Monday, July 27, 2009

Why Rich, White Liberals Are Begging to Pay Higher Taxes

Victor Davis Hanson. The man who made it all crystal clear.

For a long time I have been asking, "Why do all these wealthy, elitist, white liberals want to pay higher taxes and fund more entitlement programs?" They of course say it is because they are compassionate and care about oppressed and underrepresented minorities in America and ache to help the poor. So then I would ask, "Why don't they just give to charity instead? Their money would go almost directly to the disadvantaged, rather than running a course through a bureaucratic gauntlet leaving only pennies for the poor. Or why don't they volunteer more?"

I could never figure it out. Ever. Something just didn't add up and I couldn't put my finger on it.

Well, Victor Davis Hanson not only put his finger on it, he put his whole hand out and wrote it down for all to see. In an article about race, written for National Review online, Hanson explains it all.

No matter. The media and the liberal elite ignored these telltale signs, and instead were eager to accept the implicit pact that the soothing racial healer Barack Obama offered them. It was an unspoken understanding that might be paraphrased as something along the following lines: “Vote for me and I will offer you instant exemption from all prior racial guilt — and yet allow you to live your rather secluded lives as usual.”

In other words, the endowed professor, the corporate attorney, the green CEO, the endowment officer, and the high-school teacher could all continue to live in safe and separate neighborhoods, ensure their children went to mostly white and Asian schools (whether elite public or private), and through taxes for entitlements and abstract support for affirmative action still feel they were doing a great deal for race relations. As they saw it, they elected one comfortable and hip Barack Obama as their president — without living among, going to school with, or working alongside the Other.
Get it?? Those whimpy, white, rich, liberals want to assuage the guilt they feel (that they have been bullied into feeling), but they don't reeaalllyyyy want to change their neighborhoods or schools. Paying higher taxes allows them to pay their reparations without getting their hands dirty. It allows them to still maintain their private schools and country clubs, while simultaneously speaking of the wretched inequalities and social injustice perpetrated by those less intelligent and worldly than themselves, i.e. "conservative rednecks" (insert Sarah Palin). You know, those selfish, greedy people that don't want to pay more taxes; the people who fight for limited government and limits on entitlements; the people who insist on working for themselves and their families and earning their way through the world; the people who give more to charity and volunteer more of their time than anyone else; the people who are elbow deep in the issues facing our society.

So I ask you this, who is more racist? The person who expects every able bodied adult to work hard to support themselves and their families, regardless of race, ethnicity, background, culture, etc., and so wishes success, prosperity and upward mobility to anyone willing to work for it? Or the person who cries out that blacks and other minorities can't make it on their own and therefore need more government handouts, the strategy which has viciously doomed generation upon generation of minorities to poverty, broken families, and crime?

The message from the rich, white, elitist liberals to minorities? Stay in your own neighborhood.


  1. Completely Agree. I identified this trend long ago with similar support for the Black Panthers, SLA and other revolutionary terrorists. Many even sympathise with foreign enemies of our Country. Now it manifests itself as the "Volvo Obamites" so prevalent in the country club section of the county. They are searching for acceptance, embracing "progressive" arguments and subconsciously seeking absolution for not being the people that cared enough about their neighbor when they were younger, certain of their superiority and hell bent on their track toward personal comforts.

  2. Actually, you're wrong, Liberty Belle. The reason why liberals do that isn't because they want to pay higher taxes.

    It's because they probably won't.

    Well, it's not a conscious decision that they make. But which is more costly: advocating that you be taxed another couple of thousand dollars a year, or actually being taxed that money? If you think that advocacy and charity help the poor equally, then it's obvious which one they'd choose.

    It's hard to convince liberals that this is what they do because this is not some conscious decision making process; they're not assholes on purpose, but out of ignorance.

  3. The conclusion that I came to myself was similar. Liberals are mostly trust funders looking to revolt against what their parents stood for. They will never have to deal with the havoc they create for the middle class because of their "white priviledge", you know, the thing some race baitors acuse us hard working and "no where near rich" white people of having somehow. I wish I had some about now to catch up on my bills.

    So anyway, these deviants hide behind gated communities free from the consequences of the social, econmomic and cultural damage their policies cause. To them, a homogenous white population is something to be watered down demographically so their politicians get more votes. Illegal immigrants will not take jobs from college professors, they will take jobs from black citizens. Taking away our guns won't stop their armed gaurds and security systems. They will keep us dependent on a strong government and the cycle continues.

    They seem to have a major problem with christianity but mums the word in islam. They seem to like homosexuality for some reason but are silent when middle eastern countries systematically murder homosexuals. They seem to want free speech but when you speak against them, they call you racist. You cannot say the N word unless you are black but it's fine to make fun of, insult and attack white people... they deserve it.

    Honestly, the counter culture movement, diversity sensitivity training and multi-culturalism is so engrained in our education system and entertainment industry that I fear we are well past the point of no return. Add in the effect on demographics from illegal immigration, hedonism and non child bearing relationships and you have an unsustainable white middle class population that is passing into history. Without the middle class and the conservative and moderate population, liberalism, socialism and racism will spread like a plague across this once great nation. Eventually the radical islamists will turn on their fair weather supporters but all the legal guns, nationalist pride and fighting spirit will have been drained from our national corpse and nothing will stop the coming caliphate.

    So enjoy your double cheeseburgers, your HDTV and your facebook friends while you can. It will all be over in 40 years and if you did not teach your children to hunt, fish and defend themselves this planet will burn out long before it achieves the great things humanity was capable of and get us off this doomed rock before the sun aborts us in this late stage.


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