Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Audacity of Hypocrisy

I received this notice of a Young Democrats "vigil" to show support for Obamacare in Maryland. See if you can pick out the almost repulsive hypocrisy, selective amnesia, and self-righteousness that is permeating all of the lefties right now.
The Young Democrats of Harford County is organizing a pro-health care vigil on Tuesday evening, September 8th as congress returns to D.C. This vigil is not intended to emulate the tactics and antics of the 'tea-party' type protests; rather I hope to get a crowd of those that support the initiative to have a quiet demonstration that there is a pro-reform majority out there, and that we can get our point across without disrupting meetings and denigrating public officials.

Disrupting meetings? Denigrating public officials? Have these children completely erased from their memories the last eight years? Michelle Malkin and Zombie remind us of just some of the past "disruptions" and "denigrations" lest we forget.

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