Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rick Larsen's Town Hall

Update: The Democrats are planning a rally outside the venue at 3:00 p.m. so you know they will be there way before that. If you can go, please go early!

It's in, from Rick Larsen's office:

Town Hall Meeting on Health Care Reform Hosted by U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen
Wednesday, August 12

5:00 PM PT

Aquasox Ballpark at Everett Memorial Stadium
Everett, WA


  1. Let's show up en masse - we've got MOMENTUM on our side - Obama's polling on socializing health care is 42 - 53 currently and has dropped 9 points across the summer...LET'S ROLL.

    See you in Everett!

  2. I went to the town hall meeting and couldn't belive how miss informed the republicans are. They seem to get there information from Rightwing talk shows. We have a broken health care system. And we need to fix it. If all the states have a no discrimination for age and sex and no preexiesting conditions clause.it would be a great thing. The reason it didnt work in our state when Hill tried to do it before was because the ins. compaines just stopped offering new ins here and the ones that stayed increased the premiums until they were unaffordable.We need an option that is set up for health care and not for proffiting the insurance Co. In case you forgot they have no sole. We democrats voted our representatives into office with the want for a new public option for health ins. Please dont let us down. Stand your ground and you will be voted in again. At the town hall meeting I saw a bunch of angry right wing wackos that were all missinformed. Spewing all kinds of bolderdash that was wrong. I understand that some of them are my neighbors they are the ones still looking for the weopons of mass distructions more loop holes that allow torturing. hell even OJ s wifes killer. We finely got these creeps voted out of office Please give then the same consideration they gave us over the last administration.Thank You Mike


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