Thursday, November 12, 2009

KVI won't renew Kirby Wilbur's contract!! :( BOOOOO!!

KVI decided not to renew Kirby Wilbur's contract - after 16 years! - and TODAY was his last day on the air! Just like that they ripped him from his career and life's work. If they were going to get rid of someone, in my opinion it should have been that Peter guy in the afternoon, no offense. That guy just doesn't have what Kirby has. Kirby is brilliant, entertaining, insightful, intelligent, considerate, and just an all around really good person with a big heart.

I've already emailed KVI to ask them to reconsider. Please do the same!

Make KVI feel the heat! This was a horrible business decision on their part. Kirby was the only reason I ever listened to that station. As I said in my email to them, goodbye KVI, hello KTTH.

call 206.404-4000
General Manager: Jim Clayton


  1. Very disappointed, again, in KVI. It appears local conservative hosts are getting a beating in our Seattle lib town

  2. I have written to won't change things for Kirby, but KVI should know they have damaged their brand...big time.

  3. When it comes to local talk radio, there is no one on the caliber of Kirby Wilbur. We've been all around the country and can tell you from experience, there is no one that holds a candle to him in the local forum.
    KVI is losing a tremendous asset and the Greater Seattle and Western Washington area is loosing a treasure and dedicated advocate.
    I know that I speak for allot of people when I say that his contributions to our area and his presence on the air will be greatly missed.
    We thank Kirby Wilbur for many wonderful years of clear and wise commentary on every thing that was important to Washingtonians, and his ardent advocacy of all things good and true with his words and deeds!

    Always His Fans,
    The Bees

  4. I don't believe in coincidences and only some times in conspiracies, but from my view point the firing of Kirby stinks to high heaven. I am 78 and have lived in the seattle area for over 50 years. In my observation and opinion the news media and the politions are about as far left as you can get without falling off the planet. In contrast I believe most of the people out side of Seattle are basically conservative. My assesment of what happened is as follows. The liberal media and politicians could not sand the truth. They brought enough pressure to bear on Fisher Broadcasting to silence the only strong and truthful opposititon to there devious ways. Its the same old liberal answer, If you have no argument to counter the truth kill the messenger. What I see happening is the same thing that happened in Germany under Hitler. You silence the opposing view pionts and treat the people like mushrooms. That is you keep them in the dark and feed them full of hores shit.
    Enough said for now more later.
    In full support of Kirby.
    Dan Johnson

  5. Kirby will be greatly missed have listened to tohim the past 3 years will no longer listen to kvi.Thanks Kirby Lee in Maple Valley

  6. Yes,,Once again KVI has stuck it's finger eye of local Conservative's. One must wonder after this has happened a few times,,'Why?'
    Can you guess??? say! could it be they (ficher broadcasting) are just moral cowards??
    You see in my opinion 'Whatever a national talk show host may say or do'((which the nit wits in King County take offense to)),,all KVI needs to do is say, "Aw Gee!! They Said That?? And They Did What?? I guess we'll just send a letter of protest. Learn them a thing or two by gosh.."
    On the other hand if the host is local Then the Management at KVI needs to grow a pair of BALLS and defend it's talent. Unfortunately The Growing of the pair of 'Balls' seems to be something the KVI management is not inclined to do. Hence What happened to 'The John Carilson Show' Has'nt anyone ever wondered why it has become a 'Mutt and Jeff' act which has NEVER (at least the times I have listened) took on a really important issue?
    Kirby Wilbur was the LAST reason For me to tune in KVI. He took on the Important issues and laid all the facts out for all to see. I Did not always like to hear what he said (yah, yah, yah,,,I just don't like hearing how wrong I am sometimes. or having my Delusions messed with)
    But he is an Honest Man and for the most part is 'right on' about most things.
    Democrats in general and Liberals in particulat will not miss him I guess. They, much like 'Cockroaches' tend to run for cover when you shine a light upon them and expose what they do. Kirby was always exposing their 'two faced double dealing ways'.So they were always on the run. Well I guess they can stop doing the 'Cockroach Shuffle'.(for a little while at least.)
    I have faith. 'Kirby Will be back' so in the meantime'STOMP THEM COCKROACHES'
    and Kirby, we will miss you.

  7. It can't be about KVI bowing to liberal pressure. Mark Levin is still on and he makes Kirby look like Nancy Pelosi.

  8. Yes it can.
    Read my post again, 'Mark Levin' IS NOT a local Host. His show originates from the East coast. If Mark Levin says ANYTHING which offends the weak minded Liberals (scratch that,,ALL liberals are 'weak minded') KVI does not need to defend him. Just refer all complaints to whoever owns the syndication rights to his show.
    The ONLY local show left is the 'Peter Weissbach' show. I worry that the Ball-less Wonders That manage KVI will get rid of him too. and so you don't think the wrong thing let me set the record straight, "If the conservitave Movement had more people like Peter Weissbach in it this nation would be much better off."
    Nuff Said.

  9. I have listened to Kirby since 1993 and have stuck with KVI through the firing of John Carlson, Michael Medved and they fired Peter Weissbach once too. I have had it with them. They made a big mistake. I will be listening to KTTH 770 from now on.

  10. Local schmocal. Who cares?

    Kirby may be a right wing whack job but he was OUR right wing whack job. Is that the point?

    Lordy, before we know it, ALL the broadcast misplaced patriotisim will come from out of state.

    I fear for the future of my fellow Puget Sound Teabaggers.

  11. Well Well.
    The only one to call Kirby a 'Right wing whack job' is you.
    Say,, Could you be one of them 'Liberal Democrat Cockroaches???'
    I Know you did not attend any of the 'Tea Parties' Yes, that seems to fit.
    Watch out , here comes the foot, crunch crunch crunch. Now skurry back to your filth like a good little 'Obama Powered Cockroach.'
    Whew! after that stomping arent you glad that you will be getting Free Healthcare?
    Nuff Said.

  12. I'm not the first to say this; but let me say it again. I'm dead certain the Fisher Broadcasting got a Chicago style call from the FCC reminding them that they will have trouble renewing their license if they keep their early morning talk show host. Kirby brought them advertising; but Obama holds their broadcast license!

  13. The predominate indicator of the extreme right seems to be a heady dose of fear and paranoia. You folks really should learn to relax.

    Now then, take a deep breath, let it out slowly. Say to yourself, "No one is out to get me. No one is out to get me. No one is out to get me. Everything will be okay now that we have a good man in charge."

    I stumbled onto this site in a search for what became of Kirby. I like him and listened to him quite often. Cockroach that I am, I didn't often agree with what he said. I like him nonetheless.

    How about that Senate vote today?

  14. Oh lord!!
    Here is another one of them 'Obama Powered Cockroaches' Now everyone get your feet ready,,now GO!!stompety stomp stomp crunch crunch crunch. Good work one and all.
    Now little L.D.cockroach Skirry back to your filth (so you can do those disgusting things you like to do)
    And remember'If you have no morals or standards no one can hold you them,' and after all isnt that what makes being a Liberal Demoncrat so fun??
    Nuff Said

  15. The above is a prime example of why the extreme right is incapable of intelligent, rational discourse.

  16. No, you are really quite wrong in that assumption. MOST conservatives are very polite people. I on the otherhand am NOT. I tend to call a 'spade' a 'spade'. You see quite some time back I finally had enough of YOU liberals and your line of reasoning. You and the Democrats have been WRONG on EVERY issue for the last 40 years of more. But if you want to have an 'Intelligent, rational discourse.' Pick your subject. What shall it be? oh I know,How about 'Man made Global warming'? or how bout why Your side Thinks George Bush and Dick Cheiny are guilty of war crimes?? that would be a good one don't you think? or what about 'Government ran healthcare' you know,,'how it relates to the constitution and whether it is leagal or not' there should be plenty of things to discuss on that subject why the size of the legislation alone with over 2000 pages and counting,,we should be able to find something intresting in all those pages to look at. and if you don't want to talk about those things we could always discuss the (yes I am going to say it) ECONOMY. Did you know the unemployment rate is not really 10.2%,,nope it has been disclosed that it is more like 17% and that 1 out of 4 black men are out of work.and to me that alone is very muvh worth talking about.
    Oh!!I know,,How about Voter Fraud??Now thats a GOOD subject especially if you live in 'King county or Seattle. I mean Really! where did all those extra votes come from?? and why were they allowed to count them?
    So if 'Rational discourse' is what you are after, well here I am.
    and Lastly I would like to thank the Host for the use of this blog.
    For a number of years I hosted a couple of 'Game Servers' and I know what a thankless job it can be.
    AGAIN 'Thank You'
    Nuff Said

  17. I went to the Internet to find out why the Kirby Wilbur Show was not on KVI, if he was ill or on vacation or what. To read that he was fired and the way it was done is disgusting.
    I did not always agree with everything Kirby said but I did and do respect him. I am a long time Republican VOTER and the older I get the more conservative I become. I have lived long enough to see what can happen when we no longer have a voice in what government decrees. WATCH OUT AMERICA.........THE BOOGIE MAN IS AT YOUR DOOR.
    SL in Renton

  18. I miss listening to Kirby in the mornings. After listening to the current host of the morning show I felt that it's time to re-open this old wound. I am a staunch believer in the old saying; "If you can't say anything good to say, Don't say anything at all". But, in this case, I urge KVI to reconsider their decision and crawl to Kirby and beg him to come back. The current host just isn't cutting the mustard.
    DES, Kent


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