Friday, November 6, 2009

Money Quote of the Day

"Our government has grown from just over $120 billion budget in the mid 1960 to nearly $3.7 trillion today. We transfer well over $1 trillion dollars a year in redistributive policies to “fight poverty” – yet despite spending untold trillions – our poverty rate has remained nearly constant over those 40 years at 14%.

In other words, government never so much solves our problems as much as it institutionalizes them. In the case of poverty, it does so by providing nearly countless benefits to those without work and then keeps them on the dole by taking away their benefits if their private income rises. Faced with a choice of “free” benefits or earned income, government induces millions to remain dependant."


  1. Our big government statists always adhere to the "new math" as they try to convince all of us that adding negatives(their specialty) creates something more positive.

    When I was in school, adding negatives to the sum always created something less positive.

    Of course I am not among the "intellectual elite" who claim that they can create a better society out of thin air.
    I am with the generations of Traditional Americans that have principles and values based on experience and knowledge gained the old fashioned way!

  2. I am still waiting to see all the sound bites from when Obama told us that he had all the solutions for these incredibly difficult problems and that John McCain didn't.
    He said it over and over and over and he promised that he could fix the economy. That is what swung the election. He did not say "I am going to blame George Bush while unemployment shoots up to 10%"
    He said, "I can fix this" I have a plan." He said he had a plan for healthcare too. And 10 months later it changes every 15 minutes and I bet he doesn't understand it any better than I do.
    He said over and over and over that he could fix these things.
    And it looks like the fix is a complete dismantling of the traditional American way of life. Why would you destroy something that works for 85% of the population to make it slightly better for the 15%? Why not make smart, incremental changes that really help the 15%? At least some people are waking up now. I hope it is not too late.


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