Thursday, October 15, 2009

Obamunism run amok today

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I just wanted to share a couple of very serious, and I mean serious, stories with everyone.

The first is breaking news about a leaked memo from the Entertainment Industry Foundation to network showrunners about pushing Obama's specific agenda about "service." Now the naysayers out there will cry that I, and others, are somehow against community service, which is of course totally untrue. My problem is that this White House leaps over the line of ethical behavior by using sycophants in the media to do its bidding. This is very scary people! Regardless of what his message is, but especially because Obama's definition of "service" is service to the government, at the government's compulsion. Do any liberals care about this line being crossed?? What if George Bush had crossed it so blatantly, over and over again? Even I would have thought it unethical and inappropriate! This is very scary stuff indeed.

The second story is about Obama's Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, and his administration's decision to eliminate the disclosure requirements for Big Labor bosses regarding the perks, benefits, rewards, payments, etc. that they receive. Think about this: Obama goes after Wall Street executives and private businesses and their compensations, perks, bonuses, etc., but deliberately rescinds the same transparency requirements for Big Labor??? Don't forget that at least with the private corporations and executives, their employees are not FORCED to pay dues to the bosses, whereas in Big Labor, you'll get fired for not paying your dues. But I guess Obama doesn't care about the little guy after all.

When this health care business is put to rest I think we should go after Big Labor because they are greedy, selfish, piggy jerks. I think they're worse than Wall Street. Much worse.

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