Tuesday, December 8, 2009

And you want these people in charge of you private medical records?

Please. Via Hot Air:

The Transportation Security Agency has released what basically amounts to a "how-to" manual for terrorists. Way to go government!

This made me think about what might "accidentally" happen with people's medical records and other such things, when government sticks their huge mistake-prone noses into our health system.

Whatever or whoever caused this leak for TSA is a shining example of the complete ineptitude of big government.


  1. frustrating to say the least.

    of note: here's a way to protect yourself when searching on the web - pass it on:


  2. What does killing unborn, defenseless babies have to do with getting health insurance for poor people? With "reforming health care".
    Who are these abortionists that have so much power over our elected officials?
    How in the world can you equate murder with "health care reform".
    How can they think that we want to pay taxes to murder tiny humans? What has happened to America?

  3. socialism is "what happened" to America.

  4. Where have you gone Liberty Belle?
    We need you.


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