Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Thought Leaders" and the Obama Administration's Breach of Ethics

Now I know why all the kids thought it was cool to vote for Obama.

As for "hope," let me say this: I hope that every single person in this country, and especially the artists, understand how dangerous it is for the art community to take the mantle of any administration in a coordinated, sycophantic way. As an artist myself, the thought of doing the state's work (i.e. propaganda) sickens me.

Where is everyone on this scandal??? This is huge!

I am shocked that this administration would have the audacity to attempt something of this nature so blatantly. Did they really think they could get away with this?

Make sure to read the whole article and all the accompanying articles/transcripts/histories/etc. in order to get the full magnitude of this scandal. I sincerely hope (there's that word again) that this would be an issue that everyone, from every side of the spectrum, could unite over. To the Obama supporters, please don't wipe this one away because you want to defend your guy. This was a total breach of ethics and it is frightening. If a President that I supported ever did anything like this I would be disgusted, and let's just say that I wouldn't trust him/her after something like this. Artists should not be used by the government to push any agendas, especially when many of said artists are receiving taxpayer money in the form of grants.

Again, this is called propaganda. State-run propaganda. What other countries use/have used this to further their agendas? None that any American President should want to be compared with.

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