Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Importance of Honduras

"La Gringa" is an American who emigrated to mainland Honduras in 2001. She speaks Spanish and provides updated information and pictures on the chaos that Zelaya has brought with him as he hides in the Brazilian Embassy and exhorts his followers to violence. If you want a front row seat go to her website here.

The importance of Honduras to the US is that it is an immediate lesson on where President Obama's foreign policy is leading us. While Honduras may strike some as insignificant and unrelated to our everyday concerns, it is a lynchpin in the Leftist/Communist coalition that is building in the Southern hemisphere. Once this coalition is forged, its ties to countries like Iran and Russia will make our security ever more tenuous. Karl Rove said today that Zelaya was progressively giving signs of becoming a problem, months before he was displaced as President on June 28, and that a more experienced, more focused Administration would have quietly taken diplomatic steps to head off Zelaya's more provocative acts.

Perhaps, it would have taken an Administration that had not developed an apparent liking for Chavez and Castro.

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  1. Thank you for the mention and thank you for supporting Honduras. As time passes, it seems that more and more people have seen the light. Now if we can only get our governments to do the same.


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