Friday, December 18, 2009

A Brilliant Idea

A scheme to sink the health care deform bill, via a very smart friend of mine:

Obama's health care bill is at the crossroads. We need one Senator
to take a stand against the bill--not one or a few of its provisions,
but the bill in its entirety. But the wavering Democrats are probably
worried that they will be targeted for defeat, by the left-wing, if
they come out against the bill.

Robert Tracinski has come up with a novel approach to
strengthening their backbone: promising support to the *first*
Democratic Senator to come out unequivocably against the bill as a

"Those of us who oppose the bill have tried threatening Democratic
senators with a negative incentive: the withdrawal of our votes and
our active support for their opponents. How about enticing them
with a positive incentive? Let's pledge to give our support to the re-
election campaign of the first Democratic senator to come out
against the health-care bill. If enough of us make that pledge, it
would counteract the political threat from the far left.

"The deal is this: come out against the health-care bill, and we will
pledge to donate time or money to your next re-election campaign,
and those of us who live in your state will give you our votes. We
will do it because of your stand on this one bill, regardless of any
disagreement we may have with your other policies.

"But here's the catch: we'll only do it for the *first* Democratic
senator to declare clear and unequivocal opposition to the whole

You can pledge time and/or money. Mr. Tracinski has drafted an
email to send to the wavering four Senators. My shortened version
of it is below. (In my case, I chose to pledge $500; alternatively
you can pledge time.)


His letter is below. If you think this is a good idea, PLEASE do it quickly. We have no time to waste. Feel free to use this letter as your template.

Dear Senator ,

You may be reluctant to be the first Senate Democrat to go on
record opposing the health care bill, worrying that Democrats on
the left will target you for defeat in the next election.

To counteract that, I pledge that I will contribute $500 in your next
election--IF you become the first Democratic senator to declare
unequivocal opposition to the whole health care bill (not just some
of its provisions).

So that you know this pledge of $500 support is serious, I give you
my contact information below and encourage you to remind me
when the time comes to make good on my pledge. Again, this is
conditional upon your being the first Democratic senator to declare
he will vote against the whole bill.


Send it to these four senators:

Senator Ben Nelson (NE)
Chief of Staff: Tim Becker (
Washington, DC (202) 224-6551 / (202) 228-0012 fax

Senator Blanche Lincoln (AR)
Chief of Staff: Elizabeth Burks
Washington, DC (202) 224-4843 / (202) 228-1371 fax

Senator Mary Landrieu (LA)
Chief of Staff: Jane Campbell (
Washington, DC (202) 224-5824 / (202) 224-9735 fax

Senator Mark Warner (VA)
Chief of Staff: Luke Albee (
Washington, DC (202) 224-2023 / (202) 224-6295 fax


Lastly, from the originator of this plan:

Senator Nelson seems to be the best single target, if you want to do
only one. My emails to the address above "bounced" back to me.
But I was able to copy and paste the same message at a facility on
his site:

We are days away from a historic decision on a law which directly
affects how long and healthily you will live. If this bill passes, it
will be next to impossible to repeal it. Any means of supporting a
Senator who will stand up for the rights of all of us--most especially
the rights of doctors--is worth a try.



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