Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Feeling Better and Some Strategies To Ponder - Updated With Contact Info

Update: Blue Dog member list here; find House contact info here and Senate contact info here; and contact info for weasly Republicans that might cave to a compromise - Grassley, Snowe, Collins, and Independent Lieberman.

Now that I'm feeling more like myself (read: not totally frustrated and overwhelmed - thanks for the pep talks from all!) here are some interesting points/directions/strategies to ponder.

1. We definitely must vigorously and thoroughly keep the heat on the Blue Dogs and the weasly little Republicans that might compromise on HR 3200. Nothing but a complete and total defeat of that particular bill - note, I did not say of any reform - is acceptable.

2. Speaking of reform - you know that there are more bills out there than HR 3200, right? For instance, Ron Paul has introduced his own health care reform bill. Does it have a chance of ever getting debated or taken seriously by the House leadership? HA. Yeah right. Even if you don't like Ron Paul, you might like his bill (I haven't read the whole thing yet either), or you may just like the thought of someone like him trying to battle Pelosi's bill.

This line of thought brought me to the tactic of writing and calling our Representatives and Senators (or visiting Patty Murray on Fridays this month) and asking them this series of questions, or something similar:

a. Does the Rep/Senator support health care reform, i.e. making our health care system better?
b. Does the Rep/Senator want to vote for the best possible reform?
c. Does the Rep/Senator think that it takes time, input, and debate to craft the best possible reform?
d. Does the Rep/Senator know that there is more than one health care reform bill out there?
e. Has the Rep/Senator looked at any of the other bills? Why or why not?
f. Does the Rep/Senator believe that all the answers lie in the one bill, HR 3200?
g. Why has the Rep/Senator not brought to light at least portions of these other bills that might have better solutions than those found in HR 3200?

and on and on - something like this. Basically, I want to trap them into admitting that it's not even "reform" they are after, because it is not. It is the path to single payer health care and it is about buying votes from now until forever. My theory is that if they are serious about health care reform and doing what is right by the American people, then they would be taking their sweet, sweet time, looking at many different bills, including ones by Republicans and conservatives who may have different ideas about reform.

What do you think?


  1. Thanks! Can you give us a pointer to "the Blue Dogs" and "the weasly little Republicans that might compromise on HR 3200"? Would be great to have their names so that we can easily contact them.

  2. Unfortunately it's not about reform, it's about power and special interests. If our elected representatives were serious about their jobs on the hill and what being in their position of service to you and I means, then they would appreciate term limits enacted to give others the opportunity to serve as well and would stop a lot of this secrecy, spins and slander. Unfortunately this will never fly with the left. For them, it isn't about rational discussions, or productive public discourse on 17% of our GDP, this is about creating voting blocks, gerrymandering and absolute power. They think that they're either A. smarter than you and therefore need to think for you or B. could care less about you because they’ll be in power for a long long time and want to keep it that way.
    Consistently asking yourself "why?” will give you no answers, or sleep. Trust me, I’ve done it and still do it. My father once told me that independent and free men and women will never understand the minds of power mad dictators, communists, marxists, et cetera. Have you considered asking yourself why Chavez is absolutely destroying his country? It's hard to imagine why a man would do such a with all due respect, I think we should all stop trying. All we need to know is that these folks need to be stopped and stopped now. So keep on fighting the good fight; for what our founders envisioned and for what you and I know is right - and the laundry list is a long one considering the liberties the current administration is trying to take away all at once here. You and I both know that the polls are the best way to stop this from happening and continuing to use logic, facts and reason while speaking out is another. This push towards government control and intervention in the many facets of our lives is obvious and completely preventable.
    You're an amazing person - keep it up.

  3. The weasly Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats are:

    Primary Weasel: Senator Olympia Snowe, fax number 202/224-1946 or Augusta Maine office fax 207/622-7295. She is the primary RINO to watch and badger. She is on the Senate Finance Committee which is one of the 3 Senate Committees "crafting" the senate healthcare bill.

    Two more Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee that need to be flooded with faxes are Sen. Chuck Grassley (fax 202/224-6020) and Sen. Michael Enzi (fax 202/228-0359.

    Any of the Senators or Conressmen can be reached by telephone by the Congressional switchboard, 202/224-3121. We like doing faxes as it is has a physican "presence".

    Re the Blue Dog Democrats, go here for a complete list:

    // Page.html


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