Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let us read the bill!!

If you want to be able to even have a teeny-tiny 72 hours to look over the health care deform bill then you need to call your rep. and ask them to sign the Discharge Petition for H.Res. 554.

Go here to find out if your rep. has signed it. They only need 36 more to get it out of committee where the Democrat leadership has had it bottled up for weeks and weeks.

This should be a bipartisan issue. What kind of shady characters do not want the American people to be able to have time to read the bills?

Do it today!


  1. This just goes to show how far off the track we have gone.
    Why in the world would we even need to have people sign this? Why all this hush, hush and rush, rush?
    Because what they are doing is not in the best interests of a Free America.

  2. There was $7.5 Billion in the Porkulus bill that was marked for Net Neutrality (another move toward controlling our speech) More $$$ for that will come later. This was discussed by Glenn Beck today.

    It became very clear...once again...why there was a rush, rush, hush, hush urgency on Porkulus. They didn't want us to read it because of money for Net Neutrality, money for Government Run Medicine, etc., etc. It had nothing to do with Economic urgency. Obama is a pathological liar and a tyrant wannabe. So are his staffers like Rahm Emmanuel.


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