Monday, July 27, 2009

Report on Events and More

Okay, the turnout for this weekend's events was a little disappointing. I understand that it was short notice, a lovely weekend, and there wasn't a single organizer to lead each group, but I was still hoping for a little more effort and enthusiasm. However, we'll just keep on truckin' and move forward.

I showed up alone in Ballard, and after waiting for about a half an hour, I decided to tape up flyers outlining the reasons why we are against Obamacare. I walked around the Ballard Seafood Festival and taped them up on all the poles. It was very satisfying to cover up the posters advertising a concert for single payer health care happening that evening.

Taping up the flyers made me realize that that is an activity that everyone can do! Whether you are alone or not, you can print out/copy as many flyers as you want, grab a role of tape, and head out to any neighborhood/business district and tape them up! It allows you to avoid confrontation (which can be scary), you can do it alone, and you can do it on your own schedule.

So I am asking people to consider, at the very least, going to tape up flyers and posters. Below are the links to a couple of different flyers you can use if you would like.

Flyer #1
Flyer #2
Flyer #3

Remember: the Obots will be at 116th Ave and NE 8th in Bellevue, outside of the Group Health clinic EVERY THURSDAY! If you have time, and want to fight back, consider making a commitment to show up on Thursdays at 5:00 p.m.

Lastly, Michelle Malkin links to this article for one reason, but upon reading it, I thought there was another very interesting tidbit. Some PR firm is trying to cozy up to Obama and so are giving advice to the newly appointed ambassadors and other international representatives we send around the world. Check it out:
One of the recommendations, according to sources: American officials shouldn't identify themselves as representatives of the United States. Rather, to build on his personal popularity abroad, they should identify themselves as a "representative of President Barack Obama."


  1. I'm going to try and make it to GroupHealth on Thursdays.

  2. Regarding turnout, I think maybe it's because there seems to be something every week, sometimes multiple times a week, and it's overwhelming. More people would probably show up if there were fewer events. Maybe we need to pick our battles?

  3. I think you're right Cassie. Picking the battles would be a good idea. It's just so overwhelming! The amount of crud being thrown at us makes me want to constantly fight! :)


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