Monday, August 17, 2009

Organizing for Obama's Next Events and Meetings

Don't forget to periodically check out Organizing for America's (Obama's) website to see if they are having any events in your neighborhood. They put all the info out there, and we should use it to our advantage. Hey, last Friday Norm Dicks said, "This is war," and I believe the successful soldier uses every weapon in his arsenal - including using the opposition's information against them. The AFL-CIO has a top dog eavesdropping on our Tea Party Patriot conference calls and is feeding misinformation to the press and misquoting people deliberately.

This one looks interesting...
DATA ENTRY PARTY!! (Health Care Organizing Event)
Come on down to the OFA office on 2nd and Cherry and help us with a fun data entry party!We will be collecting thousands of declarations in support of the President's Health Insurance Reform principles, which we want to input into our database before the end of the weekend.We can then quickly turn those around and deliver those petitions to our Members of Congress that next week!Feel free to bring a dish to share! We have lots of computers, but it would be helpful if you have a laptop as well.Will you come out and help us? We will have food, music and lots of fun together!

Anyone feel like doing some data entry?

Also, they are doing a lot of canvassing of neighborhoods. If you are interested in doing the same, go here for all the information and handouts, etc. you will need.

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