Monday, November 30, 2009

The Imposter

So it turns out that someone has posted more than 800 comments on articles on the Seattle Times website. The person has been posting as "Liberty Bell" and allegedly said some nasty things. This imposter has also allegedly used direct quotes from my blog to make it seem like it is me.

It is time to clarify: that person posting on the Seattle Times website is not me. The nicknames are similar, though not even the exact spelling, and I have no rights to that nickname so I cannot prevent others from using it. I also cannot prevent anonymous people from lifting content from my own blog.

If you see comments by this imposter, please call him/her out. It is not me.


  1. What a coward...hey imposter, get a life and be brave enough to use your own name and thoughts. Jerk...

  2. The libs play sooo dirty and see no fault in it. A conservative makes one error, usually not with malice, and we never hear the end of it. They are sick. They are freedom haters, free speech haters and therefore America haters. I will gladly buy them a ticket OUT of the country using MY OWN money. "use my own money"... a concept foreign to libs.


I believe in free speech, including offensive speech, and especially political speech. Comments that are left on my blog do not necessarily represent my views nor do I necessarily endorse them. I am not responsible for other people's views or comments. That is how the 1st Amendment works.