Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Quick Call to Patty

I just called Patty Murray's office to ask her why she is asking for everyone to send her their personal health care stories when she only wants the stories that specifically support her position in the health care debate. Her staffer asked if I, and others, had been sending them in, and I responded, yes. To which the aid told me not to worry because that meant she had received the stories. I clarified and said, the problem is she doesn't use any of them. When she makes speeches on the Senate floor she only uses the stories that back up her already made up mind, and it is misleading. Why even bother asking for everyone's stories, why not just be honest and ask for stories that support the argument for government intrusion? I asked her to tell the Senator that she needs to start using stories with opposing viewpoints if she wants to maintain any integrity or credibility.

Want to call and do the same thing?? Contact Murray here.


FYI - I called the Cowlitz County Expo Center and they confirmed that the meeing scheduled for today has been CANCELED.

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  1. Jim Forbes Tri-CitiesAugust 13, 2009 at 1:26 PM

    Did they listen - No!
    Two years ago we (conservatives) had been silent long enough on the issue of Government - especially of the Federal type - out-of-control spending thanks to a Democrat controlled congress and a liberal in the White House. At that time we begged and pleaded with the RNC to give us a candidate for president that would stop the slide. What did they give us? A left of center candidate - RINO Juan McCain. In spite of Sarah Palin giving McCain 6 - 8% on election day we all know how that went!

    Did they listen -No!
    A year ago as the democrats in congress manufactured a financial and economic downturn we, individually, shouted Noooooo! February, 2009, in Seattle a small group of bloggers got together to protest $ trillions being spent on stimulus, bail out, pay-off, bribery, election fraud and the lining of congressional pockets. TEA Party was born. By April 15 that small protest had grown into an over 1.2 million person protest in nearly every community in the country.

    Did they listen -No!
    Since April 15 there have been many a week protests, large and small, across the country.

    Did they listen -No!
    Along comes Obama Care and a congressional summer recess. By now anti-Obama Care has been added to the TEA agenda. The protests go viral because they are now threatening our medical care in addition to our financial will being and stability.

    Did they listen -No!
    Now we have the so-called 'town hall' meetings wherein the members of congress express shock and surprise at the anger and frustration or the attendees. Assuming (ya, I know) a portion of their shock and surprise is not manufactured they have no one but themselves to blame.

    Are they listening now?
    A very few are, but fewer yet are actually hearing even a small portion of the roar. After the 9-12 protest events odds are they still will be not listening. They will return to DC and continue on their merry way to the destruction of the country as it was, and is, intended to be.

    Will they listen?
    In the future, when the protests turn violent, will the listen? Most likely not. They will blame the loony right.

    This country is on a fast (relative to the age and size of the country) track to tyranny and the resultant violence. When it happens it will be the fault of elected official being completely isolated from the people!


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