Friday, October 2, 2009

Two Action Alerts and Some Olympic Fun!

Action Alert items on the agenda for today

1. Washington State residents - from Evergreen Freedom Foundation (EFF) -

The legislature is in Olympia TODAY (10/2/09) for Committee Days, and so are the inevitable tax hike advocates vying for their attention. SEIU and various other organizations are leading the charge to pressure lawmakers to hike taxes rather than cut spending to fix the growing 2011-13 budget deficit. Even Governor Gregoire admits that raising taxes is on the table.

Everyone needs to CALL them TODAY and tell them that raising taxes is NOT the solution to our state's budget problems! EFF has put together 105 cost-saving ideas that the legislature could use instead. Call today. 1-800-562-6000.

2. The health care debate. What's happening? The Senate is playing around, putting together the "conceptual framework" for a health care bill and Henry Reid may be trying to attach this "framework" (this means there is no actual legislative language written yet... sounds transparent, right?) to the bill in the House that seeks to cap the salaries of executives who work for companies that took TARP money. That's right. Reid and Pelosi may actually try to attach it as an amendment to a completely different bill!

What can you do? Keep the pressure on. Call every single day. Call the members of the Senate Finance Committee and your own Senators. Call their district offices too, not just their D.C. offices. You can find the list of committee members here, and from there you can click through to each Senator's website to find the contact information. DO NOT ASSUME that enough other people will call. We must ALL call.

When you call, keep these simple points in mind:
a. NO individual mandates
b. NO public option or co-ops or government run "exchanges" of any kind
c. NO sleazy manuevers to get the bill passed - i.e. reconciliation or attaching it as an amendment to other bills
d. YES to totally eliminating barriers to buying health insurance across state lines
e. YES to real tort reform
f. YES to genuinely decreasing the mandates on health insurance companies and policies so that smaller, more flexible companies are allowed exist and compete
g. YES to allowing everyone to claim tax credits for providing health insurance, from corporations to small businesses to those that are self employed
h. YES to cracking open the potential of Health Savings Accounts (HSA's) by increasing the ceiling on maximum donations that each person can make each year
i. YES to allowing real freedom of choice for consumers who want to purchase high deductible policies in combination with an HSA or catastrophic policy (this one relates to point f)
j. YES to cutting out waste and fraud by VERIFYING the citizenship of everyone who receives an entitlement benefit
and finally,
k. YES to transparency and accountability - we want the entire bill, in its final legislative language put online for at least 72 hours prior to voting, as well as an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office being completed at least 72 hours before any voting is allowed to take place!!!!

These are just a few of the solutions offered by free market proponents and conservatives, including the Republicans in Congress. These are also the solutions that the three little piggies (Obama, Pelosi and Reid) continue to ignore and stifle.

Update: Hot Air links to a Daily Mail article about the IMF telling Britain that it must start charging for health care services in order to avoid financial ruin!!! HAHHAHA. And this is the system they want us to go to. British citizens may now have to pay for their health care via high taxation and fees for service! So much for that "free" health care.

Olympics Fun!

Chicago is elminated from the 2016 Olympic bid in the first round!!! Let's hear it for the little guy!! For once the corrupt and politically sickened Chicago machinery did not get its way, in spite of the embarrassing groveling performance that Michelle Obama, Oprah, and President Obama himself gave in Copenhagen.

Interesting sidenote - the vote was apparently taken by secret ballot. Just imagine what would have happened if the IOC was subjected to "card check." Another wonderful, visceral example of why employees must be allowed to keep the secret ballot when it comes to organizing or not organizing into unions. Anyone who tries to tell you that taking away the secret ballot results in more freedom and allows for more choice is trying to sell you a bridge to nowhere. Do not buy into it.


  1. This tax thing is like trying to keep your fingers in new holes that keep popping open in the dike.

    Also, that's a great list of specifics on health care. I'm proud of you Belle.

    Finally, for those who haven't had time to catch this one: Senator DeMint, a member of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, led a fact finding delegation to Honduras today. Senator Kerry tried to stop DeMint, but Minority Leader Mitch McConnell intervened and the group was able to leave. According to people reporting from Honduras, there is evidence that Zelaya was smuggled into Honduras last week through a military base that is run by the United States, so our Administration is very likely complicit in bringing Honduras to the brink of civil war. I have been keeping up with developments inside Honduras via the link you gave to

  2. I don't think we should celebrate just because Obama failed to bring home the Olympics to his hometown.

    Not everything that comes out of Chicago is bad -- look up the Chicago School of Economics, for example, and see the influence its had on conservative thinking.


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