Friday, July 24, 2009

When We Show Up, We Win! And Talking to a Baby. Updated with Pictures!

Update: Pictures of the event can be found here. David, the author of that website thought that one of the nurses was me, but alas, I am not that creative or cute. Maybe next time! :)

We had a GREAT turnout yesterday outside of the Group Health clinic in Bellevue, countering the pro-Obamacare robots!! Plus, we had less than 24 hours to plan it and get the word out!! It was so awesome, and I just want to say thank you to everyone that showed up, and I know there were lots of people who couldn't make it who were there in spirit. I want to share a conversation I had with a lady from the opposition. She walked across the street (we were on opposite corners) and as I was right on the curb, I was the first person she encountered.

Woman: I just wanted to tell you that I have been in and out of seven jobs, losing my health coverage over and over, and I have a chronic health condition and I want health care reform. That's all, I just wanted to tell you.
Me: Well, I want health care reform too, but not thi-
Woman: (interrupting me) This is the one I want. I want this reform. This is the one. I want this one.
Me: Well, you pay for it then. I'll pay for my health care and you pay for yours.

End of conversation. She walked away. She then went on to tell her sob story to EVERY SINGLE PERSON on our side. The woman ended up near me and I couldn't help myself when I heard her comment below, so here is the second conversation we had.

Woman: I want basic health care and I need it. I want it and I need it.
Me: Lady, your wants and needs are NO justification for forceably taking from other people!
Woman: Yes it is!
Me: (shocked) No it is not. No one else is responsible for your wants and your needs. We are not responsible for you.
Woman: Yes you are! We are all responsible for each other!
Me: No. No we are not.
Woman: Well I just want basic health!
Me: Then buy it! Washington State offers basic health which you can purchase. I bought it when I was right out of college because I was only working part-time and couldn't get other insurance. It is $160 a month.
Woman: You can't get basic health if you own your own home and I make $40,000.
Me: What???!! You make $40,000?! Buy your own damn insurance then!
Woman: I can't!
Me: Then you need to reorder your priorities ma'am. That's not my problem.
Woman: I have two children! My children need to eat!!
Me: Of course they do! Sheesh, that is a priority. Other things are not.
Woman: My mortgage is $1,000 and because of my chronic health condition my health care is $1,500 a month!
Me: Then maybe you need to move somewhere cheaper.
Woman: But that's the cheapest place in Bellevue!
Me: Maybe you need to move. Or sell your house and move into a cheaper rental. Sacrifice. It's called, priorities. You are not entitled to have it all. Make a choice.
Woman: Well I just want to know that if I get cancer I will be covered.
Me: HA! Under this plan if you have a terminal disease you will be the LAST person to get help! This plan, and the people in charge of it, have explicitly said that the young and fit will get the medical allocations first, leaving the old and sick to die!
Woman: And that is okay with me. We spend more money on the last year of life than we do at any other time.
Me: Lady, when a government bureaucrat starts making the decisions about who gets to LIVE and who gets to DIE based on medical resources and cost, then we live in the SICKEST society and I will not be a part of that.
Woman: This isn't about me.
Me: It is ALL about you. You said that at the start. "I want, I need!" I'm done with you . Goodbye.

She literally whined and bounced up and down like a two year-old!! I'm not joking! "I want, I need!" "I want, I need!" Sickening and hilarious at the same time.

I also just saw on Michelle Malkin's site that the Dallas Tea Party Patriots outnumbered a similar demonstration outside of Cornyn's office yesterday too!!

As I always say, "When we show up, we win!!!"

In response to the first comment: Yes, we should all be mindful of the needy and be charitable when possible. But the problem lies in semantics and philosophy. Even if we believe that we are, in some way, "responsible" for others, you have to be careful with your language. This is the language the socialists use to defend their policies. Your philosophy of voluntary charity is completely at odds with their philosophy of forced redistribution and mandatory sacrifice. It is a choice that should be left to each individual, and we can hope that everyone makes the decision to be charitable. So when I told the woman that we are not responsible for her or anyone else, I was fighting her interpretation of that philosophy. I heartily believe in volunteerism and charity. As long as it is voluntary.


  1. In a certain sense, I think we are all responsible for each other. As a Christian, I have a responsibility to give to those who are in need. And I do - I make a lot less than that woman does (I'm a graduate student full-time, and work part-time), but since I worked for years and saved, I can afford to run a massive deficit budget till I get that Ph.D. Part of my expenses ARE charitable contributions.

    HOWEVER... I choose to do this. The government doesn't force me to do it. If someone comes to me and is truly needy, they're doing the best they can and they've just been hit by terrible circumstances, of course I'll help if I can. But not if they're not doing their part!

  2. KUDOS to those of you who made the sacrifice of your time to show up!! I wanted to but couldn't get off work. So let's this woman can enjoy her $40,000 income AND taxpayer provided healthcare, I am paying rent (can't afford a downpayment for a house right now) and taking the bus to and from work (decided I can't afford to make payments on a car right now). Some people obviously have never heard of PRIORITIZING LIMITED RESOURCES. They somehow think that the Government just generates resources out of thin air and it is YOUR stinginess that prevents the Government from meeting all their needs.

  3. Libery Belle,

    Good for you (and the rest of the sane, hardworking people in this country) for speaking up to this so-called VICTIM. While I sympathize with her medical issues and acknowledge that there are healthcare situations that need to be addressed in this country, I can not for the life of me understand how these people think that the rest of us OWE them anything! My husband and I both work 40-80 hours a week and how anyone could have the audacity to assume that they're ENTITLED to one red cent of what we earn is narcissistic and un-American.

  4. I have worked hard my whole life, my wife and I have made numerous sacrifices throughout our twenty six year marriage to make sure that our kids had food to eat and a roof over their heads. I worked as much overtime as I could and my wife worked two jobs AND went back to school to earn a degree. We both sacrificed the luxuries of life and even something as simple as a hamburger became a treat.
    For at least the first ten years we could not afford anything but the basics and there were times when even that was questionable but we had priorities and we taught our children good work ethics and morals.
    My kids know that if they want something, they need to work for it rather than expecting someone to give it to them.
    I have no problem helping others that are truly in need as long as they are willing to work themselves first.
    My whole family are contributing members to society and are thankful that we are blessed enough to be, I credit our parents for instilling into us the morals and ethics which we have passed on to our children.
    I too want things, I want a home with a view of the bay, I want a lambourghini countach, I want a helicopter and many other things but I know that those are just wants, I don't need them to sustain life. I don't NEED a cell phone, I don't NEED cable tv, I don't NEED a 3000 sqft house, I don't NEED any more vehicles than we can drive at one time, I don't NEED extravagant foods to fill my stomach, I don't NEED to eat out at restaurants, there are many things I don't NEED in life but I DO need family, friends, air, food and water. As long as I have air in my lungs I will find a way to work for a living, provide for my family AND have HEALTH INSURANCE.
    I feel that that woman totally has her priorities screwed up and needs to knuckle down and do the right thing.
    One other thing that really bothers me is where you state that she said "I have two children! My children need to eat!!" and she also commented on her mortgage yet when confronted about the government making decisions of who lives or dies, she was not worried about who would care for her children when the government determines that she is too sick and says "off with her head" this woman needs to wake up and get her priorities straight.

  5. Another thing the woman is not aware of. Her taxes will probably go up by at least $1500 to pay for national health care and all the other entitlements Obama is trying to push. And that's just the Federal. State taxes will go up too so as to pay for unfunded mandates from the Feds. Then there will be the "fees" i.e. Hidden taxes, and the taxes you KNOW the Feds will put on goods and services to further help pay for the upcoming mess. AND won't she have to make some kind of premium payments for the Government health plan too? Then there the co-payments for durgs and the like.

    Although $1500 a month is a lot to pay for so-called health insurance, it will be a bargain compared to what is coming. Not to mention it will be for inferior care compared to what she has now. She will be lucky to survive "Free" health care.

  6. The script IS hilarious! Let's put it on YouTube! Check your email for details...

    VideoSeattle (YouTube account name)

  7. I'd say that we all do have a responsibility to each other, but that that responsibility should be enforced through society's values and teachings, rather than a law passed in D.C. If someone forces you to be responsible, you're not really being responsible.

  8. She starts the conversation basically telling you that SHE wants and needs this piece of crap, then tells you that SHE wants this in case she gets cancer.

    Then when you prove to her that this will be TOTALLY USELESS to her if she gets cancer, then all of a sudden it's not about her.

    I see this all the time when it comes to liberals. Prove them wrong, and they just can't take it. They moan and wail like immature brats - like 2-year olds.

    It would be entertaining if it weren't so pathetic, and if their people weren't the ones calling the shots.

    Conservatism wins every time. When we show up, we win.


  9. Liberty Belle, You GO, girl!!! Love your blog!

  10. Liberty Belle, you are splendid! You and your fellow patriots are to be commended. Those who live in areas that are predominately liberal, or even 50/50 or less are to be applauded and encouraged constantly for becoming activists for the cause of freedom. One must also applaud your organizing skill to keep up with the plans of the left and counter them. You and your group truly are Patriotic Heroes for US!!

  11. This conversation needs press. Will you please e-mail it to Rush Limbaugh or someone you listen to to get it out there. It is the best example by far I have seen of the mentality that is driving this bill. I was floored when I read it. You made a great point when you spoke to her about personal responsibility. Thank you for standing up and saying all the right things.

    Oh on second thought...better weigh that part about sending it to press with your name on it. You might wind up like Joe the Plumber.

  12. Thanks to the irrepressible Steven Beren, I just linked to your website - and it's refreshingly straightforward! Also, your nom de plume - Liberty Belle - perfect! Finally, your Superwoman graphic reminds me of Pam Geller's on her outstanding website, Atlas Shrugs (maybe that gave you the idea?). Anyway, I love hearing & reading STRONG CONSERVATIVE women speaking up and calling it like it is! From what I've been observing in recent months, the "Sisterhood," if you will, is definitely growing! Keep up the great - and important - and important work for Liberty, Freedom and the American Way of Life!

  13. Congrats to all who continue the good fight. People like this woman make my skin crawl.

    Go Liberty Belle!

  14. It is the Christian thing to do to help those in need. Not to reward sloth which is what we have been doing in this country way to long. It is actually a sin to reward sloth. Giving out welfare to able bodied people is rewarding sloth and that is why we have the problems we have these people think they are intitled to our hard earned money. Someone I knew was telling me if they worked to much they would lose their benifits I said what benifits. They proceeded to tell me about the benifits they got for being an unwed mother. I wasn't pleased as I was a wed mother working paying taxes. All the benifits I had were from my own work.


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