Saturday, February 14, 2009

More Reasons to Attend the Protest on Monday

1. The final conference bill was released and posted Thursday night, after midnight. When did the House vote? Friday morning!!! When did the senate vote? Friday afternoon!! How long is the bill? Over 1,000 pages. When was the last time you read more than 1,000 pages while you were sleeping? Or perhaps in roughly four hours? Especially when the reading is dense, legal legislation? Yeah me neither.

2. Your doctor will now be required to go to the government's Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Cost Effectiveness for permission to treat you. The 15 member panel appointed by our President, will begin to determine whether or not the cost of your continued health or life is worth it to society as a whole. There was about 400 flipping pages of legislation within this supposed economic stimulus bill with policy changes like this one. The God policy one might call it. We are theeeees close to nationalized, rationed healthcare. This will disproportionately affect the elderly and the very ill. What a sad, sad day. This alone is reason enough for you to get out there with me on Monday.

3. One of commenters on this site mentioned that he/she is a registered Democrat, but believes in some Republican ideals like smaller government, and that this bill is an AMERICAN issue, not a left or right issue. This person is TOTALLY CORRECT. It is shameful that President Obama, Pelosi, and Reid (the Three Little Piggies anyone?...ahem) are trying to paint the people who disagree with this bill as people "who don't care about American families." I thought we were in a post-partisan time now. Why can't the 3P's accept that the people who oppose it do so for valid reasons? This is about all of us, no matter what your label. Be there to voice your opposition, with a true variety of people.

4. Though it has passed both the House and the Senate, and the President will sign it into law on Monday (hey, we get to protest it THE day he signs it!) if we don't show our opposition, they will think they can do whatever they want. Just imagine it! The 3P's will rub their hands together in glee thinking, we did it, we did it, we did it - now, what else can we do? So let's get out there and show them there is nothing else they will get away with.

5. Protesting against this Porkulus will give much needed support to the brave Representatives and Senators that voted no. Don't let their bravery go to waste. Stand up with them on Monday.

6. Anti-war protests went on for 5 years, and still do today. That movement probably gave Bush quite the headache. Let's be Obama's headache. I want to be his persistent, relentless, grating, temple-pounding headache for the next four years. And ladies and gentlemen, if we can do that, then there will perhaps not be a second four years of Obama, and that, my friends, is well worth the trouble.

7. The Wall Street Journal calls this bill The Entitlement Stimulus. Explain to me how that is economic stimulus. As Scar Emanuel said, "Never allow a crisis to go to waste. They are an opportunity to big things." They're doing it people. Big things. 

8. Lastly, check out this Reagan/Obama "debate" from The Anchoress. It is poignant and sad to think how far we have moved from the truly radical ideas of individual freedom and liberty that our founding fathers envisioned, and for which they fought and died. Let's not let this country regress without a FIGHT.

And so, like I said before: BRING IT!!!

Get a piggy nose or ears if you can. Let's show these porkers that we are mad and we sure aren't going to take it anymore.


Thursday, February 12, 2009


Great news! Steve Beren, the man who tried to take on radical lefty Jim McDermott, will be a speaker at the protest rally! I am in the process of trying to find more speakers, including economists from the list of those that signed that letter published by the Cato Institute.

Let's see what happens!!

Stay tuned...


1. I will be on KIRO News tonight on the 5:00 news talking about our protest.
2. The speakers will start around 12:30pm to accommodate those people who can only come during their lunch hour, so get there earlier rather than later!

Stay tuned for more!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The protest against the porkulus is on for President's Day!

Date: Monday, February 16th
Time: 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Where: Westlake Park in downtown Seattle, 401 Pine St., in the open area by the big arch.

The idea is to use what we've learned about dissent over the last eight years. We need loud protests with lots noise and visuals. So, what should you bring?

Bring AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN! Bring your families, your friends, neighbors, bring everyone!

Bring SIGNS!! Get those craft making juices flowing and make signs and banners and pictures and paintings. Just imagine that you are a left-wing college student with nothing else to do and that should help you get started!

Bring something to sit on and appropriate clothing.

Most importantly, JUST BRING IT!!!

Let's Sue Porky Pelosi!! Read On:

I know this really fantastic attorney who is one of the smartest men to ever have lived. He also happens to be related to me. :) He started wondering about the Constitutionality of Porky Pelosi's fascist denial of Republican input on these bills. Here is a copy of his letter. Any lawyers out there want to comment?

February 9, 2009

Committee on Rules – Republicans
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, D.C. 20515

Attn: Congressman David Dreier and
Minority Counsel


I am a retired attorney and currently an elected Republican P.C.O. in my city. The dictatorial rule of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats is cause for great concern. By overturning Speaker Gingrich's rules, Speaker Pelosi has disenfranchised the entire Republican electorate, and that must be a violation of the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution states in Article 1, Section 5, Clause 2 that: "Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings...." I note that there is discussion on the G.P.O. annotated version of the Constitution that states that the Congress, in its rule making, may not "ignore Constitutional restraints or violate fundamental rights...." There is no more fundamental right than a citizen's full enfranchisement - "one man, one vote." By overturning the open rules established under the Republicans, Speaker Pelosi literally denies to us the power of the vote, the exercise by our Republican representatives of their roles to represent us, shuts us down, and silences our voices. This MUST be a violation of one man, one vote principles. Speaker Pelosi has violated our fundamental rights! "One man, one vote" is well established law.

I suggest that we Republicans sue Speaker Pelosi to allow for full Republican participation in the business of the House of Representatives. In addition, as no Republican amendments were allowed to the stimulus bill, a restraining order against the executive branch might be in order to prevent the execution of the bill (when enacted) pending judicial determination of Speaker Pelosi's unconstitutional rules. Anything enacted during the period when Speaker Pelosi's rules are in effect should be unconstitutional. If you are interested in these ideas, I will volunteer to do research and preparation for such a law suit. We Republicans MUST resist vigorously (for the sake of the entire nation) the end of liberty as we have known it. Please consider this approach seriously. Too much is at stake.

Seattleites Out There?

Anyone in the Seattle area? I would like to stage a Porkulus Protest here. I know that "the most frightening bill on Earth" has now passed both Houses, but they are going to have to reconcile the two bills, which will take at least a few days, I'm hoping! If you are at all close to this area, leave a comment that you would be interested in attending. I'm going to go look up the requirements to have a protest around our dear Senators' offices downtown. Unlike the melodramatic lefties, I do not want to get arrested. I do however want to take a page from their playbook and be loud, obnoxious, and in their faces. If I don't do something, I might just lie around totally depressed. Who's with me??

Monday, February 9, 2009

Conservative + Republican + Libertarian = ?

My suggestions:

My fiance's suggestions:

You get the idea.


It is no secret that American Thinker is one of my favorite websites. I look at it all the time, and recommend you do as well. They have some of the most insightful, well referenced, intelligent articles on the web today. I will probably link to them often.

Today James Lewis at AT wrote one of the best pieces I have ever read, The Rapacity of Odacity, and he does such a fantastic job of highlighting the regressiveness and greed of the class envy celebrated by the Democratic Party and lefties everywhere.

He writes about the idea of the "pie" and how socialists and communists (read: the Democrats today) don't seem to understand that they may be sharing the pie more evenly, but that the pie itself becomes smaller, so there is less to go around altogether!

He also quotes Michelle Obama from a speech:

"The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more."

I wonder who that someone is Michelle? You and Barry? Errmmm....probably not. Considering the Obama's charitable donation records, it is probably another case of rules for thee but not for me. Let us not forget the, what is it now, FOUR Obama nominees who are all guilty of tax evasion as well.

Here's a thought: what if Obama's nominees all paid their taxes honestly, and more liberals and Democrats gave willingly to charity, like Conservatives and Libertarians? Imagine how much more money would be given directly to the needy, rather than flowing through the federal government bureaucracy gauntlet...

Some links to charitable donation statistics:
Who Gives and Who Doesn't?
Peter Schweizer: Liberals Are More Selfish Than Conservatives
A Nation of Givers

Anyway, what I am saying is that all this smearing of Capitalism and our free-markets is insanely wrong, and that when the Obamas and all of the other Democrats start putting their OWN money where their mouths are, at least I'll think they mean it when they say they want to help the needy.

Holy Perpetuation of Power Batman!

Remember the last eight years? I do. I remember being bombarded with hysterical tears and fears about how George W. Bush was going to try to stay in power forever. I remember the wide eyed horror felt by the Lefties about the evil Karl "Jafar" Rove, a.k.a. "The Architect," and their predictions that he would stop at absolutely nothing to keep his lil' Sultan in power.

Hmm. Isn't it interesting how nothing like that ever happened, or was even attempted?

Fast foward to our new President, President "I Won" Obama, his right-hand man, Rahm "Scar" Emanuel, and the ever starry-eyed Democratic Party minions in congress. For people who invented stories of massive power grabs by one party, who even wrote alarmist books about it, they have been awful silent when actual power hoarding is happening right in front of our noses.

Example #1:
Representative Jose Serrano (D - NY) has introduced a bill in the House of Representatives to repeal the 22nd Amendment thereby removing the two term limit from the office of the President.

Example #2:
Obama, in all of his bipartisanshippyness, has nominated Republican Judd Gregg to be his head of Commerce. Awwwwww, that makes me feel hopeful. But then the big O realized he couldn't have a Republican in charge of the 2010 Census, which will determine the redistricting of congressional districts across the country and so he came up with a plan. Obama has decided that the U.S. Census will no longer be the responsibility of the Department of Commerce, as it has been for at least 100 years, but instead will move to the White House. This means uber-partisan Scar Emanuel will be running the Census show.

This article rightly points out how dangerous this actually is:

"As a matter of impact, the census has tremendous political significance. Political parties are always eager to have a hand in redrawing districts so that they can maximize their own party's clout while minimizing the opposition, often through gerrymandering. The census also determines the composition of the Electoral College, which chooses the president. If one party were to control the census, it could arguably try to perpetuate its hold on political power." (My emphasis)

Does anyone else find this so totally outrageous??? Where are all the college kids with hankerchiefs around their faces and skits and paper mache effigies? Where are all the aged and stoned hippies dressed in pink? If W had ever tried pulling a stunt like this he would have been castrated, I'm pretty sure. This kind of thing is so scary. The obviousness of their actions is frightening. It's like they don't even care that they are doing it in plain sight. That mere fact suggests a lot. The consolidation of power in this new White House administration is a definite change.

Example #3:
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Need I say more? Ok, The Generational Theft Act of 2009. The first time in our history as a nation that we (read: the Democrats) are bypassing the normal channels of debate and Constitutional processes because the longer this rot lingers in the air, the more the citizenry are starting to turn up their noses. They are railroading us, pure and simple.

Conservatives, Libertarians, Republicans:

I know that those of us who believe in less government disagree about other various issues. However, I think that we can all agree that a smaller, less intrusive federal government is a fabulous thing. With this common ground, I believe now is the time for all of these factions to unite in opposition to the blatant Socialism and consolidation of power that is emerging. Once we have successfully worked together to reign in the government and all the people who are trying to run every aspect of our lives, we can then turn our attention to those issues on which we disagree.

If the federal government is smaller, this also means those other issues could be resolved at state and local levels, where they should be resolved anyway. So my call is to anyone and everyone who, at their core, loves liberty and freedom. Put aside the minor differences and let's work together to redirect this truly awesome nation towards its roots of personal liberty.

Just as a reminder-

1) a. The condition of being free from restriction or control.
b. The right and power to act, believe, or express oneself in a manner of one's own choosing.
c. The condition of being physically and legally free from confinement, servitude, or forced
labor. See Synonyms at freedom.
2) Freedom from unjust or undue governmental control.
3) A right or immunity to engage in certain actions without control or interference: the liberties protected by the Bill of Rights.

Book Suggestions?

I am a voracious reader and would love book suggestions from people. Anything. From mystery/suspense to political, from biographies to chick books, from scientific and mathematical to random. Please help me fill my library. I dream of having a house one day with a gigantic library, full of books.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Looks like the pay cap could be spreading...

The Anchoress, which is a FANTASTIC blog, had a link to a great article about the quiet whisperings of our tax evading Secretary of the Treasury and his lap dog, Barney Frank. They seem to be testing the waters, innocently wondering if they could get away with capping the salaries of executives who's companies DO NOT receive tax payer money. This is only the beginning my friends. Hold on to your wallets and start piling up some food reserves. Hard times are likely ahead.

The Anchoress: And you called me paranoid?

Video to Stop the Porkulus (a.k.a. Stimulus) Bill

I have put together a video highlighting the horrific effect that this porkulus bill will have on the children of our nation. Please take a look and rate it, and leave a comment if you feel so inclined.