Saturday, November 21, 2009

Patty Murray's lame video - UPDATED

Leave your comments on Patty Murray's really awful campaign video to let her know what you think. Just click the image until you arrive at the You Tube page and leave your comment there. Seriously, this is the best she can do? Could she have looked into the camera at least once?

Update: Turns out that after getting four negative comments that Patty Murray has stopped allowing people to leave comments on her boring, ineffective, and supremely amateurish campaign video. Apparently the comments must be approved by her You Tube Commissar so I doubt we'll be seeing any more critical statements. That's funny. I thought this was the most ethical, transparent, for the people, blah blah, supportive of free speech, blah blah, Congress EVER! Ha.

I'm now posting comments with the knowledge that they will be read by her staffer, asking them why they hate free speech and why she can't take a little constructive criticism from her constituents. You should try it too!

Update II: Now it seems that the comment about blocking my comments got posted... Keep trying everyone and let's see which posts get through!


  1. Ms Murray, if you really care about working people, why do you consistently ignore me?

    Why do you believe that raising my taxes and the taxes and regulation on business will create jobs and make life better for working people like me? You don't seem to have any idea what it's like to be a hard working citizen, you've been on the public dime too long to remember.

    Your support for the stimulus debacle saddled my kids with debt for their entire lives. Now, you want to pile on more debt with a silly, flawed, indefensible assault on medical insurance coverage. Government will be the only beneficiary--my kids & I lose. I'm a single, working mom. You don't represent me. Your actions harm me and my family.

    I'll be glad to see you fired and come back to the state for which you seem to have such contempt in 2011.

  2. I think I fell asleep halfway through... It's so funny and annoying how Democrats do the "I voted for Obama -winkwink- so you should vote for me" thing. Patty Murray does not have an original thought. She votes strictly on party lines even when they don't make sense and don't help people or the country in any way shape or form. If she only had a brain...

  3. Well wecome to change, THE RUINING OF AMERICA, I will vote you out because you are not hearing us. We do not want all this change. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW

  4. Senator Murray.

    To bad your actions dont match your words. You voted for the stimulus bill and Cap and trade and the disasterous healthcare proposal. You have consistently voted to kill job creation and to raise taxes. The only change we want is to send you packing.

  5. I knew Patty was a left wing idealouge, but for a time I thought Maria Cantwell was a thoughtful, business woman. Boy did she have me fooled.
    It is bizarre that they can so willfully ignore their constiuents while secretively trying to put together a huge gift to their trial lawyer crook friends. And if people don't understand what is really going on, this legislation is going to cause so much litigation it is going to keep every lawyer in America employed till the end of time. And yes, you are going to pay for their time. You and you and you. Just like today when the big Seattle law firms sue the state of Washington because the state doesn't keep people from abusing their children or criminals from committing crimes on parole. Take some time to see how much state taxpayer money is going for these lawsuits and then you will understand what is going on with the Democratic Party and the trial lawyers in America.
    This health care "reform" bill is just another gift to them and the producers in America are going to pay for it. Lawyers and the Democratic Party are destroying America as we know it.

  6. Every word out of her mouth is so insincere...she can't even make this speech without reading a script! Murray is part of the left idoalogues that think they know what is best for us. HEAR US NOW Ms. Murray - you and the government don't own us. Your time to run America into the ground is running out...

  7. She had such a hard time keeping her lies straight she had to READ them so as not to be confused. She couldn't even memorize less than a minute's worth of stuff to say! I wish she would realize and give a care about what a horrible state she's leaving her country and state in. If only the Democrats in congress weren't Reagan deniers, truth deniers, they'd see that cutting spending and taxes really does help stimulate the economy. We can't get these guys out of office fast enough!

    Hey Patty, if you care so much about your constituents and their opinions, why haven't you participated in town hall meetings?
    Wake up people fundamental change is about to happen!

  9. I look forward to handing Murray her walking papers. I only wish it were an indictment for breaking the law...perhaps that will still prevail.
    Here's to "Goodbye and good riddence Murray!!!"


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