Monday, November 30, 2009

Your participation is requested...

On two items!

First, via Watts Up With That, a link to a survey about "climate change." Check it out and vote "count me out" to make it known that intelligent people don't take manipulated and fraudulent data as adequate proof of anthropogenic global warming.

Second, there's a nice article about yours truly over at the Kitsap Sun and the trolls found the article first. If you're keen, go on over and leave a comment or two... :)

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. I have made MY opinion known to the Kitsap Sun. Keep up the good work and ignore the Left-Wing Nuts who are unable to generate an original thought based on real data on any subject...national security, the economy, climate, healthcare, etc.


    Limo's and private jets at Copenhagen.

  3. Hey there miss "I got a math degree from an unnamed university." Please tell us exactly how your degree is valid but the statements confirming anthropogenic global warming from every major science organization in the world is not?

    How does that work again? Your degree wouldn't happen to be from some sort of "christian" university would it? Just wondering.

    Because from where I sit that stinks of hypocrisy.


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