Monday, November 2, 2009

We Will Never Give Up

Hey everyone! I have not been blogging much as I have been organizing a lot and haven't had much time to just sit down and write. Over the last few days I've had a lot of those moments where I have felt like an observer, just watching the world around me. I went to the Sounders game and saw 35,000 people enjoying themselves regardless of ideology or political affiliation, and more than that, I saw 35,000 people that lived in a place that allowed them the privilege of just kicking back, relaxing and having fun. I thought about the money that everyone earned to buy their tickets; I thought of the security and safety we all felt, with no worries about suicide bombers and crazy things like that; I thought of the pure enjoyment and leisure that allowed 35,000 people to take a break from everything else in their lives.

I had a lot of moments like that this past week and a half. Moments where I stopped as the world turned around me, and I just relished this place, my country, the U.S.A. We live in the most amazing place in the world, and these moments were bittersweet as I fully felt the exceptionalism of this place, and simultaneously felt the weight of the efforts of people like Pelosi, Reid, and Obama on my shoulders. Am I going to wake up next week in a wholly different country? Are the children that I someday want to have going to look upon the freedoms that I have enjoyed as mere folk tales? Are my parents going to be told in 5 or 10 years that they are no longer worth the cost to "the collective" and should therefore just take the pain pill?

I am an optimist most of the time, and no matter how much I say to myself that I just won't fight any more, if such and such happens, I know that's not true. It's not in my nature. They can't have this country and they can't have our future. Regardless of what criminal legislation they pass and sign into law. They will never win the soul of this country or its people so long as there are folks like you and me who will never give up.

It is in this spirit that I invite you to throw yourself into the activities and action items happening this week and beyond. Please go to to see what you can do each day this week.

Check out the Freedom Works Virtual War Room as well, and stay tuned for more events, including a cross-country fundraiser for the farmers of the Central Valley in California - the first victims in the USA of government sponsored eco-tyranny.


  1. Oh my Liberty Belle, I love you because you are so hopeful and enthusiastic! I am writing this letter from Rome where I live and I am not very good at writing in English, sorry! But I am very interested in taking more information about Tea Party to understand how a little movement of common people can become a great politic movement as you are becoming! I live in the old Europe which wants strongly forget its Christian roots and I feel that the power of the European Community is becoming more and more oppressive ( more and more "progressive"), so I would like to learn from you, from your ability to get organized. I'll keep on following your struggle for Freedom! Best wishes, Friends!
    How many mistakes have I made? Sorry!

  2. Well it is great news nationally tonight but more of the same weak, soft headed stuff locally. We can't really expect too much rational thinking from our neighbors here on the left coast, so at least we can take solace in what is going on in other states. People are waking up to the danger of the socialists/communists. They have seen the type of people this administration has put in place and they are fighting back. From buying Ford cars to electing Republican governors. There is hope. Not so much in Seattle with the weaklings we have here, but the big picture is getting brighter. We must fight on. Time to put it in overdrive and continue to pull the curtain back on these people. Let's Roll!


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