Thursday, October 1, 2009

Action Alert - Stop the Seattle Gun Ban

My first foray into activism happened at a city council meeting held by Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels (though he didn't actually attend) to supposedly hear the citizens' opinions of a proposed "administrative rule" to ban all guns, including those with right-to-carry permits, on any city property. This was months ago, if not longer.

Well, it looks like we now have another chance to share our opinions. Though he didn't bother to attend the meeting that he allegedly put together for this same purpose, and he/the city council might ignore us anyway - oh and they will directly violate our state's preemption statutes - please take the time to email them about this very important issue: your 2nd Amendment rights.

Go here to make your voice heard. You have until Sunday, October 4th.

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  1. Your link doesn't work without fiddling with the address a bit.


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