Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Keep Gregoire and the Unions from Breaking Our Backs

I know we are all focused on the health care debate, but there is a huge issue that WA State voters need to spend a little time addressing.

Initiative 1033.

From the website Voters Want More Choices:
Here’s what we’re debating with I-1033: how fast should the government grow and who should decide? I-1033 takes the position that the public sector should grow at the same rate as the private sector -- unless voters OK a bigger increase -- and it should be the citizens, and not the politicians, who decide.

I-1033 brings back successful policies passed by the voters previously. In 1993, during tough economic times, voters approved Initiative 601, which put reasonable limits on government’s fiscal policies. I-601 established a sustainable rate for government to grow, saying it could grow at the inflation rate plus population growth with faster growth requiring voter approval.

Basically it forces the government thieves to come to us - their bosses - to justify their desire for more of OUR money, and we will actually have a voice in saying yes or no. Of course I-601 lost its teeth after the Democrats started legislating loopholes and other sneaky attacks on the taxpayers.

The irony is that the supposed party of the "little guy" (Democrats) and the labor unions that supposedly protect the "little guy" are the ones fighting tooth and nail to kill this voter-led initiative. Though I guess it's only ironic if you bought into that myth in the first place... Don't forget, Chris Gregoire and the seemingly never-ending Democrat leadership of our state has been a fiscal disaster as seen here and here. Oh, did I mention Gregoire has now said she's open to raising taxes during a recession?

The latest numbers from Tim Eyman shows us that Big Government and Big Labor will stop at nothing to strip the power and voices of the taxpayers of Washington State. The following is the list of contributions by unions (i.e. those darned special interests) to the anti-1033 movement.
* Washington DC's AFSCME -- $329,519 and counting
* Washington DC's NEA -- $334,775.62 and counting
* Washington DC's AFL-CIO -- $25,000 and counting
* Washington DC's IBEW -- $50,000 and counting
* Washington DC's Int'l Union of Firefighters -- $25,000 and counting
* SEIU -- $290,000 and counting
* WA Council of County & City Employees -- $122,500 and counting
* WA Federation of State -- $75,000 and counting
* AFL-CIO WA St Labor Council -- $28,632.22 and counting
* Washington DC's Int'l Union -- $75,000 and counting

Would you like to combat the gigantic and bottomless coffers of what basically amounts to the New Mafia? You can do this a few ways.

1. Write letters to the editors of every publication in Washington State that you can outlining your support for I-1033. Write to newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc. Think of yourself as a modern day Publius. Convince the people in your community of the justice inherent in this initiative.

2. Call in to radio shows, whether they are conservative or not. If you are well versed in the issues, consider calling a "liberal" show because you might just win over some rational minds.

3. Donate to the "Compensation fund for Tim, Jack & Mike" at PO Box 18250, Spokane, WA 99228. PH: 425-493-8707 . FAX: 425-493-1027. http://www.voterswantmorechoices.com/. jakatak@comcast.net. These guys work really hard all year long to make sure that we all have a voice and that the elected sleazeballs must present us with at least a little accountability.

4. Make some yard signs or bumper stickers and proclaim your support this way. Just get it out there.

Remember, the unions are spending at least around $2.6 million to try to beat this initiative into the ground. We may not be able to play on their astroturfed field, but out on the street our grassroots can kick their asses any day of the week.

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