Monday, September 21, 2009

Another Point of View About Glenn Beck

I found this article through Hot Air and I thought it was interesting, based on all the current hoopla surround Beck. The author asserts that Beck is not good for the Conservative movement as he is not really a Conservative. I think he makes some good points, and we should not be afraid to voice criticisms about the people we watch. I like Glenn Beck because he offers us information - accurate and verifiable - that no one else bothers to touch. I happen to think that information is an important commodity and so it seems very regressive and creepy to want to shut him up. That being said, I don't want "our side" to get complacent and refuse to analyze and criticize where necessary. Thoughts?


  1. Like so many public figures, Glenn Beck is many-sided. He has courage that many others in the media do not. He sparked the 9/12 Project which brought regular Americans together. This helped prepare the way for the Tea Parties. On the other hand, Beck has gone off the deep end re never giving the Republicans any credit. Bush "Conservatism" may have contributed to the economic and financial mess we are in today, BUT it has been the Republican Party that has tried to protect Life, keep our Nation secure and has honored (in practice) our Bill of Rights. There are currently Republican Senators and Congressmen who have bravely stood against the radical tide. Glenn's current stance on political parties frightens me because we (Conservatives) will be defeated if we go toward a third party. We will divide our vote and the Radical Left will have a clear field. Months ago I saw this happening with Glenn and wrote to him...but, of course, have never heard back from him. I say, listen to the information he gives us because we may not hear it from any other source, but look elsewhere for guidance on the practical politics of beating back the Radical Progressives and Leftists.

  2. I agree what you said.
    A third party won't work.
    But republicans need to stand against:
    the health care bill
    the climate change bill/cap and trade
    and all the rest of the crappy bill that are coming out of the congress ...they should try to filibuster...for real not just for the show...

  3. I respect Peter Wehner as a conservative writer and commentator, and in his article on Glenn Beck he raises some valid points, as he has done in the past in his articles on other subjects. That being said, let's recognize that the current movement against the far left Obama agenda - the Tea Party movement, the townhall protesters, the various local groups that have developed - is a grassroots, ad hoc coalition. Therefore, by definition, it includes people of differing viewpoints and philosophies and strategies. We agree on a common focus - no socialized medicine, no cap and trade, no more bailouts, repeal the pork, cut taxes, cut spending, hold elected officials accountable - but we don't necessarily agree on other issues. And that is as it should be - the Tea Party movement does not need to have (and, in any event, cannot enforce) agreement or unanimity on issues such as foreign policy, electoral strategy, marriage, abortion, drug legalization, etc. We are powerful in our unity, and we are proving to be effective. On those issues where we agree, let's march together. On those issues where we disagree, let's respect each other while marching separately.

  4. Steve, I like what you wrote. United we stand a good chance, divided we will not affect reform.

  5. I agree with Steve, as well. I think that Glenn's early "We Surround Them" project was a great confidence building exercise to get people who typically were not proactively involved in politics off of their couches. His 9/12 Project provided a meeting place for like-minded folks to interact and network. Now his focus on bringing out facts that major media conveniently ignores is a tremendous service to all freedom (and fairness) minded people. I, for one, respect him for his contributions and agree to respectfully disagree when I think he is off-base--which isn't often. He has put a target on his head with his exposes--and I greatly respect him for sticking his neck out. From here on out he will be attacked from every side by the left and loser media. We should expect that we will be hearing a steady stream of commentary with the intent of brining him down. Hopefully--they will not be successful in shutting him up!


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