Monday, September 14, 2009

The Cavalry Has Arrived

The reference to "the cavalry" in the title of this post refers to Mike Pence's opening line at the march in D.C.

Hey all! I flew in last night from the BEST RALLY IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA!! :)

I am in the process of collecting my thoughts about it and hope to post it tonight or tomorrow.

Until then, I wanted to leave you all with a list of just some of our victories - do not forget, we are having a great, giant impact on the direction of this country. I want you to be proud and to pat yourselves on the back. Your hard work is paying off.

Some recent victories:
Census cuts ties to ACORN
Amendment passes to cut off taxpayer money to ACORN
Angry taxpayers hold first-ever taxpayer rally in D.C. (They've got some good pics too)
Senate now admits there were loopholes for illegals in health care bill
Rep. Joe Wilson passes $1 Million in donations

Those are only five of the victories that we have won in the last FIVE days!! The entire summer was a victory, as we were able to stop Obamacare from getting rahmed down our throats.


Unlike Michelle Obama, I am continuously proud of this nation and her people.

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