Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Updated List of Town Halls 'n More

The Evergreen Freedom Foundation's Citizen Action Network just posted a complete list of town halls and some other resources, like questions to ask when you attend one.

Go here for all the information, and don't forget, Adam Smith's town hall is tonight in Lakewood at 7:00 p.m. Organizing for America has asked their people to be there two hours early...


  1. hopefully i'll get there before its full. i'm on the train in puyallup now. looks like 5:30 before i get to mycar in lakewood

  2. OFO was there when I arrived at 5- they were already seated in all front rows, with their printed red white and blue signs. Interestingly, at about 8 PM, they all started leaving- like there was a bus to catch or a Union clock to sign out on. Also there in force, hot pink shirted Planned Parenthood girls and the people with Socialist signs. Only one scuffle: a guy with the large Hitler poster (origianlly put out by the LL Democrats) got into a push match. Adam Smith said tonight he will not vote for the Bill in its current form


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