Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting vocal with your senators, right now!

Hot Air has a great piece today about the $370 billion in new taxes that the Reid bill proposes. Aside from being disgusted, one quote made me laugh out loud:
The non-indexing for inflation raises an interesting question about whether it breaks President Obama’s pledge. Was his $250K limit in real or nominal dollars? (Emphasis mine)

Why did I laugh at this? Because I don't think Barack Obama has any idea what "real" or "nominal" dollars means. And I highly doubt that when he made that ridiculuous campaign promise that he was thinking about the most simple aspects of microeconomics: real prices, nominal prices, and indexing for inflation. Too funny. Sad, but funny.

Moving on... Ed Morrissey makes a great point when he says that Reid's decision to postpone cap and trade for so long is an indication of his readiness to smash the health care bill through the Senate. And really, the Democrats are deciding, what will be more disastrous for me? Passing HellCare or not passing anything? Get on your phones/fax machines today.

Freedom Works Online War Room has what you need. Pass it around.



    Thanks Liberty for all you do. I just found this on the internet last night and wanted to get your thoughts on it; you and everyone else who's interested.

    Find yourself asking "Why?" and not getting a lot of answers to all of this? (stimulus, bank bailouts, healthcare takeover, cap n trade, et cetera).

    Have a look at this video by A l e x J o n e s and please share your thoughts. Things are starting to make a little more (a lot more actually) sense now. Decide for yourself:

  2. Democrat Mary Landrieu from Louisiana.
    Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson and one other are on the fence here. Call/email them as well. I fear our Murry and Cantwell are already decided on this...


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