Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Having a Rough Day

So many things going on and happening! They are really and truly throwing everything at us at once, L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y: cap and trade; health care takeover; indoctrination of school children; 2nd Amendment issues; freedom of speech issues such as talk radio and attempts to silence people at town halls; attacks on free markets and anything profitable or capitalistic; sovereignty - states from fed and fed from international; privacy issues; freedom of the internet and press; redistribution of wealth to buy votes; and all this while unemployment rises and the economy tanks.

Way to go Barack. You promised to turn the economy around and all you have done is try to transform the complete foundation and structure of this country. I hope all you "conservatives" and independents who voted for him and his cronies are happy with this monstrosity of a presidency. This man is worse than Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Chavez and Castro combined. He doesn't give a you know what about anything this country was founded upon, or anything that made this country great. He has an image of what he thinks a country should look like, and he is just the messiah to lead it.
I told a friend that I feel like the human beings in the Matrix, living in Zion, trying to fight the machines as they breach the city walls.

I went to MSNBC to see what kind of state propaganda they were churning out today and I guess I accidentally rolled over an ad, causing it to expand to about three-quarters of the page. Look at the bottom, left-hand corner to see who is sponsoring the ad.

Tear up your AARP cards now and call them to tell them that you are done with them.

I'm not in a very good mood today. The headlines and the nonstop attack on the very core of this nation and its people is sickening sometimes. If you have any pep talks, send them my way. Today is a hard day.


  1. I know it is hard and it make us mad, but more they say the hard I will fight. I will be in seattle Sep 3 thank you lets keep taken the fight to them.

  2. It is understandable to be feeling overwhelmed by all this stuff the WH is throwing out lately. I have no doubts one aspect of this "long in the making" takeover is to wear down and demoralize their opposition.

    I have had days where this stuff hits me hard and I actually cry. I am scared. Very scared for my future, for your future, for our future. There are days where I begin to feel we are in a hopeless situation. Here's my suggestion for recharging:

    For one or two days, turn off the TV, radio and the computer and indulge yourself in a self-indulgent wallow. Then allow yourself some time to decompress from all this depressing stuff. Get together with a cheerful friend or two and talk about humorous things that will bring forth laughter. Talk about anything but current politics. Enjoy the sunshine. Get a good nights rest.

    You will then be reinvigorated and ready to get back in the game. In fact you will be champing at the bit to get back in the game.
    Your Comrade in Liberty,

  3. Three things I do to stay sane and feel better about America's situation:
    1. Never watch MSNBC - it will only make you want to puke.
    2. Read about or listen to a speech from Ronald Reagan.
    3. Keep encouraging others to attend events, write Congress, etc. If you can encourage three dozen people to do this, and they each can pass it forward to each encourage two dozen more, and these two dozen can each pass it forward to each encourage one dozen more....wait, is this a math story problem? I'm horrible at math story problems....never mind.


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