Monday, October 26, 2009

Keep calling Congress, and some other thoughts:

Keep it up everyone!! We need every single person to make three phone calls per day! That's it! It literally takes less than fifteen minutes. Remember, go to FreedomWorks to get the phone numbers and other things you need. Also, take a minute to call Rep. Bart Stupak, a Michigan Democrat who is fighting to keep federal funding from paying for abortions. Call his office at (202) 225 4735 and say thank you. We need to give them positive reinforcement when they do the right thing. Remember, the most important thing right now is asking the Senators to vote NO to cloture!

Why are we doing this? People keep asking this question, most of them in disagreement with me on this health care issue. Here are a few thoughts.

Freedom does not mean freedom from taking care of yourself. Freedom does not mean no longer being responsible for your own body, health, family, bills, mortgage, job, etc. Freedom means no one has the right to stop you from doing whatever takes to achieve your dreams, so long as your actions do not infringe on other people's lives and rights to achieve their own dreams. It is the right to action, not the right to get free things.

I know many of you think that there is this utopia out there on the horizon, and that if we just tweak things enough we can get there. Of course, the people that do the tweaking are the ones with power over our lives. There is no utopia, and we are no longer free if a centralized authority has the power to "tweak." You may say we are already being tweaked, and I agree, we are. I would love to see our public servants (not leaders, not rulers, but servants) not only stop the growth of government, but to start shrinking it as well.

I want everyone to be empowered to fully live their lives and make their own choices. I don't understand why you do not. The most free and just society is one where the individual is treated is the smallest minority and is revered as such, as a fragile and beautiful thing. At the same time, we teach and applaud charity and voluntary giving, where we encourage people to take care of each other from the goodness of their hearts, not from a government mandate.

It is sad when people cannot get medical care when they are sick, so why can we not take the time to figure out reforms that will help them while still allowing for individual liberty and freedom? There are real ways to cut costs in the medical industry that actually also allow for flexibility and personal decision making. Are you opposed to that outright, on principle, or do you just not know enough about these other options? People who support the current "reforms" act as though it is their reforms or nothing. That is intellectually dishonest. There are many, many other options and it would be a change from the old politics (ahem Barack...) to actually give these other solutions a chance.

When the Civil Rights movement happened in the 60's, black Americans were not demanding free things, were they? They were demanding an equal opportunity to work to achieve their dreams. The Civil Rights movement released people from bondage to other people and immoral legislation while increasing the amount of individual freedom and liberty, giving black Americans the same rights to action possessed by people of other races. Martin Luther King Jr. never wanted anything for free. He wanted all people to be able to achieve something if they worked hard enough to get it. The Civil Rights movement made government smaller and weaker in terms of the power it had over the individual's right to action. (Again, your right to action cannot infringe upon someone else's right to action.)

The movement towards single-payer health care and other similar ideologically driven legislation is one towards less individual freedom and liberty. I would much rather have to pay for everything myself and quite possibly not be able to do so, than to ever be dependent on a government entity for anything. You know, I took out government loans to go to college and I regret that decision immensely. I wish that I had been forced to work my way through college and to pay my own way. It probably would have taken a lot longer and been much harder, but I wasted much of my time in college and I am now somewhat beholden to the government. How much more appreciative would I have been for my education? It would have been a precious gift rather than the entitlement I felt it was at the time. The entitlement mindset is poison to human ingenuity, spirit, and imagination.

Getting "free" stuff from the government makes you a slave of the state, which means people like Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank are your masters. No matter where you stand, do you really want those two telling you what to do?


  1. Well done with clarity of thought, Liberty Belle! Thanks for your leadership!

  2. The Reid Hokey-Pokey:

    You can opt right in
    You can opt back out
    You can opt right in
    And shake the taxpayers all about.

    You do the Reid Hokey-Pokey
    And turn healthcare inside out
    And that's what it's all about.

  3. Revolution is brewing!! Operation Restore Freedom - Phase I coming in November, 2010.

  4. Obama's Katrina:
    While he dithers, children are dying due to a lack of vaccine...


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