Monday, August 10, 2009


Breathe. In. Out. Again. Keep repeating as many times as necessary for sanity. Breathe.

You may be asking why I am so angry at this moment, and I will share with you some information that was just sent to me, and you too will be upset. Sorry for that.

Rep. Jim McDermott's supposed town hall on Wednesday is actually a private meeting for the 34th district Democrats. That's right. FOR DEMOCRATS ONLY! So, I guess he is admitting he doesn't give a crap about his constituents who are not Democrats. Wow. Some "representative."

So we are changing tactics. We are still going to show up, but we will stand outside with signs asking why he refuses to represent his other constituents and why he won't even meet with us. Call him out and demonstrate, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is rotten to the core.

The other thing that is upsetting me so much is the absolutely and deliberate fraud and accusations against the activists protesting against Obamacare. Excuse me if we have been SILENT for so many years and we are finally using the left's tactics to get our message out. That's right, we now attend town halls, and yes, we're angry as all get out and we want to make sure we are heard. Somehow during Bush's eight years it was considered patriotic to stand up against the "warmongering" no matter what. I can't even write a coherent post on it I'm so annoyed. I'll have to write more later, with links to past articles and photos to remind you of the left's behavior during Bush's terms. Oh, and we are supposedly being funded and paid to protest now. As my mom has told me many times, from the time she was a kid in the 1940's, everyone always knew that the Democrats paid and the Republicans did not. And it is still this way, no matter how much they project.

If you have any links to old articles about how the lefties were continuously disrupting events from political to college campuses, etc., please leave the link in the comments and I will compile them all.


  1. Liberals are liars. It is a mental disease. Hypocrites and liars.
    Why in the world isn't Barney Frank in prison? Why do Democrats get a pass on things that the press would go crazy about if a Conservative did it?
    The thing I need to remember though, being angry and resentful at these arrogant, hateful people is only harming me. The anger hurts me. So like Liberty Belle says, we give it to them full on the Conservative way. With reason and truth and passion. Just the opposite of the left who spew lies and hate. Let's go get em. Let's keep speaking the truth. Let's keep letting them see our passion and conviction. Let's take back America!

  2. Hmmm.
    Yeah, no one is answering the phone at his office right now. I'm hoping because some of us have been blowing it up all day.

    I will be unable to attent the meetup at his office as I have to work that evening, but you better believe I'll be hitting his staffers up with some serious questions.

    I do see how they have re-named the townhall, but do you think that they will keep constituents out? I didn't read anything that mentions invite only...

  3. As the inimitable LawDog points out in his Thought for the day, if they find the idea of reading the bill laughable, how can they say we misunderstand it?

    BTW, did you see the thing about the SEIU advertising on Craig's List (I think it was Connecticut) for people to spend their summer drumming up support for Obamacare?

  4. I got through to McDermott's office a few minutes ago and asked the staffer when Jim intended to do a townhall on healthcare. After a long silence, the staffer told me he didn't know, but took my email address and said I would be notified by email. I'm not holding my breath.

  5. Jim Forbes - Tri-CitiesAugust 11, 2009 at 1:17 PM

    We are Soooo lucky here in the Tri-Cities to have Doc Hastings as our federal rep. He is one of the most conservative members of congress.

    Last Wed the Republicans from Benton and Franklin counties held a political potluck in a local park. 80 - 100 attendees were expected yet I counted well over 200 (thanks to TEA members). Doc was there - as were nearly a dozen other elected state and local individuals. Doc acknowledged the need for some minor tweaks to some portions of our current health care system but is against any bill(s) now being proposed. No protests, no questions and not even a comment followed his short speech.

    Tomorrow noon he is speaking at the Kennewick Chamber of Commerce luncheon on 'The State of the District' (Wa-04). We (TEA officials and members) are reminding our folks that this luncheon is NOT a Doc meeting of any flavor - ESPECIALLY not one about health care!!


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