Monday, September 21, 2009

Young Democrats to Hold Anti-Glenn Beck Protest - Want to Rain On Their Parade?

Glenn Beck is coming through Seattle for a huge event sponsored by the Evergreen Freedom Foundation on Saturday, September 26.

Glenn Beck is from Mt. Vernon, WA.

The mayor of Mt. Vernon decided to give Glenn Beck the "keys to the city" in honor of the hometown boy making it so big. The ceremony is to take place on Saturday, after Beck's event in Seattle.

Skagit County Young Democrats have put together a petition to demand that the mayor rescind the keys and the honor.

Skagit County Young Democrats have organized a protest outside of the ceremony on Saturday.

Skagit County Young Democrats have also taken out a 1/4 page ad in the Skagit Valley Herald to advertise their protest and their anger. The ad text reads:
“The Young Democrats of Skagit County calls on the community to demonstrate against Mayor Bud Norris giving Glenn Beck the key to the city. The demonstration will be held outside of McIntyre Hall 2501 East College Way at Skagit Valley College on Saturday, September 26 at 5:30 p.m. PDT.” The message of the protests is, “Hate isn’t a Skagit Valley value.”

Aaahhh. Hate speech. I see. The YD's seem to think that Glenn Beck says hateful things and therefore should not be honored. This manufactured outrage is humorous because the YD's and others have yet to show any sort of proof or evidence of the alleged "hate speech."

All of this wasted energy and venom towards Glenn Beck provides us with a glimpse of the future should the federal hate crime/speech legislation pass and get signed into law. How? Well, these angry little hipsters haven't actually shown us anything to prove their accusations, but that doesn't really matter.

All it takes is the initial outrage... the accusations... the incessant media coverage... culminating in a visible and loud protest attended by weeping college students wearing their standard issue keffiahs, and speeches from representatives from all of the major, taxpayer subsidized "community organizations" that never explain how they use our money except to say that they promote the opaque and ill defined concept of "social justice," which turns out to be the sleazy mistress of collectivism and class warfare.

This is all they will need to indict, convict, and crucify Glenn Beck. And this is what "hate crime" legislation does. It allows an accuser to cry out with claims of any government approved "ism" of his or her choice, and then it is up to the accused to prove their innocence. Forget about innocent until proven guilty if it involves "hate speech."

For the record, I do not believe in "hate crimes" as I believe all crimes are hateful, regardless of the victim's race, ethnicity, religion, gender, job, etc. I also do not believe that we can legislate "hate speech" any more than we should be able to legislate any other type of speech. It is called the First Amendment in case you forgot, and it is there to cover ALL speech, especially the speech you detest, because someday your words may be the words that others will consider "hateful" and you will be the one they want to silence.

Which also means that the little YD's and their crocodile tears are free to protest the ceremony and they are free to advertise it in the newspaper.

It also means that we are free to counter them. If you want to make it a Glenn Beckerific day this Saturday, consider heading up to Mt. Vernon after the event at Safeco Field and stand up to whiny brats that are mad at Beck for exposing the many faults of their beloved Obamessiah.

Here is the info:
Where: Skagit Valley College McIntyre Hall
When: Saturday September 26th
Time: 5:00pm (1/2 hour before the anti-Beck protesters get there)
Info: Please, make a sign, get a piece of construction paper, keep it simple, make it bold and stay on topic!

I suggest signs that point out that their accusations are empty rhetoric, that free speech is protected as the very first right in the Bill of Rights (which they may have not read recently... or ever), and other similar themes.

My sign may mention something about the Salem witch trials as the pattern of accusations without evidence during that awful time are eerily familiar to the crusade against people like Glenn and Rush and Sarah.


  1. i am a proud libertarian but i'm not really sold on this glenn beck guy. he seems like one of those guys that did too much cocaine in the 70s. i wouldn't say he's hateful. he's just kind of paranoid and schizophrenic.

    of course, i'm willing to accept that glenn beck is simply marketing himself as someone your average amerian can relate to. i mean, doesn't everybody have a crazy uncle who did too much cocaine in the 70s? and we still love our uncles, right?


    did anybody see glen beck on freedom watch?

  2. I can't go but make lots of noise for me!! The truth is not hate speech!!

  3. "The truth is not hate speech," until the hate is directed toward you. Think about what it's like to be on the receiving end of criticism day in and day out. People who criticize others can't handle taking criticism from others. You can disagree in this country but don't incite violence. Then you people the enemy of Peace in the world. The world isn't perfect but you can make it a better world by spreading a message of peace instead of violence.


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