Thursday, September 17, 2009

To Gaffe or Not to Gaffe?

Michelle Malkin posted an email from Nancy Pelosi that is riddled with the usual whining rhetoric about evil Republicans and school-girl crush rhetoric about Emperor Obama. It makes one wish that these DNC emails came with sick-bags. One thing they do come with is accidental professions of authentic feelings, sometimes known as truth or gaffes.
It is urgent that we stand together as Democrats. With all eyes on the coming Midterm Elections, let us use this critical September deadline to show the world just how prepared we are to maintain a strong Democratic Majority for President Obama so he can keep America moving in a New Direction.

Wait a minute... I thought we were all Americans and we were supposed to stick together because of that! Are they not trying to push through socialized medicine on the theory that "no American should have to choose between paying rent and paying for health insurance?" I was unaware that this was only about Democrats. Sorry, my mistake.

Oh, if you read the whole letter, you will also notice that they are eliciting donations that will be matched 2 to 1 by "a group of Democrats," which will triple their coffers. It really says, "a group of Democrats." Can you get any more mafioso than this? And Republicans are somehow the party of the rich. I can only assume that Orwell is having a very a good laugh right now.

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