Friday, September 4, 2009

Taking the Weekend Off

Hey all,

On the advice of commentor "K," I am taking the weekend off - completely. I'm not answering any emails. I'm not logging onto the internet. I'm not reading any essays, newspapers, magazines or books (which will be difficult because I just got my first issue of National Review in the mail!) I'm not going to talk politics. I am even going to try not to think about politics and the state of the country/world, and I am hoping that effort will be successful. :-)

The last few weeks have been especially grueling, on top of the almost nonstop efforts that started in February. I definitely needed a break.

I'm suggesting this to others as well. If you're feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, tired, anxious, upset, and on and on, then try to take this Labor Day weekend off as well. Try to avoid news and politics for at least a couple of days and just enjoy your family and friends. We need to be well rested and strong for the upcoming battles. I know I need a recharge, and I wouldn't doubt many of you do as well.

I've ignored my fiance for about seven months now, poor guy. We're going to just be a normal couple for a few days and just live life.

So have a FANTASTIC weekend, and thank you for your patience regarding responses and posts.



  1. All the VERY best to you Liberty Belle. We sure appreciate your fun tenacity. Be well and blessed all!

  2. Well done. Thank you.

  3. Have a great weekend and get lots of rest. Oh and say Hi to the boyfriend :) !

  4. I saw your video on Ace of Spades HQ. Well done and Thank you!! I have hardly ever been so proud of the American People as I have been this August. These "townhall" meetings have been a beautiful thing! We are going to keep the pressure on these DC "leaders" to keep oour Country safe and FREE. Thank you and your husband-to-be is a very lucky person. Thank YOU!
    A proud parent of a SOLDIER,
    Rick 554
    Strongsville, Ohio

  5. Are you Keli Callender with the $20?? Just looking to subscribe to her blog. People should have linked it and referenced it when they showed the vid so we could follow the blog. Thanks.

  6. I found your blog from the YouTube video of you at your Town Hall meeting (at least I think it was you, I just googled your name!), and I'm loving it. I will definitely be back!

  7. Keli-
    While you were out, the video has gone nuts!

    Nearly 25,000 views as of early Monday morning.

  8. I just went to's bestseller list and it looks like a lot of other people took the weekend off too. Many of the conservitive titles have dropped off the first page. More fiction and cook books. People want a break from the crazyness.
    We cannot let up. We must continue to pull back the curtain so we expose these people for what they are. Just look at how delusional Van Jones was when he resigned. They don't understand that we don't want communisum and socialism. They think they are the victims and that the ends justifies the means. They are crazy! We can't let up. We must fight for America!


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