Saturday, November 21, 2009

Million Med March - Thank you!

Thanks to everyone that showed up in downtown Seattle today on this blustery, freezing, rainy day! We had about 75 people brave the weather to stand with the doctors of the Million Med March organization, against ReidPelosiObamaCare.

We had some really good speakers who touched on all aspects of the health care issue. It was educational, which eased some of the vicious cold!

I made a promise to someone that the next event would be outside of downtown Seattle because it is just too difficult for people to get there and find parking. I will most definitely find some new venues that are easier for all people to find so that we can all enjoy getting together.

Thanks again to all our guests and to the speakers and especially thanks to Vann Schaffner for putting this together and for bringing his family all the way from Spokane to be a part of this.

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