Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Democracy is victorious today in Honduras

A very interesting blow-by-blow of the Honduran congressional vote today to decide whether or not Zelaya could be restored to the presidency. An overwhelming majority decided to vote YES, to accept the motion to not restore Zelaya. They have upheld the decision of the supreme court and have declared that their democracy will stand true by denying Zelaya the right to return to the office of the president. This is the will of the people and the demands of their constitution.

How about an apology to Honduras Mr. Obama, you know, since you're so good at those?


  1. The problem is that there is one thing after another after another. If the press was really doing their job, Obama and his henchmen would be under indictment. But instead we just keep going from one outrageous episode to the next and the press willingly goes along for the ride.
    It is like the Seattle PI on a national scale.
    Delusional left wing kooks covering up for the most corrupt administration in our history.

  2. So there is a 2/10ths of a percent decrease in unemployment because retailers are desperate to get some Christmas business and Obama and his incompetent economic advisors think they did it?
    Another example of how delusional they are.
    10% unemployment is not something to celebrate.


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