEEEK! We know how fast and dirty the Three Little Pigs work, so get ready for some more action alerts. Stay tuned.

Start Local

Hey everyone: just one more for this afternoon, though there may be more tonight.

It is almost impossible to start a national movement from nothing. We will build one through local connections and networks. Build one in your town, even if it is just you, your spouse and one friend. You will find more, but not unless you look. Do it now.


The Keeping Media Honest Campaign

After the abysmal coverage of our Seattle Porkulus Protest by the local news stations (KIRO is exempt from this singular event as they covered our protest well) I have decided that one of our first courses of action is to hold these local stations' feet to the fire. First we must be relentless in notifying the media of our events. If they are notified by many people, they are more likely to show up and cover us. However, if they CHOOSE to ignore us, this is what we will do:


1. Find your local news stations' websites.
2. Keep tabs on them to verify that they are giving mention and coverage to our protests and campaigns. We want a spot on their evening TV news and we want some kind of mention on their internet sites either through mention in a related article, or within an article devoted to our event alone.
3. IF they are not giving us coverage, start calling, emailing, writing letters, blogging about them, etc.
4. Email people you know who would care, and post the info on your own blogs and other blogs that such and such station in city, state, USA is ignoring a big story. List the station's phone number and email address and let's help them become responsible, objective reporters once again.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 for your local newspapers as well.

Too bad for the MSM and the left. They awoke a sleeping giant, and that's just me. Wait 'til they get a look at the millions of giants waking up.


Hello, hello, hello to everyone across the nation who is stopping by!! Welcome! You are all going to be so excited when I tell you about the response I've been getting about the Seattle Action Network. People from all over are emailing me and posting messages here! We exist!! You are not alone! Do not despair. Seriously, this "action network" idea is something we have to do in every city in every state, and connect those networks together. Then we will connect the state action networks to create a national network of real people who are committed to getting out of the house and working as a group to find the path back to freedom! I am SO EXCITED!!! If you have thought about starting something in your city - DO IT! Start making signs now so you are prepared if there is a last minute protest in your city. If you want to start now, but there hasn't been a rally to collect email addresses, start an action network with your friends and family, or any like-minded individual that you know, even if it is only one other person.

Know how I started? By getting involved in my local Young Republicans group. Go to Meetup and search for Republican, or conservative, or liberty, or any of the buzz words and your city name. That is how I found my group, and that is how I increased my network by almost 40 people in an instant. Don't wait for the leadership to do anything, you have to do it yourself. They'll catch on eventually. I found that when I actually started meeting with people in real life - not just online - that we started to get things done, and I started to feel empowered to speak up and become, dare I say it, an activist!

We are truly the party of the little guy, so let's show 'em just how loud us little guys can be.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Seattle Action Network

If you were not at the rally or didn't have a chance to sign up for the action network that I will be running, you can get on the email list by emailing me at Put "Action Network" in the subject line and your name in the body of the email. You don't have to live in Seattle, you can sign up if you just want to be aware of, and connected to, other events happening in the country, but the email list is to primarily create a network of people that can come together in the Seattle area. NO ONE will have access to these email addresses except for me, and I will only email you if there is a rally/event planned or a piece of WA or Seattle legislation (and important federal ones as well) that we need to act upon in some fashion, i.e. calling campaign, etc.

I'm thinking of calling our action network "The Seattle Sons and Daughters of Liberty," based on the people of the same name who were the first to rebel against the British in colonial times. Their motto was the famous "no taxation without representation," and so shall it be ours.


UPDATE II: KOMO emailed me back and said they ran a piece on their TV news, but still nothing on their website even though they still have a link under the "Local and Regional" tab for the Olympia protest held by students and "workers." They ALSO neglected to mention ANYTHING about the protest held by citizens, organized by some great groups, in Denver, CO today as he signed the Porkulus into law. Just imagine if President Bush was signing a controversial piece of legislation into law and hundreds of people were present to protest that bill...just imagine what kind of national coverage that would get! We need to keep up the pressure on our local news stations (this is for everyone, across the country) to make sure they are not sweeping OUR dissent under the rug. 4:16 pm 2.17.09

UPDATE: KIRO is off the hook. They finally posted the video and coverage of the event. But keep calling KOMO and KING5 and ask why they did not think it was newsworthy to even mention our protest. 11:13 pm 2.16.09

Hmmmmmm.... am I surprised after a quick jaunt through the local Seattle news websites that there is NOT ONE mention of our anti-stimulus, pro-freedom rally??? Um, no. Not surprised at all. I called up KING5 and asked the girl why they haven't posted a story about our protest but managed to have a story about the protest held in Olympia by students and "workers" (whatever that means) who are upset about budget cuts (!)... I asked her if they were just unaware, or if they chose to ignore us. She replied that no, they were aware, but our protest was at an "awkward" time. Excuse me? Awkward? Awkward as in they had plenty of time to cover it, get back to the studio and put together a short story for the evening news? Or awkward as in it would have opposed her own opinions? Or perhaps awkward because she gets her marching orders from the DNC and the White House and that would have gotten her in trouble. I don't know.

Anyway, this is the next step. Everyone needs to call these stations because ALL of them had a story posted about the Olympia protest even though both protests happened at relatively the same time and had approximately the same amount of people protesting. Call them and ask them why they are ignoring us. If enough of us call, they'll have to do something, and at the very least we will annoy them. Even if you don't live in Seattle, call them anyway. This is something that needs to change across the nation, no reason it can't start here.

Here are their numbers:
KING5: (206) 448-3850 or (800) 45-NEWS-5
KIRO: (206) 728-7777
KOMO: 1-TV-TIPS-KOMO (1-888-477-5666)

Ask them why they are not covering the taxpayers' revolt. This is the only way they can squash us - denying that we exist. Don't let them do it.

So, so proud - happy, satisfied, tired, RILED UP!!!

Hey! Just back from the rally! Thank you SO SO SO much to everyone who made this possible: from my family, my fiance, everyone who took the time out of their day to make signs and show up, to all the bloggers and talk show hosts like Michelle Malkin and Kirby Wilbur (who was very ill and could not make the rally unfortunately - best wishes to him and hope he feels better soon!)

A very, very special thank you to Michelle Malkin for buying everyone there pulled pork bbq!!! That was just the nicest thing anyone could do - and we got to say the word "pork" a lot! :) As a side note to this, we had some pork left over and my fiance gave it to a homeless shelter nearby. So, unfortunately for the left, a bona fide conservative fed the homeless today. 

And an extra, extra special, gigantic THANK YOU to Steve Beren. When I first emailed him, along with dozens of other people, he got back to me in about 5 minutes! He was so supportive and enthusiastic and it made this first-timer feel much more at ease. He is an energetic, knowledgeable, articulate man who is a major boon to the Seattle conservative movement. So thank you again Steve. Side note: Steve used to be a radical lefty back in the day! Glad to have him our side now!

To all the negative nellies: I am not unaware of the fact that this protest appears to be "too little, too late," however, the point of this protest was not to stop the bill, as I knew it wouldn't change their minds. We also were not given very much time to organize large events - remember, this all started only two or three weeks ago!! They made darn sure that it would be hard to organize so quickly.

Rather, this rally was held to spark something, and in particular, to spark something in Seattle. Non-liberals do exist here but we are quiet and disjointed. There were actually over 100 people there and I got most, if not all, of their email addresses in order to start a Seattle Action Network. If every city and town had one too, then we could be more effective in fighting Obama and his dictatorial tendencies. I remembered something I heard during the buildup to the election: whenever Obama held a rally, a get-together, a bake-off, a whine-fest, whatever, they collected email addresses and phone numbers. In fact, you weren't allowed into some of the events until you had first given up this contact information. So I thought, boom, that's it. That's what we have to start doing too, so that we can actually meet up in real life, rather than just online.

Also we HAVE been doing things to voice opposition since this bill was announced. We have been calling, faxing, writing, etc., but our legislators didn't even have the decency to empty out their voicemail boxes, and after a while we couldn't even leave any messages. It wasn't until I realized that they weren't even pretending to listen that I knew we had to do something different.

Let me ask all this of the people who think the time spent on voicing our dissent was wasted time: what are you doing to stop these things from happening?

All in all, this event brought a bunch of us together, it reinvigorated those of us that felt so overwhelmed, it proved that though we may be out, we are most defiantly not down, and it gave us a starting point from which we can leap to great heights. We now know, as does Obama, that we will not take this corrupt power grab and forceful shove towards socialism without a fight, and that we will grow louder and louder and stronger and stronger as time goes on. 

Again, thanks to all who came out and who helped get the word out. We even had someone from Idaho who drove all the way out here to take part. I will give Obama one thing, community organizing is tough work. But I guess I'm qualified to be President now, after all, I'm also international, having lived in four other countries...

For approximately the billionth time in my life, I am proud of my country. SNAP!


Hey everyone!! Today is our day! I hope we have a lot of fun, meet a whole bunch of new people, and make our voices heard. Make no mistake, the President will be signing that bill tomorrow, I have no illusions that he will actually listen to us. BUT, maybe, just maybe we can start a movement that will snowball across the nation and get people out of their homes, meeting each other and working together to redirect this country towards its truly radical founding principles of individual liberty and freedom. Maybe people will wake up slowly at first, and then quickly when they realize the urgency needed. 

Speaking will start at about 12:30 pm at the arch at Westlake Park, and around 12:15 there will be a fabulous surprise.... ssshhhhhhhh!

Thanks to so many people for all your words of encouragement and help!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

As Sunday Evening Winds Down - What to Expect Tomorrow at Our Protest

First off, I am buoyed by the amount of support and attention this protest has received. We've got something real here folks. Second, I wanted to give you a rundown of the afternoon. Legally the permit is from noon to 3:00 pm, so we will be there right at noon to set up. The official festivities will kick off at around 12:30 pm. Our headliner will be Steve Beren, and most importantly, this is a chance for you to meet the other Conservative, Libertarian, Republican, i.e. freedom and liberty loving residents of Seattle. Don't waste this opportunity. I think there is also a surprise that will happen towards the beginning of the rally... a really cool surprise.

See you all tomorrow. I am pumped. Hoo-rah!


Check out this cartoon by Chris Muir over at Hot Air. This is exactly what this protest is about. We can't just sit around and "twitter" our thumbs. Heheheh.

This Protest is for ALL AMERICANS

Ha ha ha. Some busy body in Seattle who writes for a DIY news site here wrote an article about the protest because she stumbled across it and found it, "oddly comical." That is such an unsurprising response from your typical liberal, middle-aged, mocha drinking, Nordstrom's wearing, PCC shopping, haughty Seattleite who probably felt so darn proud that she wore an Obama pin for months, and raised a glass of real, fair trade, organic, French champagne on Inauguration day. It cracked me up. In her "analysis" of my posting of the protest, she says I did not say what it was about, but then states that it is obviously just a Republican protest and is most definitely not a protest against the stimulus. Huh? Nice try lady. If she actually did her homework, she would have found that this is a call to arms for anyone and everyone who would like to keep this nation and all her people prosperous and successful. 

She also thought it funny that my suggestion to "think like a left-wing college student" was funny for some reason. Something about that I didn't think my fellow Republicans knew how to express themselves. I don't really know what she was about expressing oneself clearly... OH SNAP. However, I actually do think this is true. We aren't used to expressing our views, especially in liberal bastions like Seattle. Part of that comes from the supposed "tolerance" of the liberals here that is really more like a punch to the throat, complete with disdain, scorn, and the eventual exile of the Conservative. And when I referred to learning about dissent over the last eight years, I meant that the anti-war protesters did not just protest on their blogs. They got out into the streets and made a stink, which is what we are about to do ladies and gents!

So I hope Patty, or Kathy, or Chelsea, or whatever her name was, enjoys the view while she sits at the Starbuck's next to Westlake Park, with her venti mocha and her laptop, and has fun looking down her nose at people while simultaneously mischaracterizing them and patting herself on the back.

Remember, this protest is for you regardless of party or labels if you think this bill was/is an abomination and fundamentally unconstitutional.