Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ALERT! ALERT! Important Town Hall Info!

Get this, turns out Rick Larsen is having an impromptu town hall on August 15th and has sent out a memo to the unions asking them to get there early to stack the decks against "the teabaggers."

From an email I received tonight:
Rep. Larsen is having a town hall at the Everett train station Aug. 15th at 5pm and has asked the union members show up at 3:30 pm to fill the seats before the tea party ppl show up.

If you are anywhere near Everett and you can show up even earlier, DO IT!!! He is deliberately trying to squeeze opposition out. Do not let him.

Next, please, please take the time to read this. It is a memo from HCAN (Health Care for America Now) about how to "how to respond to right-wing attacks in the field." You need to read this stuff. Read about their tactics. Read about how they direct their operatives to, "... not debate on their policy points." That's right, they are explicitly ordering their minions to avoid debating actual policy!! And that they should just stick to the main, vague rhetoric of Obama's "3 principles."

Do not let your guard down. Liberty will reign.


  1. Obama has principles? Who knew?

    And shouldn't you be in bed, young lady? (I have an excuse, I just got home from work...)

  2. Jim Forbes - Tri-CitiesAugust 11, 2009 at 12:52 PM

    Pull the rug out from under Larsen - NO, ZERO, NADA from our side show up. He will have spent $$$ on the thugs plus he, and they, will have attended a meeting for no purpose other than preaching to his choir!

    All the protests in the world at his meeting(s) is NOT going to change his mind.

  3. Man, I guess I'm getting paid for my views by corporate America.

  4. To help concerned citizens prepare for the town hall discussions, The Heritage Foundation has a constructed a list of five important questions that the proposal's proponents need to answer.

    1.Can you promise me that I will not lose my current plan and doctor?
    2,Will members of Congress enroll in the public plan?
    3.Can you guarantee that Obamacare will not lead to higher deficits in the long term?
    4.Will there be rationing of health care for patients on the public plan?
    5.Can you promise that my tax dollars will not fund abortions?

    The way Obama is characterizing the people who oppose him is the same way that Chavez does.

  5. Jim Forbes - Tri-CitiesAugust 11, 2009 at 9:43 PM

    Anonymous - With all due respect to The Heritage Foundation: Asking such questions is a complete waste of time and an effort in futility!

    All the congressperson has to do is answer like they think you like, be on their merry way to do as then wish!


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