Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What are you doing today to fight for your health care?

Have you called? Have you faxed? Have you emailed? What have you done today to fight health care DEform? Hmmmmmm???

Click here for a spreadsheet with all of the Blue Dogs' phone numbers and almost everyone else you would want to call. They are labeled by their committee memberships and whether or not they are a Blue Dog.

If you're thinking that other people have called so you don't need to - STOP! Get on the phone, get out that piece of paper, and CALL and FAX Congress. Today!

Tea Party Patriots and Americans for Prosperity are running "Operation House Call" and you can also find phone numbers and fax numbers for targeted representatives and senators here.

DO IT!!!

Below is some great info I got from a friend (who I think got it from Doc Hastings) and I am posting it now for your information.

Today the Republican Leader John Boehner introduced the GOP alternative health care proposal.
Bill Text
Top Line Messages About the Bill
Other Republican Solutions to Health Reform

This morning the Democrats also released their “manager’s amendment” text. This is an amendment that is on top of the 1,990 page, $1.2 trillion+ dollar bill released earlier. As you probably have heard, since Speaker Pelosi has promised the American public 72 hours to read the amendment and the bill before a vote, this means in terms of timing that there will not be a vote before early Saturday morning.
Bill Text
Manager’s Amendment
Full Summary of the Underlying Legislation
Cost of Democrat Bill Likely to End Up Greater Than $1.2 Trillion

Following introduction of the Democrat health bill Members and analysts have been going over the bill page by page to find out how it will affect Americans with and without health coverage. The links below attempt to break out the bill’s effects on different segments of the population.
Affect on Businesses
Affect on Low-Income Households
Affect on Patients and Doctors
Affect on Rural America
Affect on Seniors
Affect on States
Affect on Women and Families
Affect on Young Americans

I also wanted to point out some of the major problems economically with the bill regarding taxes and bending the cost curve the wrong direction.
Budget Committee Analysis of the Democrat Health Bill
Tax Analysis of the Democrat Health Bill

There have also been several solid news stories and commentary out today that discuss the ongoing debate. I have linked some of them below for your reading pleasure.

Miami Herald
Republicans have a much better plan

The Washington Post
Health bills too timid on cutting costs, experts say
Senate moderates flex muscle on health-care bill
What the experts say about controlling spending

The House's better health-reform option
Making the young pay for health reform

Wall Street Journal
Democrats See Health-Care Timetable Slipping
Plan Creates New Program to Pay for Long-Term Care
What Women Want on Health Care

Investor’s Business Daily
Unhealthy Taxes
Some Cost Fix

New York Times
Health Bills Aim a Light on Doctors’ Conflicts
New York Times – G.O.P. Counters With a Health Plan of Its Own

Health Measure May Block Higher Tax Credit for Paper Companies

Even safe Democrats feeling at risk

Roll Call
Friday House Vote Slipping
Groups Prepare for Insurance Hit

The Hill
Democrats: Abortion compromise does not break 72-hour promise
Democrats file final House health bill; Friday vote possible
Senate Dems eyeing earlier enactment for healthcare reform

Los Angeles Times
Abortion language complicates Democratic health efforts

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