Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Town Halls and Countering Obots in Bellevue!

SO BUSY here at Patriot Academy!

This is going to be short and sweet, and full of links for the info.

To find out about town hall events in WA, go to Tea Party WA.

To find the five questions you need to ask if you attend a town hall event, go to the Heritage Foundation. Look at their other blog entries if you have time.

VERY IMPORTANT: please, please, please, act appropriately and FIRM when attending a town hall. The opposition is using every single example that even skirts around "scary" to marginalize us, our arguments, our ideals, and the entire debate. Don't be meek and nice, just stand up loud and proud, with facts and logic, stay strong and you will BOWL THEM OVER.


The Obots did NOT come out to meet us last week in Bellevue due to the heat!!! They sent some email out saying that it was cancelled due to "excessive heat." Wussies. Don't get too cocky though - they will be there this Thursday. Please show up again with your signs, water, sunglasses, snacks, enthusiasm, patriotism, passion... all of it!
We will be on the corner of 116th Ave. and NE 8th St. from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Be there or be out of medical care later!

Good luck patriots.

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  1. Thursday night there were about 40 anti-government controlled health care "mob members" covering two corners in Bellevue and about 10 pro-Obama health care protestors in one of the other corners. We were definitely more spirited and lots of cars were honking in support. I think it would be great next Thursday the 13th if we could get enough "mob members" to cover at least three corners - so we need at least 20 new people to join us.


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