Wednesday, October 21, 2009 = State Propaganda

Via Drudge, an article from Roll Call about the website.

Turns out the Obama administration is using funds to inappropriately publicize and advance the President's policy proposals for health care reform. From the front page of the website you can click on a button in the bottom right-hand corner to "State Your Support" for his plans. This takes you to a page where you can sign a letter - name and email address required, of course - to show your support for his totally vague notions of "reform." It mentions something about fiscally responsible reform which is hilarious in light of the horrendous boondoggles that are the Senate and House bills.

Check it out. Screenshots below because they'll probably scrub it soon, like they always do after they have been caught doing something dirty and underhanded (also illegal in this instance.)

However, that's just the beginning. They also have a link to Obama's "Reality Check" which is so totally partisan it is useless. It is simply his own talking points. I wish he would just admit what he really wants from health care. I think we ALL could let out a big sigh of relief and get on to debating the real issue, which is, does America want single payer health care? I despise his dirty, underhanded method of pretending this is about "reform" when the easiest, most cost effective reforms would move us in the complete opposite direction of the current proposals. This is about single payer and it is dishonest for him to pretend it is about anything else. It's disgusting actually. Why can't we just have the real freaking debate? (My theory is that he knows the majority of Americans will never want single payer so he must use slimy and vague tactics to get us there.)

And of course, what Obama website would be complete without "personal stories" from people who just so happen to support his plan? I would have no problem putting a face on the issue if they would share personal stories from both sides! It is intellectually dishonest to use only the anecdotes that support their positions. This is why I find anecdotes to be ridiculous - not because I am callous, but because for every sob story Obama shares, I can share one that contradicts his story. That's why we don't use personal stories to make public policy. It is futile and ridiculous. However, if they want personal stories, use the link above to send them yours. They won't use it if it doesn't support their policies because they are cheaters, but do it anyway.

So if this propaganda is unacceptable to you, call or fax to complain.
White House switchboard: 202-456-1414 (t), 202-456-2461 (f)
Health and Human Services: 202-619-0257 (t), 1-877-696-6775 (toll-free)

Or call the media and ask them if they've noticed the propaganda, or if they care:
NBC: 1-818-840-4444
CBS: (212) 975-3247
ABC: (801) 927-3020 or (800) 658-8788 (toll free)
CNN: (404) 827-1500
FOX: 1-888-369-4762

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